A Complete Guide to Cancer Birthstone

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In the European horoscope, Cancer is considered the fourth zodiac sign and water is its natural element. Cancer people, those who are born between June 21st and July 22nd are the most sensitive and emotional of all. What’s more, they prefer hiding their experiences and share rarely.  But they are very emphatic and loyal people who treat everybody just like their own families. Similar to other zodiac signs, connecting with a Cancer birthstone will improve one’s strengths and support weaknesses.

Are you born under the Cancer zodiac sign and wondering what are the birthstones that you can use? If that is the case then read on.

Below we will show you everything that you need to know about cancer birthstones.

What is Cancer Birthstone?

Here are the different birthstones for Cancer.


Cancer birthstone

Ruby is the main Cancer birthstone, however, it will also resonate with other stones which will tackle later on.

Cancer is considered the doorway to life in which the seeds of life are born in the spiritual waters. In terms of spiritual worlds, this sign is synonymous with passion, romance, love, and life.

Ruby, on the other hand, is a great birthstone that has an alluring color in different hues. In fact, its color powerfully gives off the same manner that’s energy does, stimulating both vitality and passion for life.

This stone’s energy will support Cancer individuals when protection that makes armors against spiritual attacks.

When it comes to spiritual stone, Ruby can help in achieving strength as well as the vitality of character.

Since people under the Cancer sign are susceptible to becoming suspicious, Ruby can help through influencing their lives positively so that they’ll become more secure and stable.

This birthstone will also help in improving personal, academic, and professional aspects and infuses courage in the viewpoint of Cancer people.

Moreover, ruby will help in building devotion and integrity, thereby improving their spiritual and mental satisfaction, resulting in a much happier condition.

Ruby will support Cancer people in becoming successful in their undertakings and inspire with generosity.


Another birthstone of Cancer is Emerald. The green color of this stone will symbolize the balance in nature. Not only that, it is the color of the vast majority of living things.

Green symbolizes while the zodiac sign is the epitome of emotional strength. Emerald, on the other hand, is said to have a power that is beneficial for emotional well-being. It will also bring clairvoyance – a skill that isn’t absurd when it comes to Cancers due to their suspiciousness and at the same time receptiveness.


Sapphire is another Cancer birthstone that brings spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. As a matter of fact, if you’re battling with depression, this stone can be a great help, but make sure you are born under the Cancer sign.


One of the best things about this Cancer birthstone is that it will only absorb positive energies. Actually, this is quite similar to Virgo birthstones.

Moreover, chalcedony is responsible for repelling negative energies. It also dispels nightmares. The birthstone is beneficial in making Cancer people feel more optimistic and secure.


This Cancer birthstone has a great effect on the lower chakra and is known to treat lower body organs like the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas.

If a Cancer person needs help, keeping a piece of Carnelian can be a great help. This orange stone has also lovely energies that can improve your creativity, inspire confidence and courage, and bring inner peace. The birthstone can also help in letting go of envy and fear.

Rainbow Moonstone

This beautiful Cancer birthstone embodies womanlike ambiances. With this in mind, during a full moon, rainbow moonstone can help girls who are feeling out of balance.

This birthstone will also help you to improve the spiritual facets of the vibrations of the known. Aside from that, it’s known to improve psychic capabilities.


It is a small yet powerful Cancer birthstone that will increase the energies of other gemstones that you want to combine with it.

Rhodizite will always keep your views positive since it will magnify the thoughts of the people that surround you and vibrations of other stones.


It is a variety of zeolite that has powerful high energies that will help the nervous system when it comes to dealing with a high vibration. Natrolite also aids in neutralizing the nervous system through the light body.

This birthstone for cancer will stimulate synchronicity and coincidence that is happening in your life. A lot of individuals sense intense pulsing energies as stimulate in the higher chakra as well as in the crown and third eye chakra.

Natrolite will also help in developing a variety of gifts such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. It can be utilized to help spiritual and personal development as well.

If you are scared of water, you will also find this stone helpful.


It is an unusual Cancer birthstone that can aid you in releasing the things that you are holding back. Tinaksite also has fascinating effects that will make you less visible, leading to improved privacy. In fact, you can benefit from this birthstone if you’ve been a victim of harassment or stalker.

This birthstone for cancer will also help in making positive thinking. It will even inspire attitudes in everyday life.

Rose Quartz

This Cancer birthstone is known to emit strong vibrations of unconditional healing, love, joy, and warmth. Rose quartz, on the other hand, has attractive energies that will fill Cancer people with feelings of sensuality, happiness, and love.

In addition to that, rose quartz is popularly known for its strong love vibrations. The strong energies it possesses will resonate with the higher heart chakra as well as the thymus chakra.

Scorpio Birthstone Key Traits

Every zodiac sign has a number of key traits that will define it. For Cancer birthstones, they’re known for their moodiness because of the ruler of Cancer, moon, wanes, and waxes with the varying of the tides.

Similar to the moon that will go over its phases, so do Cancer people. Keep in mind that it can be either bad or good since for better or worse, those who are born under this sign feel things deeply.

Another personality of cancer birthstones is that they’re compassionate. In fact, they are having a hard time expressing what they feel since they tend to shut down all emotional responses most especially when they get offended. Compared to others, Cancer stones are emotionally immature. In some instances, it is true, but most of the time it is because they possess a friendly character.

Further, they’re highly developed persons who aren’t just sensitive to their personal emotions but to others’ emotions as well. However, this insistent capability can make their emotional condition more complicated. It is because a lot of people born under this zodiac sign can’t identify the difference between what they feel from other people and their own emotions.

When it comes to the family that Cancer individuals build with their significant other obtain undying commitment and love. What’s more, they are willing to do anything just to offer all the needs of their children.

Cancer people are also capable of farfetched love. However, they should learn how to offer it first. Once they do, rest assured that their families will blossom and grow under their care and love.

Additionally, the personalities of cancer birthstones are proud of their kids. They even look at them as well as see extensions of themselves.

Additional Key Traits of Cancer Birthstone

When they share their passions with other people, the personality of the Cancer birthstone is the happiest.

These birthstones have strong creative forces. What’s more, they take amazing pleasure when it comes to expressing themselves creatively and artistically.

Cancer birthstones are also excellent providers and hardworking laborers. But they do not like the idea of being micromanaged. Meaning, they prefer working alone.

However, Cancer people can be angry and grumpy very fast. Actually, if these people sense that they’ve been insulted in some way, they’ll likely allow the anger to build up within them ‘til they burst out.

Another personality that you need to know is that Cancer people don’t like confrontations. What they usually do is they’ll go out to avoid any conflict and argument.

Cancer Birthstone Color and Its Meanings

Silver and bright white colors will offer Cancer clear and clean slate while connecting with its instinct. Also, it represents purity, wholeness, and innocence.

Similar to the moon’s shining face and water’s glistening surface, white and silver are considered the colors of purity and intuition. What’s more, they will boost the understanding and sensitivity of Cancer people, letting love flow at its maximum level.

Other colors that work with Cancer is sea green, blue, and white. Yellow, on the other hand, is favorable for success while red may cheer up you when you are feeling down.

Cancer, as well as the white color, along with its kind character, will soothe emotional distresses and disperses stress.

Doctors wear white and it will infer an unbiased stance and provides comfort, calmness, and peace to a surrounding.

Keep in mind that cancer is a zodiac sign that needs to be mindful that they absorb the emotions and energies of other people readily.

As mentioned earlier, Cancer is the most sensitive sign. Meaning to say, they have a predisposition to pick up atmospheres, feelings, and moods that can be positive but too adverse.

Cancer Birthstone in Rings, Necklaces, and Jewelry

When worn as bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, Cancer birthstones may act as an amulet for Cancer people. What’s more, when worn on a regular basis, it will sustain emotional calmness.

Wearing this stone in rings, necklaces, and bracelets is also believed to offer firmness that will rage strong emotions.

People born under this zodiac sign are susceptible to health diseases that can be cured by wearing a Ruby stone. It even helps with problems related to blood as well as its components. Further, they help in the treatment of infections of any kind and offer mental strengths that will help in fighting certain illnesses by the strength of mind.

Ruby’s positive life force personalities will revitalize the whole body through blood circulation.


Most of the time, people born under the Cancer zodiac sign can be labeled as nothing more than sentimental and grumpy beings. But in the actual fact, Cancer persons are more difficult than that. Such people have a lot of distinct traits and characteristics that are not visible at all times especially once you meet them.

However, with the help of a Cancer birthstone, you will be able to cheer them to open up and most importantly, reveal their best versions.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this guide. If you want to share additional information about Cancer birthstones, comment down below.

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