Facts About Throat (Vishudda) Chakra: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

The throat chakra is also called the ShodashDala and KanthPadma, but its most common Sanskrit name is Vishudda, meaning purification or pure. It is the 5th chakra and acting as the passageway of energy between the lower body and the head. Read on to learn more about this chakra.

Throat Chakra Meaning

The throat chakra function is directed by the principle of expression and communication. It is deeply associated with the element of sound. The throat chakra’s vibration can be felt with your ears as well as throughout your entire body, making it a crucial instrument for communication and expression.

Throat Chakra Color

This chakra is commonly represented by the color turquoise blue or aquamarine blue. In addition, the color of its energy is mostly seen as purple or smoky turquoise. Lastly, the petal of this chakra is seen as smoky purple or grayish lavender.

Throat Chakra Symbol

The throat chakra symbol is made up of a circle with 16 petals. The circle contains a crescent inside.

Also, the chakra represented with a downward-pointing angle and inscribed in another circle.

Throat Chakra Location

Throat Chakra

As its name implies, the 5th chakra is located at the throat.

However, like the heart chakra, the this chakra is also multidimensional. So, it represents going outside the front of your throat and going inside at the back with an upward angle.

The 5th chakra is deeply associated with the pharyngeal plexus and the brachial plexus and is totally connected to the pharynx, palate, mouth, jaw, and tongue.

Not only that, but the throat chakra is also connected to the shoulders and neck as well as the thyroid gland regulating the conversion of energy in the body including temperature, metabolism, and growth.

Throat Chakra Imbalances

The throat chakra is the gateway to your expression and how you perceive and receive the world. The 5th chakra allows you to communicate with the external world and allowing yourself to be easily and effectively understood.

The Vishudda also allows you to process the information that you receive from all other chakras and pushing you to express them to the world, positively and healthily.

This chakra makes it possible for you to express your opinion and let it out in a useful and positive way. You can think of the 5th chakra as a connector between your head and heart, and even literally sitting between your heart and head.

The brain and the heart are in constant communication, and everything goes out through the throat. This is why, an imbalanced throat chakra makes you feel constricted, making you feel emotional or having a lump in your throat.

With an unbalanced 5th chakra, you will start experiencing difficulties and challenges in your throat, upper chest, shoulders, neck, and head. Such problems can cause issues in the jaw, ears, throat, neck, teeth, and thyroid as well as neurological issues that manifest as headaches and migraines.

You will also experience hoarseness in the throat and coughs as well as triggering autoimmune conditions. Sometimes, you can also feel or see the tension from the throat chakra imbalance in the shoulders and even manifest in the arms and hands as well.

An imbalanced Vishudda also causes problems in your lower chakras. It can cause over or under eating. It also affects your survival abilities and manifesting a suppressed emotions and the lack k of willpower and drive. You will become more anxious and you’ll have a hard time expressing yourself.

Overactive Throat Chakra

overactive Throat Chakra

Meanwhile, an overactive throat chakra impacts your ability to function and your relationships.

With a balanced Vishudda, you can provide clear and concise communication. You will have no trouble expressing yourself and you will always be honest about every situation you are in.

However, with an overactive Vishudda, the opposite will happen. You can’t help but speak maliciously and rudely. You will always look down on others and become very critical with the smallest details. The most innocent conversation can also become rude or scathing for you.

You will speak negatively about others as well as yourself, to the point that it becomes a form of verbal abuse. You will find yourself always gossiping, talking arrogantly, as well as non-stop talk and chatter.

Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Throat Chakra

A blocked, imbalanced or overactive throat chakra can adversely affect your ability to communicate. When something is blocking your throat chakra or having an imbalance, then you are unable to express your truth honestly, easily, and clearly.

People with a blocked or unbalanced Vishudda tend to be weak, very quiet, scared and introverted. The blockage can also manifest as manipulation, unreliability, and difficulty of expressing your feelings into words. When the chakra is off, you will find it very hard to relax and speak. You will end up holding back your words and expressing your desires and needs.

An unbalanced or an overactive throat chakra also leads to physical symptoms that affect the head, mouth, neck, and throat. You will feel neck pain, sore throat, headaches, hoarseness, laryngitis, and earaches.

Emotionally, you will feel shy and socially anxious. There is no consistency in your actions and words and you tend to be detached and stubborn. It also makes you arrogant, deceptive, and manipulative.

At the thought of public speaking, a blocked throat chakra will cause you paralysis, causing negative effects on your professional and personal life.

Healing The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the one in charge of your communicating and expression. Thus, it is important that you keep it clear of blockages and healing any imbalances in it.

Here are ways on how you can balance, cleanse and align the throat chakra.

1. Singing

When you exercise your throat and vocal cords, you also get to clean your Vishudda. And it does not matter whether you are in tune or not, do it in the shower or in front of people, just singing will let your heart out and release the blockages in your throat chakra.

2. Think Blue

As mentioned before, blue is the color of the throat chakra. So, it is helpful to visualize a soothing and beautiful blue light.

Picture the cool energies of blue at the base of your throat and other associated organs and the location of the throat chakra that you are having any problems with.

Think of the blue color as you inhale in order to cleanse your throat. Imagine it filling up the areas in your throat and releasing all the tension and stress. You should feel a warming or cooling sensation during the process.

3. Drink Water

You need to hydrate yourself with plenty of water in order to cleanse your throat chakra. It is also crucial that you drink only purified water in order to reap the benefits it has on your throat and in your overall body.

4. Massage

Everyone will feel better after getting a massage. Since the throat chakra is also associated with the neck and shoulders, getting a massage in these parts will offer instantaneous results both emotionally and physically.

5. Wear Necklace and Earrings

Wearing a jewelry with crystals and stones associated with your throat chakra can help you benefit from their vibrational healing energies

Wearing a gorgeous necklace allows the crystal to vibrate close to your throat as well as a pair of earring can help in balancing your Vishudda.

6. Practice Mindfulness

You need to practice talking with mindfulness, meaning you need to speak openly and stay honest when dealing with different situations and people.

Regardless of whether you are dissatisfied and happy with your life, you need to be conscious about what you speak and your thoughts. The throat chakra covers all forms of communication and even encompasses the digital world.

So not only should you be mindful of what you speak, but also to what you send to others in the form of text messages, emails and chats.

7. Eat Healthy Foods

There are various foods and drinks that can help strengthen, soothe, protect and heal the throat chakra. These include fruits and veggies with high water content. In addition, you can also drink herbal teas. Not only will it support your throat chakra as it runs down your throat, but it can also benefit other chakras as well.

8. Speak With Love

If you have a sharp tongue, then you need to practice speaking with love and releasing your though and words with kindness. You need to work through our negative emotions and release them in order to bring back balance and energy to your throat chakra as well as other chakras.

9. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most common forms of balancing and healing chakras. Entering the state of mediation will allow you to realize the overactive or any blockages on your chakras.

When focusing on the throat chakra, you will need to meditate by incorporating the color blue. Imagine a blue light and you will be shown the kinds of feelings and thought that caused your Vishudda to be unbalanced or blocked.

10. Journal Keeping

You can also help cleanse and release any blockage in your Vishudda by keeping a journal. You can write down your feeling and thoughts which can help you in expressing how you feel more effectively.

This is because you can easily express yourself when it is just you. Doing so can help unblock your Vishudda and release any negative feelings that causing an overactive or unbalanced throat chakra.

11. Be Creative

Write, sculpt, draw and paint. This chakra is not only limited on how you speak your thought but also encompass activities that allow you to voice out your thoughts, ideas, and creativity. By doing so, you can strengthen your throat chakra and even motivate your creativity more.

12. Surrounding Yourself With Blue

To quickly fix an overactive or unbalanced throat chakra, you can surround yourself with anything blue. Wear blue outfits, add blue-colored decors or flowers in your environment.

Much better, you can go outdoors and enjoy the blue sky and bright sun. You can also spend a day at the beach and swimming in the blue ocean. Or place an aquamarine crystal in your pocket.


The throat chakra is all about the freedom of thoughts and speech. It symbolizes how you express and communicate your will as well as balance out emotional and mental intentions.

The gift of the 5th chakra is the ability to accept your uniqueness and allowing you to express your true voice when communicating with others. It also allows you to discover the real knowledge, beyond the limitations of time and space. The chakra also allows you to be a good listener while enabling yourself to be heard.

It allows you to stand up for what you believe in and remain honest and open with everything that you do.

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