Facts About Purple Jade: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Purple Jade is considered the stone of happiness and merriment. By simply dispersing negative attitudes and feelings and cleansing the aura, the stone allows natural joy to fill in your soul. But apart from those, there are still many important facts that you need to know about this stone. Keep on scrolling and learn more about the purple jade benefits, meanings, and properties below.

The Meanings and Properties of Purple Jade

This gemstone consists of either Jadeite or Nephrite minerals. But usually, Purple Jade is an assortment of Jadeite minerals.

Despite the fact that the majority of Jade gemstones consist of silica, Nephrite contains magnesium, whereas Jadeite consists of aluminum.

Jadeite, on the other hand, is considered the most precious kind of jade.

Nevertheless, Purple Jade comes in a wide variety of colors which differ from dark purple to light purple. Even though it isn’t a clear stone, the clearer stones have a bigger value.

The majority of Jade stones sport a glossy shine as well as a smooth surface. In terms of hardness, this type of Jade stone has a rating of 6.5-7. With that said, you’re certain the Purple Jades are extremely hard and durable.

But keep in mind that this stone may get spoilt by abrasive and sharp surfaces. Thus, make sure to clean it with mild soap and water only. And when drying, use a cloth with a soft feel.

Reasons Why You Should Use Purple Jade

Due to its special powers, strength, and beauty, Purple Jade has been utilized by many different cultures.

However, if you want to improve your extrasensory perception, dreams, and visions, then you should give Purple Jade a try. This stone will also unlock your third eye and clear and open your chakras particularly your earth star and crown chakras.

On the other hand, Purple Jade may regulate the energies that are flowing in your body and even your aura. Moreover, it is known as the discernment stone will open up your mind into reality.

Another reason why you should use this great Jade stone is that it has the capability to stimulate practicality, creativity, and resourcefulness. This will inspire a sense of love as well as increase physical strength.

When it comes to rejuvenating in times of stress and dispelling negative thoughts, a Purple Jade can offer you both balancing and harmonizing effects.  

One good thing about the Purple Jade is that it signifies the combination of the blue jade’s dignity and red jade’s strength.

As a matter of fact, this powerful combination will have a great influence on your spiritual development and physical health. Nevertheless, this stone will aid you to focus and control your attention by clearing your mind.

Purple Jade Benefits

Below are the various purple jade benefits for health, healing, wealth, and relationship that you need to know.

purple jade benefits

For Health and Healing

When it comes to removing toxins from your body, a purple jade may offer you effective outcomes.

Purple Jade has been known for calming the cardiac systems and soothing the nerves.

The stone is also beneficial in boosting a person’s immune system as well as recharging energies. As a result, you’ll be safe from any diseases. Other than that, Purple Jade can support childbirth and increase fertility.

Nevertheless, this stone may alleviate hives and rashes or other skin outbreaks initiated by constant worry or stress.

For Wealth

Purple jade may fill with a quiet yet strong energy. This stone, on the other hand, may aid you, concentrate on your tasks while removing stubborn ideas and thoughts.

The stone’s energies may motivate you to stay strong no matter how difficult the challenges you are facing. What’s more, purple jade may encourage you to become more resourceful and improve your artistic and creative mind.

Nevertheless, this stone will transform you to a more observant and understanding individual so that you’ll be able to relate well to other people.

Furthermore, purple jade can help you a lot in terms of valuing your desires and ideas and more importantly, aid you turn your desires and goals to reality.

For Relationship and Love

This amazing stone may aid you to distinguish other persons as they truthfully are from their heart center. Purple Jade can help you in recognizing who has a wholesome intention as well as those who don’t.

The stone can also defend you from unnecessary and external energies most especially if you are emphatic and very sensitive. This Jade stone will also ward off the energies which threaten to harm and hurt your relationship with your partner.

Nevertheless, this stone can offer you beautiful moments and wonderful surprises so that you’ll be motivated to live every day with perseverance.

Final Thoughts

Purple Jade is only one of the many stones or gemstones that offer happiness and joy to people. But what sets this stone apart from others is that it will motivate you to hold an outlook of serene acceptance.

More importantly, it’ll encourage people to handle emotional situations with bravery, kindness, and strength.

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