Facts About Sodalite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits


Have you ever heard or seen sodalite before? In the actual fact, sodalite isn’t your typical gemstone. It isn’t even categorized as a rock. It is a beautiful, deep blue kind of mineral, which is carved into obelisks, pyramids, and statues. Although it lacks the hardness of a rock gemstone, it’s also used in making gorgeous jewelry. Not only that, but there are also a lot of sodalite benefits that make this gemstone a famous one. Some of these, we will discuss in this article. Get to learn more about sodalite – read on to this article!

Meanings and Properties of Sodalite

Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite commonly comes in a stunning royal blue color, frequently with some white specks on it.

It is also an opaque stone, which comes in various shades of blue, more frequently blue-grey speckled with white calcite.

It may be polished in order to achieve a very high gloss, as well as make it look much richer and much more elegant.

The term sodalite originally came from sodium.

It also comes from the Latin term sodalitas that means comrade, as people wearing it may feel as if they have a comrade who assists them in feeling peaceful and healing their troubled or aching hearts.

The meaning of sodalite is all about truth, inner peace, and logic. Its properties are deeply linked to the heart that is a big part as well of the meaning of sodalite. This link with the heart conveys a calming effect, which makes it much easier to achieve inner peace.

This stone’s calming effect assists logical thinking that ties into its meaning.

Being a stone of truth, sodalite mineral stone helps improve communications. Arguments and disagreements are much easier to work through with the sodalite use. This is a vital sodalite power, which is at the root of the sodalite meaning.

It also helps in reducing the negativity and enhances the positivity, assisting in functioning through disagreements by way of putting a more optimistic light on a particular issue.

This stone is also known as the poet’s stone. The natural communication-enhancing, negativity-filtering properties of it are so essential to writers. More especially in keeping with the meaning of the stone. The sodalite mineral stones may also encourage an optimistic thought process, improved communication, both are important to writers.

Reasons to Use Sodalite

Sodalite is not just a beautiful stone, it is also a powerful one.

It is also an effective stone that helps in ending disagreements and arguments. Additionally, it is a stone of logic, as well.

When you possess this stone, you may expect that you’ll have increased rationality and intelligence. It’ll stimulate your thoughts, as well as give you mental clarity.

This is also a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious part of what’s making this stone such a popular stone. If you have ever tried wrestling with the classic arguments in between your head and your heart, you’ll know precisely how often it goes. The rational mind wants to do one more thing, and your heart may exclaim for another.

Looking for a balance in between these two conflicting sides of yourself may be hard –and oftentimes, just like finding the right stone may help you in striking that unity.

However, in sodalite, you may well ding that these internal dialogues actually become more cordial and quieter.

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Sodalite Essential Benefits

Here are some of the most surprising sodalite benefits that you should know:

For Health and Healing

The healing prowess of sodalite not just cleanse the aura and get rid of the bad feelings in the heart, it may also help in treating the human body.

It also has the power in purifying the organs, as well as in making them work to their full capacity. It may also boost immunity, as well as protect you from some of the most common conditions.

It is also a good stone to possess when you are undergoing chemotherapy. It’ll assist in stabilizing the energies, as well as in dealing with the treatment’s side effects.

For Wealth and Luck

Wealth and Luck for Sodalite

This stone is a great stone to use for business, as it promotes camaraderie and friendship.

It is also important when you’ll work with those with the same vision, purpose, and goals.

It’s also important that you trust and like one another as this may ensure the smooth workflow, as well as the success of the endeavor.

This stone may also help you in having an impeccable transaction, as well as productive days.

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For Love and Relationship

This stone may help you in getting rid of guilt and irrational fears.

You might feel as if you can’t move on in your love life as you’re being held back by your own regret or by your own remorse for something that you may have done before.

This stone’s healing power may cleanse the aura, together with your mind and heart so you’ll finally let go of the superfluous emotional luggage.


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