Facts About Blue Moonstone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Blue Moonstone is a stone that is known to have the power of a supernatural being. Its energies are gentle and soft making it ideal for beginners. If you want to overcome struggle and take the right path you can benefit from Blue Moonstone as well. Keep on reading and get know more about Blue Moonstone including its benefits, meanings, and properties.

The Meanings and Properties of Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone is a feminine, nourishing, and sensual stone which has the capability to patch up what pains you. This stone will also take you back to wholeness and wellness.

On the other hand, Blue Moonstone brings a sacred feminine and deep healing energies. It has also high energy glimmers of blue color as well as powerful and shimmering white energy.

Sri Lanka and India are the primary providers of this protective stone. But, Blue Moonstone can also be found in the USA, Australia, and Brazil.

Even so, Blue Moonstonehas been known for its properties and meanings for great healing. In fact, it will tenderly heal your feelings and mind, and even calm down your emotions.

Aside from that, this stone will bring you back to your peaceful condition and balance your excessive energy.

Blue Moonstone has been consecrated from early periods due to its mystic phenomenon. Nonetheless, a lot of people today are still using Blue Moonstone as their lucky charm.

Why You Should Consider Using Blue Moonstone?

There are lots of reasons why you should consider using Blue Moonstone. One of which is that it brings soothing, healing, and calming energy which can help you in regaining your inner personal and personal power.

Additionally, it will offer you the knowledge to love yourself even more. Apart from this, Blue Moonstone will imbue you with quiet confidence and soothing help which may aid you in obtaining your power back.

This stone is also a plentiful stone. Meaning to say, you don’t have to worry about its price as well as availability.

Blue Moonstone will also dispel and purify the negative energies in your chakra. In fact, it’ll offer you guidance so that you will be able to overcome your problems.

It will also aid you to balance your spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual bodies.

Blue Moonstone Benefits: How Can This Stone Help You?

The following are some of the important Blue Moonstone benefits that everybody should be aware of.

For Health and Healing

Blue Moonstone Benefits

This stone can help you in attuning the normal rhythms of the biological forces of your body to utilize its usual energy cycles.  

Blue Moonstone, on the other hand, will improve your fertility and strongly affect the reproductive system of women. This stone will also lessen the warning signs of pregnancy.

In addition to that, Blue Moonstone has the power to address fluid preservation and balance the hormones.

This stone is useful in upholding lucid dreams and in treating insomnia. Aside from that, it can be utilized in getting rid of toxins and improving nutrient absorption.

For Wealth

When Blue Moonstone is utilized as a support stone, you will surely outshine in your chosen career or field. This stone will help you become confident especially when you’re in front of many people.

Blue Moonstone also attracts positive vibrations that are certain to increase the level of your prosperity and abundance.

This stone will keep on surrounding you with enriching energies. As a result, you’ll continue to work hard for your aspirations and dreams.

For Relationship and Love

Blue Moonstone will encourage you to take in more adoration in your heart. But apart from this, it will unlock your heart to your fostering qualities.

This stone will also help you in finding new love after you experience heartbreak. Actually, it’ll assist you in your emotional healing.

Blue Moonstone is indeed a very soothing stone that can greatly help you especially if you want to lie low in a romantic relationship. You can also use this if you want to keep a secret as it will calm your feelings and make your resolve stronger.

This stone is known as a strong amulet of love which will reunite you with the person you love that you’ve parted with.

The energies of this stone will also balance and heal your emotion by carrying them under control rather than expressing or repressing them.

Blue Moonstone will aid the man of your life to become more familiar to their female aspects and utilize the correct side of their brains.


Blue Moonstone is indeed a highly beneficial stone. If you take good care of this stone, you will have a strong and very beautiful connection with Blue Moonstone for several years. Nevertheless, if you want to take advantage of the above-mentioned Blue Moonstone benefits, then you get yourself a piece of this stone as soon as possible.

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