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Crystals For Healing Eye Problems

The Healing Crystals for Eye Problems

There are various kinds of eye problems as well as actual diseases. Fortunately, most of these can be prevented and healed with the best...
Crystals For Healing Diarrhea

The Healing Crystals for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is the term used to describe the excessive, frequent, mostly liquid stools that are caused by the inadequate water reabsorption or the over...
Crystals For Healing Diabetes

The Healing Crystals for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease when your blood sugar or blood glucose is too high. There are various medical treatments to help with diabetes, however,...

Crystal Properties

Power of septarian

The Power of Septarian

power of kunzite

The Power of Kunzite

power of magnetite

The Power of Hematite

power of topaz

The Power of Topaz

power of apatite

The Power of Apatite

power of Zincite

The Power of Zincite

power of bronzite

The Power of Bronzite

power of citrine

The Power of Citrine

Facts About Spinel: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Spinel is considered one of the most favorite stones of gem dealers as well as stone collectors. This stone is actually quarried for its...

Facts About Abalone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Abalone is a kind of mollusk, which has an ear-shaped shells, feet, and tentacles. These mollusks clings to rock near the shorelines and is...

Datolite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Datolite –a crystal that possesses high vibration. These crystals have an amazing energy, which may help in enhancing the problem solving capabilities. They also...

Facts About Black Jade: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Black jade is sort of an etheric guard as well as a protection stone. The robust elemental energy protects not just the body physically,...

Facts About Girasol: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Girasol is a gemstone of gentle yet potent calming energy, which may improve and solidify the feelings, especially when linked with passion and love, allowing clarity of...

Beryllonite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Beryllonite –does this sound familiar to you? The beryllonite is a high energy stone, which possesses a high content of beryllium. This is what...

Facts About Actinolite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Actinolite –a shielding stone. It may heal the delicate-energy body, filling in the gaps, which may result from psychic attack, stress, illness, and unwelcome...

Star Hollandite Quartz: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Star hollandite quartz –a high vibration kind of quartz crystal, which may bring light into the being, coming from a Divine source. The stone...

Facts About Blue Calcite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Introduction of Blue Calcite For anyone interested in boosting their creativity and expanding their psychic gifts, blue calcite can be a superb stone for your...

Understanding the Different Types of Crystal’s Colors and Meanings

In terms of spirituality, crystals will always have a spot. Crystals have long bend used for energizing the mind and body, healing specific health issues,...

Black Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

Most people probably misunderstood black crystals most of the time. People assume right away that any crystal or stone that has the color black...

Yellow Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

Yellow crystals are deeply connected to the solar plexus chakra, boosting your emotions, sexuality, and willpower. With their bright hues that imitate the powerful...

White and Clear Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

White and clear crystals are ruled by the loving Moon and are often connected to psychic energy and sleep. However, they are also used...
orange crystals

Orange Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

The color orange contains the fiery energies and attributes of the color red, only gentler, and more on stimulating creativity on a spiritual level....

Red Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

Crystals with the fiery red color are some of the most loving, beautiful, warmest, and supportive crystals that you may encounter. These red crystals...