The Power of Aquamarine

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In the crystal language, aquamarine represents hope. Hope in case you didn’t know is the alertness of the existence of light and goodness in every situation and the human heart. Always remember that it’s not all about believing in or wishing something you want to come to pass. Instead, it is about knowing that no matter what will come to pass, you’re alright since you’re a child of the light and this won’t change. Fortunately, aquamarine will help you in accessing this level of awareness. Also, make sure to keep a piece of crystal with you when dealing with any kind of circumstance, as aquamarine can help you in finding the resilience and hope to go one. Nevertheless, to learn more about the power of aquamarine, make sure to read this article until the end.

Power of Aquamarine: Hope

  • Chakra Correspondence

Along with activating and opening the heart chakra, the energy center connected to compassion and unconditional love, Aquamarine will also support physical healing. Through stimulating your throat chakra, the aquamarine will help in improving immunity by opening the flow between throat and heart chakra energy centers. Aquamarine, on the other hand, may enhance your capability to articulate your emotions and the power of communication.

Moreover, Aquamarine is associated with the third eye chakra. This can greatly help you if your losing hope or having a hard time communicating the things you’re imagining.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Aquamarine is considered an all-purpose healing crystal that can aid with many types of physiological diseases.

This crystal helps sore throats and aids in the treatment of swollen glands and thyroid problems. Aquamarine will also boost your immune system and prevent any allergic reaction. It may even regulate hormones and improve growth.

Aquamarine, on the other hand, is believed to be effective in treating diseases affecting the stomach, liver, and throat.

  • Vibration

Aquamarine has a very high vibration. With that in mind, you can be certain that it will raise your vibrations.

Legendary Power of Aquamarine

Legendary Power of Aquamarine

The strength and color of aquamarine come from iron and its name means “seawater”. According to the Greek mythology, this crystal eroded onto land after spilling the charm coffer of the Siren, it is the legendary seductress who enticed the sailors on the rocks so they will have their way with them. This is one reason why sailors are wearing Aquamarine as a talisman to ensure a safe voyage and protection from sea monsters. But in Roman myth, this crystal was sacred to the god of the sea which is the Neptune.

Aquamarine is also a stone of spiritual vision. It will calm your mind allowing you to achieve a higher level of awareness. Aquamarines, most especially the translucent ones were utilized for the magic mirror in the Middle age. In fact, they even seers suspended Aquamarine rings over bowls around where the alphabets were properly arranged. The ring will swing in a way that is similar to utilizing pendulums to spell out the answer. At that time, Christians even believed that the Aquamarine cleanses their sins.  

Furthermore, the gem-quality aquamarine can be found above the 4.3 kilometers on Mount Antero in the Rocky Mountains. Writers Wright and Chadbourne in the 20th century said that only the toughest souls venture on the rugged slopes of the temperamental mountain, popularly known for its bitter temperatures, tempestuous winds, and ice storms.

Healing Power of Aquamarine

Aside from the conditions, we mentioned above Aquamarine can offer other healing powers.

Aquamarine will help in healing the eyes and inducing calm. It is also used for curing diseases related to the jaw. The crystal also acts as a potent antidote from poison, reflecting a belief set out in the earliest lapidaries.

Often illness and stress go hand in hand, thus it is a little wonder that this crystal can be utilized as a great stress reliever crystal to such great effects.

In general, the healing powers of aquamarine have been respected for thousands of years. And perhaps for the second time tie to the myth that Aquamarines are descended from and associated with the magical and legendary mermaids of the sea.

Transformational Power of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a powerful crystal that can help in promoting tolerance and providing support during a tough situation. This will help you in overcoming judgmental tendencies and take liability for yourself.

Also, if a closure is necessary, Aquamarine will help in letting go of underlying emotional conditions and mental constructs. Aquamarine will remind you that development is the law of life. Meaning to say, the soul must evolve throughout the path it laid down for itself before incarnation.

How to Harness the Powers of Aquamarine

Wear a piece of aquamarine against your heart. It will inspire hope in your heart and help you walk with improved awareness of your surroundings. Further, you can wear it by the throat like a choker or a pendant that will rest high up on the collarbone.


Do you need hope in your life? If so, by now, you should have a piece of aquamarine with you. Thank you for reading, hopefully, you should also share this article with others so that if they are losing hope, they will know that there is something that they can do to prevent this from happening which is to seek help from aquamarines.

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