Facts About Crown Chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara): Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

As the seventh chakra sitting at the top of the body, the crown chakra allows you to be connected to the divine and universal realm. It allows you to experience unity and the unselfish realization that everything in this world, is linked and connected at a fundamental level.

Crown Chakra Meaning

The energy of the crown chakra allows you to practice and experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything. It gives you a sense of knowing that there’s something deeper and bigger in this life as well as an order governing all existence.

It goes beyond the limits of your ego or pride. The crown chakra also helps your receive and give consciousness and energy as well as gain knowledge on the importance of having gratitude towards life.

It liberates the spirit, opening you to the divine while staying firmly rooted to the ground. With the crown chakra activated, you will be guided by a higher power and you get to experience the power of divinity from inside and out.

Crown Chakra Color

crown chakra

The crown chakra resonates deeply with violet since it is a color of connection with the heavenly energies.

The violet color itself is a highly spiritual hue with the shortest wavelength but having the strongest vibration in the spectrum of light.

It provides an inner sense of wholeness and oneness, signifying illumination and rebirth. The color violet connects the sadness of letting go and happiness of transformation.

It is the color that represents peace and tranquility and the color of magic, mystery, purification, connection, ritual, and cleansing. Violet is also the color that provides you a glimpse of realities that are beyond the material and physical realm.

Additional Information

On a physical level, the color violet is associated with the brain, cerebral cortex and the skull, which is where the crown chakra sits. It radiates health, peace and effortless energy while allowing you to enjoy a sharp mind and a healthy nervous system.

In terms of mentality, the violet color signifies open-mindedness, curiosity, and deep thinking. You will love reading, studying and learning since you’re imaginative and a deep thinker.

However, the biggest challenge of this color is that you become too attached to the materialistic aspects of life. You tend to become dominant and greedy, overindulging in earthly goals and become stuck.

Emotionally speaking, the color violet is the color that allows you to let go, release or make room for something new. The color violet also denotes that you are sensitive, perceptive and intuitive, possessing mastery of being aware of whatever’s going around you.

You are emotionally balanced and spiritually connected, so you have an overall peaceful, joyful and calm demeanor.

On the spiritual level, the violet color indicates that you’re someone who can give without recognition, praise or any acknowledgment. You can give for your own inner completeness, allowing you to see the bigger picture.

Crown Chakra Symbol

The symbol for Muladhara, or the crown chakra, is a violet lotus flower with thousands of petals. This lotus symbol signifies renewal, beauty, and purity. Considering that the crown chakra is the energy of transcendence and renewal, this lotus flower symbol is indeed appropriate.

Meanwhile, there are some illustrations of the 7th chakra with a symbol including the “Om’ sitting at the center of the lotus. In Hinduism, this Om refers to the Absolute, all that was, is and will be.

Crown Chakra Location

crown chakra location

The crown chakra is found at the top of the head.

Standing straight, just imagine that there’s a hole at the top of your head, this is where the crown chakra is located.

The 7th chakra is mainly associated with the pituitary gland and to the pineal and hypothalamus gland, working as a team to regular the endocrine system.

Due to its location, the crown chakra is deeply connected with the entire nervous system.

Crown Chakra Traits and Characteristics

The 7th chakra is deeply associated with intuitive knowledge and consciousness. It relates to your awareness of the higher realm of consciousness and wisdom as well as spirituality.

It also represents your independence and realization from mortal things, speaking about our communion with the divine and your oneness with the universal realm.

It is responsible for your happiness, spiritual nature, the capability to sense divine plans and psychic gifts. When opened, the crown chakra will end your perceived limitations and your sense of awareness will be unlocked to transcend the universe.

Crown chakra is traditionally regarded as the chakra of self-knowledge, wisdom, and illumination. It also brings receptiveness to higher understanding as well as the realization of the ultimate wisdom that nothing can separate you from the Creator and all life is one.

Crown Chakra Imbalances

The crown chakra can become blocked due to emotional upsets such as losses, accidents, and conflicts. Stress, fear, and anxiety also cause your crown chakra to malfunction. And when these blockages accumulate in your energy center, there will be a disruption in the flow of energy.

Such blockages can also disrupt the harmony and balance, causing diseases— both emotional and mental disorders of the physical body.

Overactive Crown Chakra

Meanwhile, an overactive crown chakra makes you pompous and lofty. You will have a very strict belief, causing others to think of you as dogmatic.

People with an overactive crown chakra are disconnected from reality and mostly exhibit grandiosity. They are also obsessive, secretive, wasteful, critical, uncaring, greedy, hypocritical, and selfish.

An overactive crown chakra corrupts people and even cause criminal tendencies. Since they have overworking crown chakra, they tend to get confused easily and may suffer from dizziness, headaches, migraines, spiritual depression, and anxiety.

They tend to feel lost and disoriented as well as destructive. An overactive crown chakra also makes people have manic depression and highly materialistic. They love dominating others and have constant frustration for unrealized power.

Also, it makes them feel vulnerable to both physical and non-physical aspects such as mental fogginess, light sensitivity, lack of inspiration and dissociation. They can become too judgmental and critical as well as being over distrustful of others.

Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Crown Chakra

When there is an imbalance of the crown chakra, your response or how your function with regards to several factors is greatly affected.

The most common symptoms of a blocked crown chakra are a sense of not belonging, indecisiveness, fatigue, meaninglessness, and loneliness.

With the crown chakra blocked, you feel like you are cut out from life and other people, causing you to live in great fear, rejecting spirituality and do not have the understanding of your purpose in life.

There will also be psychological imbalances, memory disorders, split personalities, nightmares, and excessive gullibility. Also, you will experience physical disorders such as epilepsy, headaches, baldness, depression, migraine, cancer, brain tumors, pituitary problems, amnesia, delusions, coma, and hysteria, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Healing The Crown Chakra

A crown chakra that’s unbalanced or overactive will make your feel detached from the world or cause destructive behaviors. So, you will need to familiarize yourself with how to balance, cleanse and heal your chakra.


The crown chakra can be deeply influenced by meditation since it is a process that allows you to connect with the higher power and higher self.

Visualize a gold light illuminating at the crown of your head and feel this glow recharge, illuminating both your spirit and the body.

Allow this powerful and soft light to reconnect you with the world, the Divine and your own true light. Also, try to imagine a violet lotus flower on top of your head for a quick crown chakra meditation.


This is the process of helping others without expecting anything in return. Reaching out and helping other people will help strengthen your connection to the world, which is one of the main purposes of the 7th chakra.


For most people, prayer is the simplest thing you can do to heal your crown chakra. It can be formal or foreign and as simple as setting your intentions during yoga practice.

Close your eyes and allow the deeper voices inside you to be your guide.

Yoga Asanas

Numerous yoga asanas are highly beneficial to your crown chakra due to their meditative aspects. Slowly practice to allow lots of focus and make sure to do proper breathing.


This is a loving and beautiful process of bringing balance to your 7th chakra. Using specific points around and on your body, the energy centers are re-structured and cleared, allowing a new level of awareness to be achieved.


Crown chakra aromatherapy includes several scents. You can use the flowery essential oils such as rose, lavender, and jasmine to help balance and soothe overactive crown chakras. Meanwhile, the more pungent frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood can help stimulate an underactive or blocked chakra.

Crown Chakra Emotional Healing

The 7th chakra has so much to do with your personal power, knowledge, and consciousness. Thus, it can be used to develop inner wisdom as well as a higher spiritual connection to give you a higher sense of purpose.

This chakra strengthens your bond with the divine and universal realm. When fully activated, the 7th chakra offers several blessings and gifts, to improve your personality and life through emotional healing.

These gifts can be in the form of experiences to better understand yourself and the world, teaching you how to improve. Also, it brings unity and generosity to help you lead a fulfilling life.

This chakra also guides you towards your path. It ensures that your bond with the divine is strong so you can always receive guidance and advice from your guardian angels.

When your crown chakra is liberated, you will become more courageous in taking risks and never fear failure. It keeps your values intact, helping you stay well-grounded while boosting your spirit.

The crown chakra also allows you to take into consideration the emotions, thoughts, and situations of others, encouraging you to share your blessings. By offering good service to others, you get to improve their lives and thus, the world in general.


The crown chakra, as the topmost chakra, integrates all 7 chakras and their individual qualities.

Being the source of spiritual enlightenment and connection, this chakra allows you to have a never-before connection to your higher self and with the divine energy that created the universe.

Through this, the universal life force will penetrate your energy system, allowing you to move within and experience the mystical things of the universe.

You will become more intuitive, enjoy a sense of peace, joy, and serenity and have a better understanding of your psychic abilities. Also, you will become wiser, have a feeling that you belong, better connection to others and have a deeper sense of divine connection.

You will be more aware and free!

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