Using Gemstones to Bring You Good Luck

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People have looked to crystals and gemstones for centuries to harness their mystical and mythical powers. But there are many different types of gems and a multitude of different qualities that can help us with our everyday lives. Spirituality and stones tied to our birth are common – but another characteristic that many people are interested in is good fortune.

In such trying times, it is understandable why a person may look beyond the natural plain in the hope of some good luck and success. For a chance of making a quick buck, many will gravitate towards the Vegas betting sites. Try them, by all means. But if you want to look into harnessing good fortune through gemstones and crystals, we have put together this guide with examples of the stones you should look into.

How to Use Gemstones for Good Luck

It should be said at the start that a gemstone is not going to magically tell you the winning lottery numbers or the name of the horse that will win the Kentucky Derby. But they can create an aura around you that fosters an environment that can help with good fortune and luck.

Wearing a gemstone as a part of jewelry is one way that this can be applied to everyday life. But they can also be used as ornaments around the house. Visualizing the good fortune coming your way, as part of a ritual using a gemstone, can also be beneficial. Putting your faith in these spiritual stones could make all the difference.


There has to be a reason why this is nicknamed “the money stone”, right? The eye-catching light green color of this stone has long been treasured and was important for some of the most successful ancient civilizations. Originally mined during the time of Ancient Egypt, it was regarded as the gem of the sun.

The name “peridot” is thought to have Greek origins though, from their word “peridone”, which means to give riches. It is quickly obvious how many ancient cultures regarded this stone as one that could bring good fortune and those sentiments have lived on into modern times.


This is one of the most popular and commonly known stones. But it is also one that can bring wearers good luck. It may be more associated with bringing calmness to one’s life and restoring balance. But that calmness can help with decision-making and producing successful situations.

Bringing harmony into a person’s life can slow down a lot of the chaos that is unfortunately so common in the world today. By absorbing the qualities of amethyst, it is possible to cut through that noise and concentrate on the things that really matter – and that can bring its own good fortune.


The warming colors this stone gives off thanks to its yellowy, orange hue also gave it its name, after the French word for lemon – “citron”. Ancient Romans and Greeks were known to use it in all manner of ways, including in pieces of art, and it was believed to be able to ward off bad luck.

There is also a school of thought that says that citrine is able to raise self-esteem. But its place here is really thanks to it sometimes being called “the lucky merchant stone”. In fact, you may have noticed that many shopkeepers display a citrine stone near their cash registers in the hope of bringing financial good luck and success.


This is one of the most widely known gemstones in the world and has long been associated with fortune and spirituality. Many religious leaders have worn sapphire throughout history as a way of showing those qualities as well as attempting to attract more. But it is not only the intense beauty and colors of sapphires that make them so popular.

Sapphires are regarded as stones of prosperity and, perhaps, it is their link with the religious and spiritual world that has brought about that way of thinking. A godly, or spiritual, way of life may be the way that people can bring good luck into their lives – as a reward for staying faithful.


This stone may not be quite as well known as some of the others on our list, but it has been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years and has always been associated with good luck. It has also been used to ward off malevolent spirits and demons – and we can’t think of anything more fortunate than that!

The deep red color of garnet makes it a striking stone to use as part of a piece of jewelry but has also been used to bring good luck in business. It has also been worn to show status and warrior-like characteristics. This may have also been to bring good fortune ahead of a battle.

Using Gems in Life

These are just a few examples of gems and crystals that have been used by cultures throughout history to bring luck and success. Ancient peoples put great stead in these stones as a way of living their lives and that is also a practice that has been passed on to us.

Using gems in our everyday lives may be able to help us bring good luck and fortune into our own lives. So it is definitely something that is worth looking into.

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