Facts About Bloodstone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Introduction of Bloodstone

Historically, the bloodstone was treasured for its beauty, featuring a deep earthy green color highlighted by bright blood red spots. It was first referred to as the sunstone and later known as Christ’s stone. Closely linked to the energy that our lifeblood carries and it can help boost courage, passion, strength, vitality, and fertility. People also used it for its nurturing and protective qualities.

Bloodstone named as Christ's stone

Possibly the most interesting legend surrounding the bloodstone is its association with the death of Jesus Christ. During the middle ages people told stories that it formed the blood red spots found in the stone when Jesus’s blood fell to be earth during his crucifixion. It is said that the blood that flowed from his side from the final and fatal spear trust formed the earliest known bloodstones.

bloodstone properties and benefits

What is Bloodstone?

Bloodstones are talismans that promote long life and good emotional and physical health. We also know them to bring users fame, riches, good fortune, and respect. Bloodstones can also protect you from the bad will of others and help you overcome deception and secure positive outcomes in legal battles. Some also believe them to have some magical properties, such as the ability to summon rain and control the weather by either conjuring or averting storms and lightning.

Understanding the Bloodstone Meanings and Uses

Commonly referred to as the blood Jasper, they also know some of its specimens to only include yellow spots and we know these as plasma. Long considered a semi-precious stone or gem in the ancient world and many examples of it being used in jewelry such as signet rings still exist today, we also know that ancients also carved it into statuettes, small vases, and even decorative cups.

What are the Properties of Bloodstone?

If you want to use it as an amulet of protection you can either carry or wear a bloodstone and this will provide you with the courage to confront bullies and protect you from both physical and verbal assaults it will also provide you with the wisdom to withdraw from dangerous situations. Experts say that bloodstones can help your child or teenager is being targeted by a bully, you can help them by simply sewing a small blood stone into their clothing.

Protection Stone Bloodstone

The Healing Properties

Blood stones have also been used to purify the intestines, bladder, kidneys, liver, spleen and blood and as a result can boost your immune system and help eliminate or neutralize toxins in your body.

Strengthening your blood rich organs, it stimulates and regulates circulation and blood flow. Closely linked to maintaining a healthy level of bone marrow, they can help fight acute infections, tumors leukemia, and even anemia.

It is also being firmly linked to fertility, birthing, and other similar processes. Any woman of childbearing years should carry your bloodstone to help stimulate and maintain a healthy hormonal balance promoting fertility and even helping prevent miscarriages. During the birthing process, it can provide supportive vibrations to give you additional strength throughout labor. These vibrations can help guide your baby healthfully through the birth canal. You can also help with menstrual disorders menopause and even prevent some symptoms of PMS.

By dipping a bloodstone in cold water and applying it to a cut or even a nosebleed, they can help quickly ease and staunch blood flow. Once you keep the stone wet by red dipping it it can help ease hemorrhoids and virus cause veins. it has even been used to relieve mosquito bites and back pain

The Metaphysical Properties

Because they closely link blood to determination, courage, and strength, a bloodstone carries the ability to ground your body and mind in the present. This will provide much needed support, but spiritually and emotionally during trying times. Helping you connect with the divine and view the feelings of isolation and loneliness that come with being bullied as the illusion that they are. By harnessing the power of the bloodstone, you can teach your mind and body to appreciate that with chaos comes great transformation. It can also help you manage difficult situations and determine what the correct action to take maybe whether it is to advance or withdrawal.

Bloodstone Metaphysical

By enhancing your decision making to spelling confusion and nourishing self-sufficiency and self-confidence and self-worth, this can calm a body and emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, one reality of life is terminal illness and death. By using a bloodstone, you can help give someone the courage to face their own mortality to understand the truth and find the strength needed to accept their impending death.

How Bloodstone Benefits You

On top of many of the benefits listed above, bloodstones have both purifying and grounding properties. Because they can dispel negative energies, they can also help cleanse your aura of any impure energy surrounding it. By providing this protective layer you can energize your life, invigorate your blood flow and strengthen your immune system.

For Health and Healing

As we highlighted previously, they closely link Bloostones to health and wellbeing. Because of its name, they closely associate bloodstones to blood purification and can provide a higher life calling needed to live a long and healthy life.

For Wealth

One danger involved in wealth accumulation is that it can be lost as quickly as we gain it. Bloodstones can help you by providing the wisdom needed to protect your heart and wealth by attracting like-minded people. We have also known it as a merchant stone, as it brings financial success and a positive cash flow.

For Love and Relationship

If you’re looking to boost cleanse your heart chakra blood stones can provide much needed healing energies for your love center. Like grounding your root chakra, this stone can help foster a sense of inclusiveness.

For Protection

Renowned for protective qualities bloodstones help by providing barriers between the negative energies of some people, whether they be colleagues, family members or even strangers. They can help provide you with an added level of protection from blackmail, bullying, or any other form of violence. By providing with you with an effective psychic barrier, blood stones can help protect you from a variety of distinct threats. One of the most important aspects of using a bloodstone is the wisdom it gives you to understand when avoiding conflict is smarter than embracing it.

Bloodstone is one of the stone that able to natural affinity with a few Zodiac. Those are Aries, Pisces and Libra. Read more about the Complete Guide To The Zodiac Birthstones.

The Best Crystal Combinations with Bloodstone

Despite its undoubted capability to protect and purify your environment to promote positivity and the transmute negativity, this magical crystal can even be further enhanced by carefree selecting other crystals that will further enhance its capabilities. Heat or some of the most effective combinations of crystals to use with your bloodstone.

Bloodstone and Shungite

Bloodstone and Shungite

Because of its innate power it’s best to pay air your bloodstone with a comparably powerful crystal one that’s also known to dispel night city but also to boost your overall inner happiness. Because it’s a stone and not a crystal expert’s advice that you find a powerful crystal to partner with. These crystals are more hyperconscious and better at the spelling negative energies. By using shungite, you can tackle any sense of bitterness and dispel some negative energies that the bloodstone carries. It will help you more effectively deal with toxic people and situations instead of just ignoring them.

Bloodstone and Amethyst

We can also enhance bloodstones by combining them with an Amethyst directly correlated with the health of your root chakra the bloodstone when paired with an amethyst which can connect you with your crown chakra we can provide you with an inner balance to help control a wider spectrum of energy flows in your body. Providing you with the strength to handle a variety of distinct problems.


Bloodstone and Turquoise

Of all the crystal combinations you could make with bloodstones, one of the most effective is to combine it with a turquoise. Both turquoise and bloodstone are famous for being protective crystals. This combination can provide you with a highly effective barrier to a variety of different threatening situations. What are you dealing with negative energies in your workplace are at home threats of physical violence bullying are blackmail combining these two quickly form a powerful barrier between you and the source of your threat.


They also know both these crystals for their healing energies. By enhancing your body’s ability to absorb much needed nutrients, turquoise and bloodstone can help ease stomach aches, cramps and headaches, they’re also thought to purify the lungs, improve eye problems, soothe a sore throat and even heal cataracts. If you suffer from acid reflux in the combination of these two crystals will provide you with an energy flow to tackle a wide variety of stomach problems, viral infections, gout and even rheumatoid arthritis.

How to use Bloodstone?

Now that you see the clear connection between bloodstones and a positive, long and healthy life, it’s time to work out the best way to use one. It’s most common to either place where or carry one of these stones, keeping it close to your body temperature to embrace some of your struggles and find comfort during intense pressure. They keep stone all of absorbing vast quantities of pain, although most people unaware of them.

Place, carry or wear your bloodstone

Using a bloodstone is a simple a keeping a cleansed piece of the stone close to you when you need it. The most convenient way to have access to a bloodstone is to wear it as jewellery. You could also just put a piece in your handbag or pocket. A larger piece of bloodstone can be placed in an area where you will spend a lot of time.

bloodstone protection

How to Cleanse and Charge Bloodstone?

Because of its ability to absorb negative energy, to maintain your bloodstone, it’s important that you cleanse it every a few days to maintain its healing properties.

Running water

Running water is by far the most effective way to neutralize any negative energies that are stored in your bloodstone and return them directly to the earth. Although you may struggle to find access to natural running water such as a river or stream, which is by far the most effective, you could simply rinse your bloodstone using a faucet. Make sure it’s fully submerged and always dry it when you finish.

Natural light

Depending on the lunar and solar cycle, you can ritually cleanse your crystal in natural light. Light will recharge and cleanse your stone at any point however it’s best to use moonlight. full moons will provide a greater cleansing quality than any other part of the lunar cycle. You can also expose the direct sunlight by placing it directly on the earth and allowing it to cleanse for a few hours.

Salt water

After freshwater, saltwater has long been known as a very effective way to banish negativity and absorb add energies. If you live near the ocean, simply immerse your stone in a bowl of salt water or quickly cleans it. Otherwise take a tablespoon of sea salt, put in a bowl of water, and completely submerge your bloodstone. You can soak it from a few hours to even a few days and once again always dry it when finished.

Brown rice

This may seem like a strange one, but this method is very effective to safely and contain remove negative energy. Highly effective at cleansing blood, all you have to do is bury your stone in brown rice. Remember not to eat the rice after the cleansing.

Using a larger stone

As with most protective stones surrounding it with larger stones is one of the most effective ways to cleanse and recharge it. Large pieces of quartz are excellent tools for cleaning smaller blood stones. you can either surround your bloodstone with as many of these as possible or simply place it on top.

Final Thoughts

The potential of the bloodstone is the strength to both protect and Inspire. It can act as a remarkable energy source and should be an easy addition to the collection of any crystal lover. It can help enhance the baseline of your life and bring you the focus that you need to change. Bloodstones are one of the most powerful crystals on the market. They can even enhance your life from a very low ebb. While they have many qualities if you’re looking for a fast and effective way to relieve danger from a serious and immediate problem, using powers of bloodstone can help.

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