Increase Your Gambling Luck With These Gemstones

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  5 min read

Playing games of chance requires skill, but also quite a bit of luck. There is no denying that the excitement of these games comes purely from the adrenaline rush of risking money. This is what makes gambling so addicting, and many people just do not know it until they try it. It is important that everyone knows this, so people can make more educated decisions before trying out these games of chance.

During such adrenaline rushes, people tend to pray or seek luck until the results are in. It is possible to increase your luck with the help of gemstones. You will no longer need to be in fear during the last moments of the game if you have a gemstone. Here are some of the gemstones that will increase your gambling luck.


Peridot has the best reputation among gemstones that attract money. If you use this gemstone along with some good deposit bonuses, you can win a lot of money in games of chance. Besides attracting money, it just oozes with power and thus increases your own personal power. It is green, just like the dollar bills, which is why it resonates so well with money. It is important to use peridot while holding on to some money and be confident, that is when it is most powerful.


Garnet is a gemstone that attracts a lot of other things besides money. When gambling, you do not want to be consumed by greed, you want the support of others. Garnet attracts a lot of positive energy, besides pure luck.

It is important to attract other positive people besides you when you are gambling. You need the positive energy to bring you back up when you feel other forces pulling you down. Garnet is great for both gambling and other activities when you are not testing out your luck.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye gives you abilities that are in line with its name. Tigers depend on seeking a good opportunity and knowing when to hunt for prey and when not to. Tiger’s eye gives you the ability to chase after good opportunities.

With such an ability, you will know if a game is worth it or not. You will only make decisions that will result in good fortune, whether it is immediate fortune or long-term fortune. It will give you strength, courage, and attract wealth with these powerful abilities.


In order to attract wealth, you need to act wealthy, you need to think about it. What better way to be wealthy than to have a diamond along your side? This wealthy gemstone attracts even more wealth to it. It is important to think about wealth while holding onto a diamond because it makes it more powerful. A diamond shines brightly only with the right light, and you need to be that light. You do not need a big diamond or more diamonds to manifest this power, one will do just fine.


Emerald is also green as peridot and is also focused purely on luck and money. When getting an emerald, it is important not to fall for tricks that some unlawful merchants try to use. A gemstone is a gemstone, it does not need to be the most expensive variant to have the power. 

You do not need to look for an emerald that has been specifically cut or pulled from a specific ore. You only need an emerald that fits you, that is what matters the most if you want its power. No matter what type of emerald you choose, you will still get its money-attracting powers.


Ammonite is on the verge of classifying as a gemstone, but its powers are on par with the top gemstones. It is a petrified fossil from a long time ago, which means it sustained the test of time. The fact that it is still before you mean it needs to withstand the harshest of conditions. This means that this fossil radiates power and the evidence is in front of you. Besides power, it takes quite a bit of luck to survive for so long, and now that luck can be yours.

These gemstones are pretty powerful, but they are not miracle stones. It is important to use these gemstones responsibly and use them the right way. They can not give you the powers you want unless you manifest the power the right way.

It is important to educate yourself more on gemstone theory before you blindly get it. It does not work like magic, you will need to get used to a gemstone on your own before you start playing games of chance.

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