The Power of Healer’s Gold

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The Power of Healer’s Gold

Due to its many benefits and uses, Healer’s Gold is considered a versatile crystal. In fact, it has the magnifying properties of the Clear Quartz as well as the advantages of healing change. If you are not familiar with this crystal and you’re interested to learn more about the power of healer’s gold then read on.

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The Power of Healer’s Gold: Interface

Chakra Correspondence

Healer’s Gold will connect all the chakras and at the same time cleanse the entire chakra system including the base chakra, solar plexus chakra, and crown chakra.

On the other hand, if you want to accomplish more potent healings in the heart, you can also benefit from this stone since it is associate with the heart chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Healer’s Gold also works well with the immune system, digestive tract, physical vitality, respiratory system, and circulatory system. Furthermore, it is believed to assist in cellular structures and energetic meridians.


Healer’s Gold has a high and earthy vibration crystal. It can help in raising your vibrations, releasing blockages present in your life and body, and amplifying your intentions. Its vibrations, on the other hand, work in a calm way, however, the changes that’ll transpire will run deeply.

Legendary Power of Healer’s Gold


Healer’s Gold is a synergistic and powerful combination of Magnetite and Iron Pyrite that come under the influence of Mars. This is also the reason why Healer’s Gold tend to speed up thing.

This stone, on the other hand, can bring core problems to the surface for resolutions at a vibrational level.

Magnetite is a crystal that has positive strong-energy polarity. It can be also utilized for Earth healing and magnet therapy. Whereas the Iron Pyrite will protect the subtle body, deflecting toxic energies as well as negative thoughts. This combination will prevent the leakage of energy from the auric field. It will also help in grounding energies with high-frequency to the Earth and physical body.

Healer’s Gold will also help healers whose energy is dropping during a healing process that specifies that they are giving away their personal lives or taking the negative energies from the patients. This stone will also teach you to work at the vibrational interface between the personal energy field, passing on the universal healing energy as well as sending negative energy to Healer’s Gold of transformation.

Furthermore, it offers a beneficial energetic field to protect from electromagnetic pollution and other types of negative energies most especially in the external world.

Since it has iron, Healer’s Gold will protect you from the toxic intentions of other people. The synergistic properties of iron pyrite and magnetite block negativity at the interface, bringing them to the source again so that understandings might be reached. Also, the combination will transmute psychic attacks through compassionate magic.

Healing Power of Healer’s Gold

Iron Pyrite

Healer’s Gold can help in boosting the energy systems of the recipient as well as the healer. It will also improve the flow of Qi throughout both bodies of the people.

An ideal crystal for diseases affecting the immune system, the powerful balancing capability of Healer’s Gold will stimulate or sedate particularly if your body is trying hard to cure itself that may result in fever or inflammation.

Another good thing about this stone is that it will speed up recovery from a chronic disease. It also renews the energy in recovery.

Healer’s Gold will move sluggish energy via a blocked meridian bringing the harmony into your body. For injuries, while doing a sport, you can pass the stone through the damaged part to draw out pain, stabilize bones and tendons, increase the flow of blood, and relax muscles.

Transformational Power of Healer’s Gold

Healer’s Gold’s power to kick-start a stuck situation and transform the negative energy is stronger than that of its individual component.

This stone, on the other hand, will instill feelings and confidence in well-being, making it a great tool for killing mental despair when a situation or ailment doesn’t seem to be changing.

Also, if you have an abusive past, this stone can help you in finding the gold in the core of your being. Nevertheless, the Lemurian jade is the same as the Healer’s Gold energetically.

How to Harness the Powers of Healer’s Gold

To harness the powers of this stone, wear a piece of healer’s gold to make magnetic shields in order to prevent invasion or depletion of the personal energetic space.

Its healing energies will be significantly amplified as well when you pair it with other healing crystals. You can use your Healer’s Gold with the following stones:


When you direct the powers and energies of Healer’s Gold with focus and intention from places of love, the stone will become even more effective.

With this stone, you will be able to alter your old patterns and cure wounds of the past. This will let a profound kind of healing in each part of you gradually and slowly.

The stone reignites and at the same time rewires you. It infuses you with the bravery to release what is no longer needed. One more thing, the energies of Healer’s Gold connects you to the spiritual connection and power.

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