The Healing Crystals for Insect Bites And Stings

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Insect bites and stings? This article listed some of the best crystals for healing insect bites and stings.

There’s a general distinction between insect bites such as those from blackflies, mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas, lice, or bedbugs, as opposed to the stings of wasps, bees, hornets, and scorpions. It must be noted at the outset that some people are seriously allergic to such stings and bites and so may react severely and adversely. In such cases, an immediate professional medical intervention is necessary.

Other than that, and outside the designated and advised malaria-prone regions of the globe, mosquitoes and other insect bites are typically not dangerous, even when they appear in larger numbers. Bites can only be a problem if infections are transmitted at the same time and cause a feverish illness.

These bites may appear as small red spots or swelling that tend to itch a lot and can be painful. However, they can be cured quickly with traditional ointments or holistic approaches such as placing a slice of raw onions on the affected area.

Meanwhile, stings from wasps, bees, scorpions, and hornets can cause severe reddening and the formation of painful swellings. In addition, there is also an acute danger when one suffered from numerous stings (about 60 for adults and 30 for children), a sting in the oral cavity which can result in suffocation because of throat edemas or stings in the lymph and blood flow of the head.

However, as already mentioned before, bee and other stings are the most dangerous when you have insect poison allergies that can trigger excessive swelling, throat edemas, nettle rash, and serious allergic reactions, and even anaphylactic shock. For such cases, we stress once again that you should call an immediate medical service right away.

However, until such helps come, the individual needs to lie down and kept calm with the upper part of the body slightly raised. Then a moist and cold compress can help reduce or postpone the effects of the poison.

Now, for the minor and less serious insect bites and stings, crystal remedies can bring relief to the affected area. Here are some of the best crystals for healing insect bites and stings.

Crystals For Healing Insect Bites And Stings

Rock Crystal + Amethyst

crystals for healing insect bites and stings

Both rock crystal and amethyst offer a cooling effect that can help relieve the swelling of the bitten or stung area. Not only that, but these stones can also help ease itching in all cases of insect bites and stings.

Take note, however, that the natural crystal forms instead of the polished or tumbled stones, work best for healing insect bites and stings. However, if there’s no natural crystal, you can still use a polished one to place on the bite for sight relief or taking 5 – 7 drops of gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day.



Chrysoprase is one of the most potent crystals of detoxification. In terms of insect bites and stings, this crystal can help in neutralizing and breaking down the toxin from the insect’s sting or bite, cleansing the body for faster healing.

It is particularly advisable if some time has elapsed since sustaining the insect attack, but you still find it itchy, inflamed, or painful. You can simply place or affix a tumbled stone or polished section of chrysoprase directly on the site of the bite or sting.

Alternatively, you can prepare a chrysoprase essence that you can dab on the bite or take it as a supplement as needed. You can also prepare a 100 – 200ml of chrysoprase gem water that you can take in small sips throughout the day.  

Heliotrope + Prase


Heliotrope, or more commonly known as the bloodstone, particularly helps with sable horseflies, mosquitoes, lice, blackflies, fleas, and bedbug bites that like to suck on blood and result in inflammation. Also, Heliotrope can help cleanse the blood of unwanted infections and prevent inflammation of the bite area.

Meanwhile, prase is helpful for severely swollen and painful insect stings. It can help relieve the symptoms and, like chrysoprase, it can help in neutralizing and breaking down toxins that have been absorbed. 

You can simply place both stones on the affected area for long periods to bring relief. Alternatively, you can prepare gem essence and gem water for each crystal. Take 5 – 7 drops of gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day or drink 100 – 200 ml of gem water throughout the day.


crystals for healing insect bites and stings

Dubbed as the stone of gentle healing, rhodonite is the best crystal to use for all kinds of insect bites and sting. Its gentle energies can provide long-lasting relief from itching and swelling and helping the body to neutralize the absorbed toxin or poison.

It also contains manganese which helps in the faster healing of wounds and even prevents bleeding. If applied immediately, rhodonite can stop any reaction at all to the sting or bite.

Simply place or fix a tumbled rhodonite stone directly in the site of the sting or bite. Also, you can prepare a rhodonite essence and dab it on the bite for pain relief. You can even take it as a supplement, taking 5 – 7 drops of rhodonite essence for 3 -5 times a day or drinking 100 – 200mlrhodonite water throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Insect bites and stings can be annoying and painful. Fortunately, there are several holistic treatments such as crystal therapy to ease the pain, swelling, and itchiness. As always, we recommend seeking professional medical intervention for serious cases of stings and bites.

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