The Best Crystal Combinations For Amazonite

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  Updated: 06/25/20 •  5 min read

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Like waters ancient and deep, the Amazonite stone boasts the captivating shades of turquoise-green that soothe the soul and calm the spirit. Its vibrational energies are as powerful as the river where it’s taken its name and as bold as the legendary female warriors whom it’s deeply connected. It tempers the aggression, stills the disquiet, and tames the irrational, ultimately providing balance and harmony.

The amazonite is already a powerful crystal by its own right, however, if you combine it with other crystals like the ones mentioned below, you will experience double or even triple its raw power.

The Best Crystal Combinations for Amazonite and Their Benefits

Amazonite and Tiger’s Eye Combination Benefits

As its name implies, Amazonite is a powerful crystal exuding courageous and fearless energies. This powerful crystal prevents your self-confidence from leaking away and soothing all worries and removing fears that may hinder your confidence.

Combined with the Tiger’s Eye stone, you’ll see your confidence through the roof. Just like Amazonite, the Tiger’s Eye referring to the fearlessness and concentration of the tiger provides you superior mental focus and the ability to make the right decision, while providing you the utmost confidence in your judgment.

When you combine amazonite and tiger’s eye, you get overflowing confidence in yourself without the fear of criticism and negativity. Both crystal also helps you push towards your goal with pride and courage and remove all those that hinder your progress and growth.

Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Amazonite

With its turquoise-green color, the amazonite is also known to help open up your throat and heart chakra. Thus, it allows you to communicate more openly and effectively. Paired with the deep blue-colored stone, Lapis Lazuli, and also known as the Stone of Communication, you will be able to communicate more clearly while having and active listening capability to prevent any misunderstandings, particularly in your relationships.

The Amazonite is also called the Stone of Truth. It empowers you to search for yourself and discovering your own truth, moving beyond the fear of confrontation and judgment. Thus, it helps provide the freedom to express your feelings and thoughts. As the Amazonite also stimulates your heart chakra and allowing you to see your worth and giving yourself more love, the Lapis Lazuli works to stimulate empathy which is extremely important in strengthening and maintaining any meaningful relationships.

Amazonite also allows both partners to freely communicate their deep thoughts and releasing pains and frustration which can hinder their relationship from moving forward. Then, the Lapis Lazuli brings in the vibrational energies of positivity and loyalty, ultimately building commitment in all kinds of relationships.  

Amazonite and Green Aventurine Combination Benefits

You can also use it to open your heart and throat chakra or to bring self-confidence into your life. Also, it can bring abundance and wealth into your life. Known by some as the Stone of Hope, the turquoise and green hue can help you realize your dreams by bringing success and wealth into your life.

Powerful and wild as its name implies, amazonite dissipates energy blockages which brings positive emotions and motivation to financial ventures. Multiply your luck for wealth by pairing it with the Gambler’s Lucky Stone. The green aventurine is one of the luckiest gemstones for man. Thus it will give you the winning energies to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

As the green aventurine helps you see and take opportunities as well as bringing back the money that you might have spent unwisely, amazonite, on the other hand, brings in abundance by pushing you to be courageous and take risks in your financial life. With both crystals, you are encouraged and pushed towards abundance while clearing away any negative feelings that might hold you back in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Amazonite also provides you with leadership qualities. Then, green aventurine works its magic and allowing you to make the right decisions in your financial and leadership ventures.

Amazonite and Moldavite Combination Benefits


You can use this one of the best crystal combinations for moldavite to attract good fortune and wealth into your life.

As mentioned before, amazonite brings in luck and abundance into your life in the form of being fearless in taking risks, allowing you to push forward towards success. Being lucky on that risk you take by pairing it with moldavite. Due to its unique composition, moldavite is one of the best crystals that contain high vibration of luck.

As the stone of change, moldavite is highly beneficial if you think you’ve been unlucky on the decisions you make. As Amazonite brings you the courage to take a gamble, moldavite will offer you the luck energies to ensure that your gamble is worth it. In addition, both stones can help synchronicity and confidence in your life, which are great elements of luck, abundance, and prosperity.

Final Thoughts

There you have it the four crystal combinations for amazonite. As you can see, amazonite is a highly versatile crystal with attributes that can work with several intentions. You can then pair it with other crystal that shares the same attribute that you want to incorporate or experience in your life.

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