Purple Sapphire: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Purple sapphire –also known as the stone of awakening. This stone awakens and improves the spirituality by way of pulling higher vibrations through the third eye and crown chakras. By way of stimulating the pineal gland, the purple sapphire may deepen the intuition and may calm the emotional instability. You can also use this stone in opening and energizing the crown chakra, increasing the visualization when meditating. Generally, sapphire is a stone of tranquility, peace, spiritual truth, and spiritual healing. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about purple sapphire including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

The purple sapphire is actually from the Corundum variety of crystal, which is actually an aluminum oxide type of mineral. The existence of vanadium in it is what provides the purple color of the gem. This color may range from light amethyst color to lavender color, up to deep purple color, just like the purple jade.

Moreover, the purple sapphire may undergo two different forms of treatment that are commonly the case in terms of the fancy sapphires. The lattice diffusion may subject the sapphire to much higher temperatures, having an addition of some kind of coloring agent, assisting in the creation of various other purple hues or shades.

The standard heat treatment may even out this stone’s color, making it deeper where it is faint or light. The heat treatments may also enhance the clarity of the sapphire. The most beautiful kinds of purple sapphire may be found in the localities of Thailand, Brazil, Madagascar, and Myanmar.

We will discuss some of the most interesting and surprising purple sapphire benefits later in this article so keep on reading, pal!

Reasons to Use It

The purple sapphire may bring you the wisdom of spiritual awakening. The splendid energies that it has may help you in reducing the unnecessary worries, as well as open up the crown chakras that is actually the source of the spirituality. The crystal may allow you in recognizing the bonds, which you share with your own self. This may also promote a sense of peace and oneness.

Additionally, the purple sapphire is also a great tool when meditating. It may enhance the visionary or psychic growth, and it’ll clear the path so the chakras you have may awaken, as well as for the Kundalini energies to arise.

This may help you in getting rid of your undue worries and fears, as well as bring back the equilibrium in life. This may also guide you in relating to some other people, as well as in finding your own place in this world we’re living.

The purple sapphire may stimulate the crown chakra that is actually the gateway through the universe, which is beyond the body. This may control the way you think and the way you respond to the world that surrounds you. The stone may also symbolize the major source of the beliefs and of spirituality. The stone may connect you through your higher realms of existence.

With this crystal’s guidance, you’ll know your place in the universe, as well as accept different things as they are. You’ll also be unfazed by the challenges as you’ll know that they’re all part of our life. The crystal possesses purple rays and this may infuse you with the energies of magic, dreams, inspiration, and destiny.

Let us now learn more about the purple sapphire benefits!

Purple Sapphire Essential Benefits

Here are some of the best purple sapphire benefits that you need to know:

For Health and Healing

In terms of physical healing, the purple sapphire may help the body in the cellular level of healing. It may also be essential in treating blood conditions, as well as various eye conditions. This may also help you in getting rid of stress, depression, and anxiety. This may also ease insomnia and some other sleep-related issues. The stone may help you as well in understanding the way how the healthy mind may lead to a much healthier body, as well as how good physical health is very energizing that it cannot help but improve the emotional outlook.

For Wealth

The purple sapphire is a gemstone of awakening. This may increase the spiritual power, as well as your astuteness. This may bring in more prosperity and assist you in maintaining the blessings in life. The crystal may help you in absorbing, radiating, and focusing its supportive and loving energies and assisting you to attain your desires and manifesting your dreams. This may also boost the creativity and support you in any artistic endeavors.

For Love and Relationship

The purple sapphire may provide a window and insight to the soul, which is beyond the ordinary level of understanding. This may also focus on your emotions, yourself, as well as your own understanding of the hidden desires. This stone may free your mind and heart. This may encourage you in embracing a silent calm and open mind in terms of loving, as well as in being loved.

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