Facts About Bloodstone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits


Have you ever seen a stone that has a blood in it? Well, yeah, basically, I am talking about the bloodstone. Bloodstone is actually composed of a deep green chalcedony and small dots of red jasper. It’s also called the heliotrope. Bloodstone is actually a powerful healing stone, which is used for so many years now due to its healing prowess. Furthermore, it’s often used in detoxifying and purifying the body. It is also great at cleansing the body and grounding the negative energy. The bloodstone also brings love into whatever situation you are in, as well as help in grounding the negative energies that surrounds that particular issue. The bloodstone also assist in improving the mind function, thus bringing understanding and clarity to matters, which were not familiar to you. Read on to this article to learn some more bloodstone essential facts, including its benefits!

Meanings and Properties of Bloodstone

bloodstone properties and benefits

Heliotrope or more popularly known as the bloodstone is actually a variety of jasper. It is characterized by a dark green color that’s cut through or flecked with red. This is what gives this stone its blood appearance on its green surface. As you may already have thought, this sis where its name came from.

The red spots on bloodstone are due to its hematite content –a form of iron oxide, which causes rust to become bright red in color, or the stone in the places like Mars, Georgia, or the Edward Island to be tinted red.

Moreover, the bloodstone is mainly found in India, even though there are some sources of it as well in Australia, Middle East, and Central Europe. Interestingly, it may also be found in the Isle of Rum in the country of Scottland.

Due to the fact that the coloration of this stone is due to the inclusion of some other mineral within the stone’s matrix as a whole, there are no two pieces of the stone that are the same.

Each one of the bloodstones possesses a unique patter, and a lot of them include small deposits of some other minerals as well. This just means that some pieces of this stone are in fact, somewhat multi-colored and brightly.

The blood-like appearance of this stone has also made it central to a wide quantity of lore. Further, the ancient Greeks also call it the Sun Stone.

It’s also said that this stone may confer the power of the sun on anyone who possess it, just like the Prasiolite.

Reasons to Use Bloodstone

Due to its connection to the crucifixion, in the modern ideals, the major use of this stone is its link to sacrifice.

Often, it is used as a reminder of the saying ‘life is pain’, and we need not to allow the struggles to overwhelm us, yet embrace them rather as a part of our life, as well as a way in making us stronger.

Wearing this stone may highly be comforting as well, especially in times of intense struggles, just like a death of a loved one.

This stone may also absorb some pain of the situation in itself. This just means that even though you’re still conscious of the pain, you may have connection between it and yourself.

Bloodstone is one of the stone that able to natural affinity with a few Zodiac. Those are Aries, Pisces and Libra. Read more about the Complete Guide To The Zodiac Birthstones.

Bloodstone for Protection

bloodstone protection

This is one of the best bloodstone benefits that you may know.

Bloodstone is well-known for its protective properties, and is essential beneficial when you are threatened.

Whether it is blackmail, negative person in the workplace, or a physical violence, bloodstone may create a psychic barrier in between the threat and yourself.

It also provides you the insight in telling when you should retreat, as well as when you need to confront the danger, as well as courage and strength to work in whatever decision that you make.

A point to remember: if you’re being threatened, extorted, or attacked, the person that’s doing these might be subject to legal action. You need to consult a lawyer or a police to protect your own safety. Bloodstone may just take you so far.

Bloodstone Essential Benefits

The bloodstone is one of the most valuable stones that you may use when you’re having some emotional struggle sin life.

Though a lot other stone are greatly essential when life is okay, but not great, bloodstone can be the crystal that you can pack a punch when life seems so terrible.

In case you feel like you are constantly being kicked when you feel down, bloodstone may help you in picking yourself up and carry on in an optimistic and constructive manner.

This stone may also serve as a reminder of the significance of wisdom and courage, as well as help you in becoming a better person in this way in times when you’re struggling to do so.

When you feel like your good attitude is not making any difference, and the world just keep on treating you badly, use this stone. It might help you in getting past that feeling and continue in making positive contributions to the world,


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