The Art of Modern Flirting: 7 Things You Should Know

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  5 min read

When it comes to dating, the area that most people fail in is flirting. Very few people are able to flirt effectively. Most tend to look goofy, awkward, and nervous when they are doing it. Awkward flirting can ruin your chances of getting a girl’s number though, which is why you need to improve your flirting skills if you aren’t very good.

Flirting is like an art. You can improve your proficiency at it through practice, trial and error, and by reading this article. Here are seven tips that can help you:

The Art of Modern Flirting: 7 Things You Should Know
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Teasing Gently

Teasing can be a great flirting technique when done right. However, it is important to tease your crush the right way, which is by being friendly, gentle, and nice. When you tease somebody, it shows that you are close to them. Unfortunately, though a lot of people have absolutely no idea how they are supposed to tease somebody and as a consequence offend people when they attempt to. Do not get personal, and do not be pushy. Lightly tease your crush without going into too much detail or being too specific.

Honest Compliments

Compliments are another highly effective way of teasing your crush. However, the compliments that you give should be honest and specific. Try not to use words like ‘beautiful,’ ‘gorgeous,’ or ‘breathtaking.’ Instead, be more specific in your compliments. If you like your crush’s nose, then tell them that. Your crush will know when a compliment is genuine and when it is not. Also, make sure that you take time to study your crush and pay attention to the clothes they wear, and their make-up. Then, if they make any changes, you can immediately bring them up and compliment them, showing that you take an interest in them.

Friendly Banter

Friendly banter is a very good way to flirt. Again though, your banter needs to be gentle.  Bantering involves going back and forth with somebody, a lot like playing tennis. Typically, bantering involves teasing. You need to have a good relationship with your crush before you can start bantering with them, otherwise, they might not engage with you. Make sure that you don’t come across as being too forceful or pushy in your banter. A lot of people’s banter is too pushy and puts people off.

Body Language

When flirting, you need to display body language that shows you are interested in your crush. Stand close to them (but not so close as to make them uncomfortable), make eye contact, and smile.  Do everything you can to illustrate with your body that you are interested in that person. Most people do all of this naturally, however, so you might not even need to make an effort. Make sure that you pay attention to your crush’s body language, also. Their body language will help you to determine whether they are interested in you or not

The Art of Modern Flirting: 7 Things You Should Know
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Encourage Laughter

When you are flirting with somebody, you should try and make them laugh as much as you can. Making your crush laugh can be a very good way of bonding with them. Also, it will show them that you are funny and a good person to spend time with. It should be noted though when you are telling jokes make sure they are relevant to the banter that you are having. Randomly telling jokes with no context or relevance to the discussion you are having could make you seem strange, or at least quirky. Telling jokes about the conversation you are having (and the situation at hand) shows you are quick, funny, and intelligent.

Have Confidence

Confidence is absolutely essential. Without it, you won’t do very well when it comes to flirting. You need to exude confidence out of every pore. Women don’t like nervous, timid men. To be honest, openly flirting with a woman shows a lot of confidence as it is. Some men are too scared to flirt. However, it is important to note that if you are going to flirt with women, then you need to carry that same level of confidence over into different areas of your relationship, like the bedroom if it goes there. Don’t act all confident and then buckle under pressure when things get serious.

Be Polite

Be polite, too. Everything you say to your crush, whether banter or teasing, should be thought through and kind. Do not say anything to offend your crush, because this could lead to them not wanting to talk to you again.

Flirting isn’t easy. However, if you follow the advice set out here, it’ll be a lot easier. Being able to flirt will make it a lot easier for you to pick up women. Flirting is where most men fail, so if you can master it, you will stand out.

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