The 12 Best and Most Power Crystals for Anxiety

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Have you ever heard about crystals for anxiety? If yes, then that’s good to hear. But if you haven’t then this article is for you.

Anxiety –is a feeling that is usually experienced by many people at one point in their lives. In fact, it is characterized by a state or feeling of panic attacks, too much uneasiness, and disquiet.

One of the most common health problems in the world is anxiety disorders. They affect the vast majority of people. What’s more, such problems may be caused by different social setting stressors and phobias.

Those who are experiencing anxiety tend to use the healing properties of crystals combine with the traditional therapies that help in treating this mental problem.

A lot of people believe that by using crystals for anxiety, their overall well-being and mental health are both improved.

Crystals, on the other hand, function in the area that spiritual, mental, and physical illnesses are the outcomes of negative energies. Fortunately, crystals for anxiety are capable of eliminating such energies from anywhere and anyone.

Moreover, crystals for anxiety may aid in opening the door to inner peace. They will help you in finding the much-needed breaks from your life by taking the time every single day to meditate and runaway from day-to-day stresses.

There are lots of crystals that can help in treating anxiety and here are some of the best and more powerful ones.

The 12 Crystals for Anxiety

1.Blue Lace Agate

If you are or someone you know is suffering from anxiety having a piece of Blue Lace Agate can be a great help. Its color is very relaxing and soothing. It is also a powerful and supportive crystal that has energies that are encouraging and calming.

Blue Lace Agate has a supple and soft energy that will make you more agreed to your angels. Once you summon them, you can let them wrap you inside their restorative and healing wings.

This crystal will also help you in reprogramming your idea process. As a result, you will be able to think calmly and clearly, while taking away your anxiety from your aura.

Blue lace agate believed to calm both anxious and toxic situations. It will help you offset emotions which are suppressed and concealed due to judgments and previous rejections. This crystal is also beneficial for those who don’t have the courage to speak in public and share their thoughts and ideas with strangers.

The beautiful blue color of Blue Lace Agate will radiate calming and soothing vibrations that trigger relaxation and peace of mind.

2. Shungite

Another powerful crystal that can offer you spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental healing to your body is Shungite. It even detoxication and at the same time purification process.

The detoxifying and purifying properties of this crystal will help in clearing your body of dysfunctional patterns. Such patterns will manifest as continuous emotional difficulties and negativity.

By simply keeping your body open and associated with the light, this crystal will help you in dealing with your anxiety. It also helps in dealing with low energy levels, stress, and sleep problems.

Shungite, on the other hand, has one of the most powerful energies that will free your aura, body, and mind of anxiety and even stress.

3. Jed Stone

Jed stones are highly polished, black, and soft crystals that are fossilized and metamorphosed driftwood.

With the naked eye, it is actually hard to utter that a Jet stone was once wood. However, the transformation of this crystal can be noticeable under a high-level of magnification.

A Jed Stone is powerful and actually, it can bring soothing energies to people fighting with anxiety, depression, and grief. It will remove your delusions and calm your fears. Also, it dispels anxious thoughts. But apart from that, it will protect you from the negative energies and purify and cleanse them.

When it comes to healing, protection, and purification, believe it or not, these crystals have been utilized for centuries.

4. Danburite

This crystal can bring comfort in times of stress and anxiety. It will also give you an assurance that everything is taken care of.

Danburite has one of the most powerful energies that eliminate anxiety. The energy of this crystal will surround you with the guidance and support of your guardian angels to help become calmer in your viewpoint and more optimistic.

When you see yourself overwhelmed with worry and fear, grab a piece of this crystal and treat it as a security blanket. Doing so will make your calming visualizations calmer and easier. And even relieve your anxiety more rapidly.

5. Angelite

crystals for anxiety

You can think of this crystal as a pocket-size and personal Guardian Angel. It brings serenity, a sense of calm, and serenity compared to a glass of wine. Angelite, on the other hand, will dispel anger and fear and encourage forgiveness.

6. Black Tourmaline

This one of the best crystals for anxiety acts like an absorbent sponge that soaks up all the negative energies surrounding it. To avoid picking up the toxic energies of other people, consider wearing a piece of black tourmaline as jewelry.

Further, if you found yourself being swept away by fear, the alluring and mysterious energies of this crystal can offer you a great helping hand.

7. Sodalite

Also called the stone of peace, sodalite is believed to help in easing panic attacks and calming the mind. If you have been feeling anxious recently, simply put this crystal in your pocket or purse. In the actual fact, Sodalite has comforting energies that are helpful in inhibiting you from becoming excessively emotional and wound up.

Furthermore, if you are having a hard time expressing yourself, Sodalite is also the best crystal for you. Sodalite is said to help in self-expression and stimulate confidence. So if you’re feeling nervous each time you share ideas and thoughts with others, keep a sodalite next to you.

8. Howlite


One of the things that trigger anxiety and stress is lack of sleep. Thus, if you are having a difficult time sleeping at night, tuck a howlite underneath your pillows.

This crystal has a calming energy that helps in relieving insomnia especially if the main cause is a feverish mind.

Howlite will teach you wisdom, patience, and aid to solve feelings of anger.

9. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is another crystal that can be used for treating anxiety. It will get rid of energy blockages in the body that are the main source of anxiety. Such energy blockages will affect the chakras that prevent the free flow of energy.

Bloodstone will bring awareness to your life without being too abrasive and harsh. It will also promote balanced perspectives and stability of the world and life.

The free-flowing energies of Bloodstone smoothen out rough edges and aid you ground into yourself. Bloodstone is both magical and practical.

Moreover, it is a great anxiety crystal for busy persons since all you need to do is simply place a piece in your pocket. Then your anxiety will be thrown away.

10. Mangano Calcite

This very gentle crystal for anxiety is in contact with the angelic world. What’s more, Mango Calcite is capable of encouraging unconditional love.

Most people dealing with anxieties are being too hard on themselves. They feel guilty because they will not be able to fix the problem and heal themselves. Fortunately, Mangano Calcite will bring you allowance and sate of ease. It will help you learn to appreciate your abilities and yourself. It even promotes self-love.

11. Rose Quartz

crystals for anxiety

This crystal will embody the vibrations and energies of love because it will work on the area the love is the differing of anxiety and fear. Rose quartz is also an ideal crystal for peace, love, calm, and kindness.

If you have anxiety or fear about misunderstandings, fights, confrontations, and emotional dramas, this crystal will help you to comfort the heart chakra.

What’s more, it will make your sense of self-love even stronger. It is also powerful with regards to getting rid of fear.

12. Chrysocolla

This crystal possesses a very soothing and feminine vibration. That said, Chrysocolla will soothe your heart chakra gently when it begins to beat with anxiety and fear.

The energies of Chrysocolla will offer you more confidence when you are feeling scared. However, you will need to communicate with your needs to other people.

This crystal will also give you a sense of stability and security in any type of situation. When you need the courage to speak in the public, Chrysocolla is the best crystal for you.

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety

· Meditation

One way to use crystals for anxiety is to do meditation. All you need to do is place one crystal in every hand while listening to personal invocations and guided meditation tapes.

When using crystal when meditating, imagine yourself in a place of comfort, peace, and quiet. Make sure to let go of your fears and worries. Most importantly, allow joy and happiness to fill your mind, body, and mind.

· Carry

If you want to make the most out of these crystals, consider carrying them by placing it in your pocket or a small pouch. If you choose the second option, you can add some relaxing and soothing scents such as lavender and bergamot. When these scents are combined with crystals for anxieties, they give off vibrational energies.

· Wear on

Another great way to use these crystals is to wear them as jewelry. But if possible, in the form of bracelets.

· Make a love, calm, and trust grid

Make a grid that is specifically created to fight your fears and anxieties. For this method, we highly recommend that you use Rose Quartz and Chrysocolla.

· Make an anti-fear and anxiety elixir

Using Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate you will be able to make a crystal elixir. Combine the elixir with one teaspoon of organic raw honey, organic ground ginger, as well as lemon juice. Make sure to drink the elixir thrice a day.

The beneficial effects of the elixir will do a lot of wonders on the digestive system. And this will calm and relax the energy of your mind.

Honey, on the other hand, will balance unstable levels of blood sugar that come from fear, stress, and anxiety. Further, the ginger will calm your stomach. Whereas the lemon will lower blood pressure.


There are lots of powerful, soothing, and calming crystals for anxiety. Take note, everybody will resonate with various ones.

When you are choosing the best crystal, make sure to trust is what you feel. If you notice that a certain crystal is drawing or attracting you, trust your intuitions and go for it.

On the other hand, if you can, feel, and touch the crystals personally, hold every crystal and assess which one suits your energy.

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