Stellar Beam Calcite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Stellar beam calcite –a high vibration crystal, which possesses a fairly astounding energy. This crystal might also be categorized as ascension stone, since the vibration it hold has a powerful spiritual nature, which helps you in making a much deeper link with the Divine. The energy that it has is calming and if you use it in meditating, you might be able to find that you sleep through a state of enormous harmony and peace. This typically creates a certain situation wherein you get to enjoy a justly beneficial period. The result is, when your meditation is done, you might feel much lesser stressed, and more capable of coping with the daily activities. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about stellar beam calcite including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

The stellar beam calcite is a crystal, which is also known as the dogtooth calcite. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, this is because of the shape that it has, which you may guess –a dog’s tooth. Nonetheless, the stones are typically double terminated, a lot of them with long, sharp points on them. They might also occur in size from small crystals all around some other kinds of larger pieces or crystals.

Moreover, the meaning of the name of this crystal may relate to the way it is being stated to be used in making a link with the extra-terrestrial beings, because of the powerful energy beam that it exudes. Most of the pieces of stellar beam calcite originally came from the United States, specifically in the state of Tennessee.

Even though there are no other often touted places where the stone can be found, some sources of other stones are being discovered as well on an unvarying basis, and not all places of origin are renowned on the stones. Even though a lot of pieces of these crystals appear golden yellow in color, the color of it may vary still. The color range of the crystals may include bright clear yellow, very light yellow to almost white, pale yellow, and deep amber yellow stones.

Just like some other kinds of calcite, the stellar beam calcite has a smooth to nearly soapy feel to it. They frequently have annexations of pyrite in them as well. They’re categorized as scalenohedral crystals, meaning they have different faces. Each are scalene triangles or triangles, which have all their sides unequal.

We will discuss some amazing stellar beam calcite benefits later in this article, so keep on reading to learn more!

Reasons to Use It

The stellar beam calcite has a greatly high vibration, but they do not have any effect on the nervous system, like the other high vibration crystals. Even though the energy that they have is so high, since it’s so amazing and relaxing and calming, you might not be able to recognize that the energy you have has already changed.

Furthermore, this is also an amazing crystal, which possesses a strong action in all the chakras all throughout the body, as well as in the higher transpersonal chakra and within the soul star chakra in the etheric body. One of the best ways that you can use this beneficial stone is in meditation.

In the event that you utilize it in meditation, it may create a state of deep serenity, since it may bring the golden light down the higher dominions. This particular energy might move down into the whole chakra system, in order to infuse you with strong vibration. The action that it has may feel the same as the high crystal energy stones and you might feel it moving in different areas of your brain.

Let us now move over to the stellar beam calcite benefits!

Stellar Beam Calcite Essential Benefits

When you use the stellar beam calcite in meditation, it might benefit you in several ways. This is a gemstone, which may elevate the spiritual growth, and due to its spiritual action, it’s recognized to be one of the principal ascension stones. This may relate mostly through its own action in taking you so high in the spiritual dominions, as well as through the way it improves your own contact with the divine mind and with the beings in the higher dominions.

This is also popular to assist you in making contact with the beings coming from the other dimensions or in the star systems –or the so-called extra-terrestrials. It’s also been reported that when you have past lives in Egypt, Atlantis and Egypt. You might get to discover the information, which might help you in releasing the karma that’s related to your life.

The stellar beam calcite may also assist you in waling the passages of light, and though there you might find that you may access info about past lives. In the Akashic records. It might also be essential for mediums to use in contacting spirits with such ease. It also has sweet vibration, which typically simplifies an easy link with the angelic beings.

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