The Power of Hanksite

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Are you wondering what is the power of Hanksite? If yes, then you should check this article for more information.

Hanksite is a great stone for everybody because it is user-friendly. Environmentally, Hanksite has been defined as time bombs of what things will return sooner or later. This stone, on the other hand, will support the planet in terms of regenerating when the ozone layer as well as air are worn-out.

Read on to learn more about the power of refinement.

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The Power of Hanksite: Refinement

Chakra Correspondence

Hanksite is a stone that will cleanse and at the same time align all the seven chakras. If your earth star chakra is out of balance, there is a higher chance that you may feel disconnected not only to the people around you but to the earth as well. What’s more, you may possibly suffer from anxiety and hallucination from the unknown origin and feel no association with the divine.

Also, if your base chakra is out of balance, you might be aggressive and belligerent toward others. With Hanksite in hand, you will be able to relieve the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. This lessens the yearning to be too possessive, craving frequent excitement and manipulative.

One more thing, you can also use Hanksite to awaken your awareness of your previous life talents and soothe unwanted fears. It even balances the reproductive system and the circulatory system.

Physiological Correspondence

Hanksite is also useful for the detoxification and elimination processes. One more thing, this stone will increase the function of the pelvis and lower limbs.


Much like other stones out there, Hanksite also comes with an earthy vibration.

Legendary Power of Hanksite

Legendary Power of Hanksite

The power of this stone will cleanse the past and dispel toxic energies. Hanksite comes from the thick depths of the California lake. What’s more, it signifies the wisdom of the souls waiting to dredge up the depth of the karmic past.

With the assistance of this stone, you will be able to let go of the past, get down to your core, and perform the needed karmic healing.

One component of Hanksite, Halite is an energetic purifier that can help in stimulating spiritual discernment. As a matter of fact, if you sweep with either Hanksite or Halite, you will be able to keep your aura clear. Most importantly, you can prevent negative energies from connecting.

This stone, on the other hand, will attach to the old civilization of Lemuria and bring forward details that cannot be accessed since that period. But the stone will warn that such details must be utilized for the betterment of everybody instead of personal benefit.

Furthermore, Hanksite will reveal the damage you’re doing to the environment and pinpoint that when you pollute Mother Earth, you pollute yourself as well. If you’re involved in a power of struggle before, this stone will help in releasing. It will even forgive all your concerns.

To promote world and environmental healing, you can grid Hanksite in a toxic place.

Healing Power of Hanksite

Hanksite is a stone that will alleviate and detoxify fluid retention. It’ll also energetically cleanse the lymphatic system and stimulate cellular memory. Hold a piece of Hanksite into your chest to cure breathing issues caused by the inflammation of the mucus membrane and respiratory infections.

To help with fast detox, you can place this stone under healing couches in the “Star of David” formation along with a Smoky Celestial in the middle.

If a Catharsis will take place, other stones or crystals are needed. With that in mind, it is best done with help qualified crystal workers.

Hanksite will combine with the Lemurian Seed Crystals as well as other high-vibration healing crystals as it will stabilize the healing grids, particularly when situated at the feet to draw off negativity.

To make the most out of its healing powers, you need to cleanse your Hanksite often. For the Halite that it contains, Hanksite will disintegrate sooner or later. Then bury the fragments in the ground or bring them to bodies of water in order to detoxify the environment.

Transformational Power of Hanksite


Are you carrying toxic loads from your past life? If yes, then Hanksite can surely help you. This stone will transform blocked and destructive emotions into regeneration as well as forgiveness.

Hanksite will also help you in retrieving parts of your soul that are left in other dimensions and lifetime. It will also help in reintegrating them, purifying the components as they’re returned. Just as the stone will aid the renewal of the soul, Hanksite will regenerate the Earth as well. Furthermore, it will allow you to apply old solutions to modern issues.

How to Harness the Powers of Hanksite

To make the most out of your Hanksite, make sure to place a piece of this stone that hasn’t been treated with oil to maintain its integrity in bathwater. Though you also place it under the shower to cleanse your aura.


Hanksite is a stone that can help you in many different ways. If you want to reap all of its benefits and powers, then you should include it on your crystal collection.

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