Facts About Sodalite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Introduction of Sodalite

Sodalite is a deep blue crystal known for its calming and soothing connection to your third eye and throat chakra. We know this connection to produce a combination of energies that heal both your body and spirit. For anyone who’s interested in being more intuitive, strengthening their self-confidence, working on their spiritual growth and their ability to express themselves, tapping into the energies of sodalite crystals could provide you with the ideal healing tools.

Properties of Sodalite

Experts believe the most effective way to form a connection with your Sodalite crystal and its healing properties is to keep the stone either on your body or close to your body. This will allow it to connect with your throat chakra and third eye chakra to clear any blockages and bring balance to these essential energy centers. Allowing you to access untapped wisdom and give voice to otherwise unused energy.

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What is Sodalite?

The name Sodalite comes from the high sodium content found in these crystals. They were first found in Greenland in 1811 but became popular when they were found on mainland Canada in Ontario in 1891 and people used them as ornamental decorations. Because this discovery coincided with a royal family visit to Canada, it gave birth to one of their first nicknames, the Princess blue.

sodalite mine

Because of its beauty, abundance and ease to work with sodalite quickly became a popular stone used in jewelry. Often confused with lapis lazuli because of its rich blue tone and texture. Researchers became curious about the origins of the stones and now know that the earliest known stories show that it was traded in ancient Bolivia and Peru as early as 2,500 BC.

Understanding the Sodalite Meanings and Uses

Despite its rich history, the intense cosmic value of this crystal remained hidden from our collective consciousness for nearly 2,000 years. Thankfully, in the last 150 years humanity has been once again exposed to the benefits of this wonderful crystal and understands the importance of its qualities more than ever.

sodalite meaning

We know that Sodalite helps bring clarity of thought, wisdom, creativity and inner beauty. Just looking at the core of this wonderful stone will reveal the elegance of its dark blue color, surrounded by an infinity of freckles and light white lines. It can immediately cut through any chaos or confusion in your life, transporting your spirit to a higher plane. By facilitating our return to universal oneness, Sodalite allows us to access our inner energies and break down spiritual barriers. It will banish any distractions and doubts filling us with the stillness to see if everything in the light.

What are the Properties of Sodalite?

Sodalite crystals are an essential aid in the development of intuition and other psychic strengths.

The Healing Properties

Possessing strong healing powers Sodalite can ease panic attacks and bring emotional balance to your life. You can boost your self-trust, self-acceptance, self-esteem. It can even help your immune system by overcome calcium deficiencies and boosting your metabolism.


The Metaphysical Properties

Providing you with the ability to effectively communicate your feelings and encourage intuition, truth, objectivity and rational thoughts. Overcoming the negative energy that produces panic attacks, encouraging rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, along with the verbalisation of feelings.

How Sodalite Benefits You

Not only is this crystal pleasing on the eye, it is extremely powerful. Commonly referred to as the poet’s stone because of its ability to enhance communication skills, thoughts, expressions and feelings in a rational and clear fashion. The stone can prove extremely beneficial when trying to negotiate deals and mediate problems, especially when you want to bring any disagreements or arguments to a swift end.

For Health and Healing Benefits

We know sodalite for producing healthy and healing energies that can quickly remove any negative feelings by cleansing your aura and bringing clarity to your heart and mind and healing your mind. Sodalite is an also powerful purifier which allows organs to keep their strength and operate at their full capacity. Boosting your immune system will help create a barrier to the most common illnesses. With this new health buff, your body will continue to heal at a sped up rate. Sodalite can reduce any high blood pressure and immediately improve your digestive system.

for health

For Wealth Benefits

Socialize is commonly used by people trying to promote strength, unity, camaraderie and friendship and as a result could be very beneficial to business circles. Most agreements in business will involve working with people with whom you may not share the same thoughts and vision. But when you need to come together to accomplish a similar goal. To do this, you need to learn to trust one another if not like each other because this will ensure the success of a smooth workflow, longer and more productive work days and flow free transactions.

For Love and Relationship

By helping clear your thoughts of irrational fears and guilt so it can help you get your feet on the right path and move forward in relationships many people suffer from remorse or regret for past actions and as a result and reluctant to decide about their future. By harnessing the healing energies of Sodalite, this will cleanse your mind, body and aura, freeing it from any emotional baggage that prevents you from a deeper understanding of a person you love.

for relationship

For Protection

Sodalite can also produce a powerful protective barrier helping reduce the impact of negative energies and protect your mind, body and aura. Why reducing your exposure to negative energy, the powers of sodalite can improve your ability to interpret spiritual messages. This is one of the key benefits of sodalite allowing you to gain access to a deeper level of spiritual healing. Promoting inner peace and truth sodalite boosts your intuition I will improve your ability to communicate and to interpret any hidden spiritual messages that you have been missing. For some people, sodalite can even help boost their clairvoyant abilities.

The Best Crystal Combinations with Sodalite

Sodalite can teach you to have a deeper relationship with others and the universe because of its deep blue coloration. Staring at the stone allows you to forget about the darkness in your life and focus on the light. Promoting connection, insight awakening and self-examination. Despite this, the sodalite operates better when combined with other crystals.

Sodalite and Amethyst

Many people tap into the energies of sodalite because it can help clear mental debris and prevent hallucinations because it’s closely linked to your eye and throat chakra and strongly resonates with both. By pairing this amazing crystal with the deep purple hue of an amethyst, you can further boost your spiritual capabilities.

Known as the spiritual stone, it can help awaken your soul and calm your mind. By providing a link to the divine, it can lift your spirit to a new level and further enhance any psychic capabilities. Many practitioners will combine the power of both these stones during spiritual activities such as meditation, knowing that they can double or even triple their second awareness by strengthening the link to their crown chakras and third eye chakras.

Sodalite + Amethyst

Sodalite and Clear Quartz

Others use delight as protection against nightmares, offering them a level of clarity to understand the messages and their dreams and access untapped wisdom. If you combine this with a piece of clear quartz, you can enhance the already powerful energies of sodalite as clear quartz empowers your third eye chakra and all strength in the power at which your thoughts communicate with the universe. If you want the university to hear your thoughts and understand your intent clear course and sodalite combinations will help guide you through this period of spiritual growth and help you on your path to enlightenment. Both the stones also offered a high level of protection so by carrying them with you at all times you will be protected from negative energies and I have to benefit of that strong clear outer shield providing you with a sense of calm and in even the most frustrating situations.

Sodalite + Clear Quartz

Sodalite and Tiger’s Eye

Combining a tiger’s eye crystal known to help boost your focus and your mind’s energy with sodalite that will help you improve your communication skills this can instantly create an environment where you can be more productive and communicate more clearly. By placing each of these brown and blue crystals on your desk, they will help you concentrate and clearly communicate your wants and needs. This will help you navigate some frustrating distractions and help you remain dedicated to completing your work and meeting your goals. Combining tiger’s eye and sodalite will also fill you with a sense of self-assurance, self-esteem and self-confidence. You will now have the energy needed to explore untouched capabilities and talents as Tiger’s Eye provide you the courage to take risks you wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Tigers Eye + Sodalite

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How to use Sodalite?

Now that you have a greater understanding of the benefits of Sodalite crystals and their properties, the next step is to explore what is the most effective way to use them. Most people use Sodalite to help them communicate in a clear, concise and confident fashion. By wearing jewelry, or by simply incorporating one of these crystals into your space, you can instantly bring your communication levels to a new high.

Wealth and Luck for Sodalite

Incorporating a Sodalite into a piece of jewelry is one of the best ways to provide a connection to the stone’s energy. You can easily purchase satellite earrings, necklace and bracelets in a variety of different places. Sodalite can also be carried by placing needs to own either your pocket or your purse you will have access to ending energy to bring balance your spirit when it needs it most.

If you face a difficult situation where you need to have a trying conversation, simply place the stone near your throat chakra and it will cleanse the negative energy and bring you the balance and clarity you need to communicate effectively. If much of your communication takes place either via computer or telephone placing, a large piece of Sodalite crystal on your office desk will help you communicate effectively in a variety of different situations.

Wearing a piece of jewelry such as a necklace will keep it close to your heart, allowing its energies to provide you with a heightened level of intuition and provide access to your inner voice. You can also place it on earrings to help enhance your intuition.

Keeping a piece on your office desk is simply placing it in your pocket or purse allows you to access the healing properties of this crystal whenever you need. They can also use it during meditations by simply placing it close to your body to.

How to Cleanse and Charge Sodalite?

As you already see, Sodalite is an extremely powerful crystal. Despite this power, it doesn’t need any overly complicated process in order to cleanse it of negative energies.

Cleanse with Sunlight

One of the most natural cleaners for any healing crystal is light. By simply placing your Sodalite in the sun it will balance its yin and yang energy.

Cleanse with Moonlight

As most people use their Sodalite during daylight hours, cleansing by using moonlight is one of the most popular ways to keep the energy of their Sodalite crystal in balance and allow them to access its incredible power.

Cleanse using Energy

Unknown to many, the incredible power of other crystals can cleanse sodalite. By simply placing a large piece of quartz close to your Sodalite will quickly cleanse it.

Final Thoughts

Sodalite is a bold, beautiful and powerful crystal that has an immense energy hidden deep in its blue hues. Capable of producing vibrational energies of enormous power, when used correctly it can both awaken and cleanse your soul. This crystal holds immensely beneficial attributes. It’s also extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different situations to help bring clarity to your intentions.

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