Facts About Amazonite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Like waters ancient and deep, amazonite summons in the charming shades of green turquoise, assuring to calm the spirit, as well as appease the soul. The energy of this gem is as prevailing as the river where it’s termed, and as valiant as the mythical warriors (women) with whom it’s connected, but it tempers violence, represses the irrational, as well as quietens the unrest. It is a stone that promotes balance and harmony. In this article, we will be discussing more important facts about amazonite that you must know, including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more.

Amazonite: Meanings and Properties

Amazonite is a really ancient stone, which is known for its beauty and amazing healing properties.

It’s been around for more than centuries, and has been extensively used in making statues, jewelry, and amulets.

Moreover, the name of the stone is actually from the largest river in the South America –the Amazon River.

This particular stone is also called the Amazon stone.

Due to its similarity to jade, amazonite is sometimes called Colorado Jade or Pikes Peak.

Amazonite is a silicate, which is commonly pale green in color, yet there are some other amazonite stones, which are yellow-green, turquoise blue, blue green, or opaque green.

You may get it as a rough amazonite rock or as a shiny and toppled stone.

It’ll also sometimes have some white streaks on them.

However, this does not alter or change the potent energies of the stone.

The amazonite is mined in various locations in the world, specifically Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, Russia, Madagascar, Australia, etc. It is also located in Colorado, and Virginia in the United States.

Referred to as the stone of truth and courage, amazonite sanctions the one who uses it to search self, as well as discover one’s integrity and truths, as well as to move away from fear of confrontation and judgment with other people to live in position with those values and beliefs.

It also offers freedom to prompt one’s feelings and thoughts, as well as t set clear and strong boundaries –both externally on what one is willing to experience and internally as a self-discipline or in the definition of personal space.

Amazonite: Reasons to Use It

The amazonite is a great energy filter.

This particular stone may be essential to you, most especially if you use the tablet, computer, cellphone, or the microwave oven a lot.

All of these things are filled with amazonite and electromagnetic smog, which may help in cleansing the aura of this particular smog.

Moreover, it may also work in calming all the chakras.

Not just that, it may also help in balancing the feminine and masculine energies, in order to utilize them in the most optimistic way.

This stone can make sure that your yin-yang energies are in harmony too.

Furthermore, amazonite may help in achieving the clarity of mind, all together with the moonstone.

You might also not realize it, yet think about the things too much all the time isn’t that good for you.

In addition, this stone may help in clearing the disarrayed thoughts, as well as make you better in understanding yourself.

What is happening all over you, as well as your impact to the people, as well as in the life and the rest of the world.

It’s a great stone for someone who’s passionate regarding the artistic chases.

Further, it may unleash the imaginative and creative side of you, as well as help in projects and artistic visions.

Additionally, amazonite is a great stone to have when you want something to show in your life.

This particular crystal may encourage you in becoming brave and bold, to make all your dreams come true, as well as to keep in trying until they do.

Amazonite Essential Benefits

The following benefits of this stone in health, wealth, love and relationship are one of the best facts about amazonite that you can get to learn. Keep on reading to know them all.

Amazonite Benefits for Health

Amazonite works well with the efforts in having a healthy lifestyle and good health.

Further, the healing properties of the stone may also help with the sinus, chest, throat, and lungs problems.

Also, it has been known to be beneficial with tooth decay, osteoporosis, and calcium deficiency.

Amazonite Benefits for Wealth

Amazonite is often touted as the stone of abundance and success.

If you have this stone with you, you may attract good luck and fortune.

It is one of the many reasons why a lot of gamblers bring this stone with them when they play.

It might attract money, good fortune, and good luck.

Amazonite Benefits for Love and Relationship

Amazonite is actually a good stone to possess when you need to express something to someone that you love.

This particular stone is great in the non-verbal expression.

You do not need to search for the best words to tell someone what you are thinking or feeling.

Final Thoughts

Amazonite is one good stone to possess as it encourages honest and good communication. If you have good communication, there is no room for dishonesty and lies in your life. Furthermore, it may also help you in holding on to your honor and integrity as it will protect you by its positive and healing energies.

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