The 10 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Fertility

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Crystals have been used for over centuries in order to clear energetic blocks that might have been interfering with fertility. By clearing out these blockages, you will feel more relaxed and even emotionally ready for the wonders of creating life. If you are planning a pregnancy but is quite taking longer than you’d expect or feeling nervous at taking such a huge step, then these crystals for fertility can help.

Although these crystals won’t be the cure to any medical issues, they can prepare you mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The 10 Crystals For Fertility

1. Moonstone

The Stone of New Beginnings, Moonstone is a wonderful crystal when you wish to get pregnant. Harnessing the powerful feminine energy of the moon, this stone reflects emotional stability and gentleness.

The moonstone is also considered as the Healing Stone for Women and is believed to balance the female, hormones, metabolism and menstrual cycles, helping you to be fertile and conceive.

Other than regulating your cycle, the moonstone is also said to open your heart to more nurturing qualities in order to reduce stress and become more fertile. When making love, the stone also helps you in focusing on love rather than the mission of getting pregnant. It also stimulates dream work, psychic perception, and vision.

2. Carnelian


One of the most popular stones for fertility, the orange-red colors of carnelian boost fertility energy and promoting sexuality. Deeply connected to the Sacral Chakra, this crystal stimulates the female and male reproductive organs— testicles, prostrate, fallopian tubes, vagina, uterus, cervix, and ovaries— and removing energetic blockages.

Furthermore, this stone powers the kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine that assist the reproductive systems while stimulating hormonal balance as well as reducing cramps.

Also called the Stone of Creativity, this crystal is the perfect stone when you want to conceive, raising your confidence while boosting sexual drive for spontaneous lovemaking. The stone also guards you against negative emotions such as fear and sadness as well as miscarriage.

3. Rose Quartz

Being the stone of unconditional love, the rose quartz makes a great crystal for fertility. This powerful stone helps open up your heart chakra, filling you with the qualities of self-love and self-worth, which are essential when you want to conceive.

It even removes the feelings of stress and guilt that may come to you if you do not conceive as quickly as you wanted to, It boosts your self-confidence as well as promoting peace and serenity.

Not only that, this beautiful crystal helps stimulate sexual potency and sensuality. It even surrounds you with self-mothering qualities, allowing you to be compassionate and forgiving as well as removing deep emotional pain associated with a mother’s love.

4. Chrysoprase

A powerful stone for balancing the yin-yang energy, chrysoprase makes a great crystal when you wish to conceive. This yellow-green to deep green crystal helps increase sexual power as well as stimulating fertility.

The stone also makes a great calming tool if you are suffering from depression or suddenly become too self-absorbed. The stone activates the sacral chakra which helps in stimulating the male and female reproductive organs and encourages fertility.

In addition, it even open ups the heart chakra, making you feel optimistic or calming you down when you are tormenting yourself with self-blame if you can’t conceive more quickly than you wanted, bringing emotional calmness and health.

5. Green Jade

Things can become too stressful or little intense when you are trying to conceive, When it happens to use the nurturing vibrational energies of green jade to help restore love and balance, by removing pent up negative emotions which causes an energy block.

Jade also helps you in feeling less sensitive, calmer and more relaxed, allowing you to enjoy the process a lot better. Also, the jade crystal is believed to help regenerate the pelvis area allowing more blood flow and oxygen into your reproductive organs.

Jade is also a friendly stone for kids and teenagers who are dealing with changing hormones or just shy. Furthermore, the crystal helps in regulating high blood pressure as well as menstrual cramps.

6. Lepidolite

A special crystal that can help in enhancing your mental wellbeing, lepidolite features nurturing vibrational energy that calms chaotic minds and negative emotions. Combined that with its sufficient lithium content, this crystal proves useful in easing anxiety and depression which can happen when trying to conceive.

As the Stone of Peace, it has the ability to help you achieve your goals while making you feel more emotionally and mentally balanced. It improves the mood and providing you with a peaceful sense of happiness.

Also, the crystal helps soon-to-be-moms welcome the changes and new challenges into their lives without fear. It helps remove self-doubt, allowing them to confidently step into their new role.

7. Green Aventurine

With its bright green color, the green aventurine, dubbed as the stone of opportunity that brings the chance of being fertile and conceiving. It is a lovely stone that helps fertility and pregnancy with its energetic properties that helps promote harmony and confidence.

If you are working through an unresolved emotional issue which can cause an energy block. It is also a great productive stone during pregnancy that helps in strengthening the connection to Gaia stabilizing emotions and boosting happiness. Plus, it helps in preventing a miscarriage.

8. Rhodonite


Trying to conceive can be a stressful time. When feeling distressed, you can use the powerful energies of rhodonite that help in restoring emotional balance as well as keeping you centered.

This stone with its pink or red color opens up the heart chakra, filling you with healing energy as well as harmony and compassion. It is said to help boost fertility and even prepare the uterus for conception.

Now, if you are looking for a powerful chi replenisher, then rhodonite is the stone to use. It is also believed to boost your confidence self-esteem, reconnect with self-love and self-worth which often gets ignored when trying to conceive.

9. Ruby Zoisite

The ruby zoisite can combine green zoisite, black tschermakite, and ruby in one, giving it unique vibrational energy and is one of the best crystals for fertility that supports the reproductive process.

Being an all-powerful energy amplifier, this crystal boosts your energy field as well as increasing vitality. It helps release suppressed or trapped energy, bringing hidden feelings to the surface and help during the grieving process.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and wish to enhance positive mood and energy, stimulating fertility and easing problems with the testes or ovaries.

10. Unakite

With its pink and green color, Unakite stimulates, strengthens and cleanses the root, sacral and heart chakra. This crystal ground negative energy and promoting a positive mindset— both of which are needed to boost fertility.

In addition, the crystal helps understand and remember how past experience can cause blockages in your energy field. Such blockages need to be clear out in order to boost spiritual energies and does not affect fertility.

In addition, this crystal is also great at maintaining a healthy connection between mother and child throughout the pregnancy.

How to Use Crystals for Fertility

There are various ways to use crystals for fertility. These include:

1. Bathing

Bathing in fertility crystals is a great way to connect with their powerful feminine and loving energy. You only need to add some crystals in your bath with your favorite essential oils, bath salts, and herbs.

You can do this every full moon or new moon for greater efficiency. Take note, however, that some crystals can be submerged into the water since it will destroy the crystal. If so, then you can just place the crystal near to benefit from its vibrational energies.

2. Set Intention

Living in sync with the feminine energy of the moon has a powerful effect on the mind and body, especially when you are trying to get pregnant. Set your intention with the crystals and with the moon, dedicating the cycle to make time and space to invite a baby into your life.

3. Wear Fertility Crystal Jewelry

Connecting the energies of the crystal with yours is crucial. Thus, you can wear pieces of crystals for fertility as jewelry to enhance fertility and love. You can wear fertility bracelets or necklaces and pendants which are closer to the heart chakra.

4. Do A Body Layout

You can also place crystals for fertility on your body to benefit from its healing energies. Allow your instinct to guide you and show you which area of your body requires healing in order to boost fertility.

5. Create an Elixir

You can also create an elixir made of water and crystal for fertility. You can submerge the crystal for fertility on drinking water for a day and under the moon. If the crystal should not be wet, then you can just place it above or around the bottle, and allow the energy of the crystal to submerge into the water. After that, you and your partner need to drink it on a daily basis to benefits from its vibrational energies.

6. Carry Fertility Crystals

crystals for fertility

Probably the easiest way to benefit from the energies of crystal for fertility at any time of the day is to carry it with you in your pocket, purse or wallet.

In addition, when going to sleep, you can place the crystal under your bedside or put it under your pillow.

In addition, make sure to rest the crystals on your heart or sacral chakras for at least 15 – 20 minutes every day. Before meditating, hold the crystals in your hands and place them around you when you start meditating.

7. Set Up a Fertility Grid

Another way to use crystals for fertility is to set up a fertility grid in your home under your bed or on a special table.

Choose the crystals you resonate with the most and place them in a circle. In the middle, you can place a picture of you and your partner as well as baby objects such as stuffed toys, rattles and feeding bottles.

Every now and then, express your intentions and combine different crystals to amplify the energies of the fertility grid.


So there you have it.

These are only some of the best crystals for fertility and there are others you can use out there. When choosing the best crystal for fertility, make sure that they are affiliated with the heart and sacral chakras, making them great for sexuality, fertility and the reproductive organs.

Take note, however, that there are several factors that affect fertility. And while crystals can help in resolving energy blockages and enhancing your spiritual wellbeing, you should always consult a medical professional if you wish to conceive.

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