How to Use Healing Crystals and Cannabis for Meditation

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If you want to increase the depth of your meditation technique, you might consider incorporating healing crystals and cannabis. When used together, these two powerful tools can help to quiet the mind and bring about a deeper state of relaxation. Both have been used for centuries to promote peace and facilitate meditation, but not many people are aware of their effects and which crystals are best. This post will cover these points to enable you to find a deeper level of peace and mindfulness.

How to Use Healing Crystals and Cannabis for Meditation
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Why Cannabis Is Great For Meditation

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries (some even say millennia), for medicine, clothing, food, and in some cases, to get in touch with a higher realm of existence. This is because of the psychoactive effects caused by the THC compound found in almost all strains. Cannabis is an excellent meditation tool because it can induce a deep state of tranquility. If you have never tried it before, you need to take several steps, including making your first purchase of weed online. Most dispensaries will be able and willing to help you to choose the perfect strain to help you embark on your meditative journey because different strains will have distinct effects. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Indica, which produces soothing results, making you sleepy and promoting a dreamlike state.
  2. Sativa, which makes you more active and creative
  3. Hybrid, which can be any combination of the two.

How Can Cannabis Enhance Your Meditation?

There are many reasons why cannabis is good for meditation and can increase the effects you achieve. The primary reason is that cannabis can be used to enhance the quality of your meditation. When you meditate, you are supposed to be able to focus on one thing at a time without being disturbed by any other thoughts or sensations. Cannabis can help you with this because it blocks out any other thoughts that may arise during your session so that you can focus on the one thing at hand, which is your breath or mantra. In addition, cannabis also stimulates the brain’s alpha waves which help induce relaxation and calmness, which are two things needed when meditating.

What Are Healing Crystals?

There are many different types of healing crystals, each with its own unique properties, and some people believe that the kind of crystal will affect the healing properties it has. For example, amethyst is said to help with sleep and stress relief, while quartz is said to help with physical ailments like arthritis or back pain.

Which Crystals Are Best To Use For Meditation?

One of the most popular ways to meditate is through the use of crystals. Crystals can help you achieve a deeper state of meditation by providing a natural source of healing energy. Over the centuries, various cultures have used them for multiple purposes, including healing and spiritual practices. Each crystal’s properties are unique to its type, color, and shape. Nevertheless, the question remains, what are the best crystals to use to make meditation more effective?


The Amethyst stone has been used for centuries to help people find balance and happiness in their lives. It is often utilized to help people meditate, as it is believed that this stone can help calm the mind and bring about a state of deep inner peace.


Aquamarine is a crystal that helps you relax your mind and body, enhance your meditation, and help you feel calm. The color of the stone can vary from light blue to deep blue, with a greenish hue in some cases.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone that can help to eliminate negative energies from your body, making it a fantastic crystal to have as part of your arsenal. However, cleaning the stone before using it for the first time or every few days is vital to maintain its energy.


Carnelian is a stone that promotes the release of suppressed emotions and also encourages the release of anger. It is used to help heal old wounds and deep-seated emotional pain. Carnelian can be used to enhance meditation by releasing pent-up emotions, or it can be used in a healing ritual for the same purpose.


Citrine is a powerful stone that can help you find peace and tranquility. It is a natural stress reliever, and it can help to calm your mind, making it easier for you to focus on your breathing and clear your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Although healing crystals and cannabis have differing effects on the body, both are beneficial for meditation. As long as you choose the right strain of weed for your circumstances and the suitable stones that promote well-being, you will significantly enhance your experience. If you would like further advice on this subject, you can contact the great people over at coquitlam dispensary.

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