Facts About Heart Chakra (Anahata): Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

The Heart Chakra, called Anahata in Sanskrit, offers your life with love, beauty, and compassion. It is motivated by the principles of transformation and integration as well as bridging spiritual and earthly aspirations.

Heart Chakra Meaning

The main function and meaning associated with the heart chakra is self-love and showing love to others. It governs how you relate with people and yourself and how you can handle every relationship.

It provides compassion and empathy and is responsible for your ability to accept and forgive others and yourself.

The heart chakra also allows you to grieve properly while attaining tranquility and peace so that you can stay compassionate and loving and can obtain complete discernment. With the heart chakra fully activated, you will have a deep connection to what you feel and experience the harmonious energies that are all around you.

You will have a much better appreciation of wonder, beauty ad magic and you will be more open to the world.

Heart Chakra Color

Heart Chakra Color

Although most people would think that the heart chakra is associated with the color pink since it is a popular depiction of romance and love, it is actually connected with the color green.

The color green is composed of yellow and blue in equal parts. It is the color of love residing at the very center of your being called the heart center.

Green is also the color of love and transformation, allowing you to transform your ego and activating your lower chakras to allow love. It also fills you with inspiration to become more compassionate and loving.

Not only that, but green is also the color of life, balance, and growth. And it is through balance that you discover the center of love, building and nurturing healthy relationships and allowing yourself to accept and give love.

Furthermore, the energies of the green color are highly soothing and calming like a soft blanket of grass. It is the color of the grass and trees and nature, allowing you to discover the stillness within you and unleash compassion. You will start radiating love and you feel the connection of everything in life.

Physically speaking, the green color is deeply connected to the thymus gland, the cardiac nerve plexus, arms, breasts, shoulders, lungs, chest, and heart. Thus, people with strong green energy offer energies of openness and include healthy blood circulation, strong heart, and a healthy immune system. They also have a really high lung capacity and have a flexible upper back and neck.

Mentally speaking, the green color means total expansion and growth. It allows forming a connection with others as well as the deeper parts of yourself. IT also brings the energies of development and freedom and is the building block of self-love and acceptance.

The color green also represents development phases when you start forming a relationship with others. A strong green color allows you to be more sociable and effortlessly combine emotion with reason.

In addition, green makes you more compassionate and loving, allowing you to set healthy boundaries so that you can stay emotionally balanced. Also, the color teaches you how to better love yourself and others while maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationships. It reminds you to stay friendly and be more empathic to others.

Spiritually speaking, the green color provides you instinctual knowing and fully grown with spirit. It reminds you to enter the power and wonder of love. When the green energy is strong, you start to become more peaceful, compassionate, serene and altruistic. You understand the real meaning of unconditional love and strive to offer love.

Heart Chakra Symbol

The heart chakra symbol represents a circle with 12 petals. There is a downward-pointing triangle intertwined with the upward-pointing triangle which creates a 6-pointed star or a hexagram.

These interconnecting triangles represent air element and its attributes. They also symbolize the union of opposing energies or principles like the female and male energies.

The star that the heart chakra symbol creates represents the harmonious union of forces and features the main function of the heart chakra as the center of integration and connection.

Meanwhile, the 12 petals are depicted with the red color. You’ll often find it in artwork, in jewelry or in clothing designed to work effectively with the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Location

As its name implies, the heart chakra is found at the center of the chest and right in the middle of the breasts. This chakra is a little to the left of the actual heart.

As the 4th chakra, it is crucial that you know it is multi-dimensional. The heart chakra is energetically symbolized with a front that is going through the middle of your chest and a back that goes through the spine right in the middle of your shoulder blades.

Due to its location, the heart chakra is associated with the cardiac system and the lungs. These are interdependent organs that provide breathing function. It is also associated with the thymus gland which is in charge of controlling your immune system.

Heart Chakra Imbalances

heart chakra

The main function of the heart chakra is to accept and give unconditional love.

Emotions that are connected to the heart chakra include bitterness, love, grief, anger, hate, trust, resentment, gratitude, loneliness forgiveness, self-centeredness, compassion, commitment, generosity, loyalty and the capability to follow one’s heart.

Life experience and issues can have a negative impact on the heart chakra including rejection, the death of a loved one, abandonment, breach of trust, emotional abuse, injustice, divorce and so much more.

The heart chakra pain is often called having a broken heart. Grief, abuse trauma, loss, and rejection are painful to go through with leaves a negative impression on the heart. And when there is an imbalance in the heart chakra, you will experience a surge of painful and negative emotions.

The 4th chakra is mainly vulnerable to disruptions and imbalances associated with relationships and love.

As you encounter challenges and obstacles in life, there are 2 ways that you can cope, increasing your energy to fight it or choosing to shut down and reduce the energy that gives it.

Such a defense mechanism is anchored to your chakras and over time, causes an imbalance in your heart chakra.

Overactive Heart Chakra

Meanwhile, when the heart chakra becomes overactive it can lack wisdom and discernment in relationships. When it goes on an overdrive, it can obscure the boundaries between yourself and other people, causing you to lose your identity and abusing the power of love.

In addition, people with an overactive heart chakra tend to be ruled by their emotions. They can have difficulty in letting go or managing the pain in the past. They also like to indiscriminate when offering love and causes no boundaries in both romantic and platonic love.

They also have the tendency to tolerate others too much to the point that they neglect their own desires and needs. Also, you will be able to accept other people in life without choosing meticulously and losing yourself in the process.

There is also a risk of giving too much and saying yes to everyone without any benefit to you.  It causes co-dependency and manifesting physically as circulation and heart problems such as heart attacks, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure.

Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Heart Chakra

The heart chakra may become imbalanced or overpowering as a result of challenges and experiences that have a powerful physical and emotional charge.

This blockage can manifest in the energy flow or become overactive. Some of the symptoms include:

  • You put yourself in the role of the savior or a rescuer
  • You rely too much on people’s attention and approval, trying to please them at all costs.
  • You fear intimacy and become jealous all the time.
  • You close down
  • You become overly defensive.

Healing The Heart Chakra

Go Outside

You can soothe an imbalance or overactive heart chakra by going outdoors and surrounding yourself with the calming energies of nature.

You can simply sit outside and enjoy the breeze r hike through a forest. You can also open a window and let the fresh air in to help soothe your troubled chakra.

Meditate Regularly

Through meditation, you can balance your heart chakra. Visualize it as a beautiful and radiant green orb, glowing with unconditional love.

Then imagine all disappointments and hurt dissolving and healing. Hold onto such images until all the pain and hurt disappears.

Engage In Activities

When you do things that make you feel inspired or alive, your heart chakra will become more balanced and you become more fulfilled and happier each day. All your worries and fears will be gone and you can have more space in your heart to love other things.

Expressing Gratitude

Even if it is a silent smile, express your gratitude towards something or someone. They make your whole life worthwhile and happier, so make sure that they know that you are grateful for them.

When you express your gratitude and thanking the source, you’re blessing yourself with even more happiness and blessings.

Be Kind

Make it a habit to send love and good wishes to other people and to yourself. When you start your day with kindness, you will find happiness and contentment all day long.

Always be kind to people, even if you think they do not deserve it. Keep on paying it forward and let people realize the value of your gestures.

Heart Chakra Meditation Healing

Meditating with the purpose of opening or unblocking your heart chakra, you’ll feel open to yourself and to others with the emotions empathy, compassion, and total forgiveness.

The heart chakra energies help you strengthen and form relationships with other people. Activating it though meditation, you get to invite the emotions of love, acceptance and total peace.

Such feelings will allow you to truly embrace your life and getting the proper closure on hurtful past so you can move forward with life. Unleashing the heart chakra also ensures that your other energies will work in harmony with outside forces, allowing you to achieve a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Meditating with the heart chakra also allows you to remove toxic feelings such as anxiety, pain, and jealousy. It strengthens your bonds with your environments and helps you understand the higher realm

By focusing your heart energies during meditation, you can develop a healthier and stronger way to restore the much-needed balance in your life. Meditating with the heart chakra works best with the best crystals that resonate with the 4th chakra.


An activated heart chakra makes you more compassionate and loving towards others. You do not expect anything in return and just give kindness and love away. A healthy heart chakra will provide you an immense sense of gratitude and encourage you to live in discipline and establish long-lasting and solid relationships that will give you satisfaction and happiness in this life.

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