Best 9 Crystals For Throat Chakra

Do you want to heal your throat chakra? If yes, then you may want to use one of the best crystals for throat chakra. Keep on reading to learn more.

Vishudda, more commonly known as the Throat Chakra is the 5th in the chakra system and the center for self-expression and communication. It is found at the base of your neck shining a light blue color that allows the energy of the remaining 6 chakras to be expressed.

It is also the 1st of the spiritual chakras and believed to be deeply connected to the parathyroid and thyroid gland. The throat chakra is called the soul’s gate and is the ultimate link between the head and the heart.

When the throat chakra becomes overactive or blocked, communication and expression of self become difficult. It will be harder for you to speak your true feelings, leading to frustration. It may also cause difficult access to your creative mind.

The best way to help clear and heal your 5th chakra is to use healing crystals that resonate with the throat chakra. And these 9 stones offer unique abilities and vibrational energies that boost communication, self-confidence, and expression to help ease judgment and improve relationships.

9 Crystals For Healing The Throat Chakra

1. Aquamarine

Deriving its name from the Latin term of “water o the sea” aquamarine is said to be the treasure of beautiful mermaids and is carried by sailors as a talisman in order to protect them against drowning.

Aquamarine with its beautiful shades of light blue and green, this stone is one of the most powerful tools to activate, stimulate and cleanse the throat chakra. Known as the Stone of courage, Aquamarine provides its users heightened courage as well as honest and truthful communication.

Anyone can benefit from the powerful attributes of aquamarine, however, it is more popular with speakers and teachers with its vibrational energies that help in overcoming the fear of speaking and encouraging clarity of thoughts.

Not only that, but this stone also helps stimulate your throat chakra, helping you articulate your thoughts while accelerating thinking and intellectual processes that help you respond clearer and faster.

2. Turquoise

Used in jewelry for over a thousand of years, turquoise is believed to harness esoteric powers, making it a favorite talisman for warriors, kings as well as shamans. Up to this day, turquoise is being used by Native American Indians, believing it to be holding spiritual healing properties.

The term Turquoise came from the French term “pierre turquoise” which means Turkish stone. This is because it cam through Turkey when it was being transferred from Asian mines to Europe. The crystal 3exudes a gentle strength, providing protection to its wearer while restoring confidence in order to speak and express yourself honestly.

Turquoise is believed to open all your chakras and help stimulate clear communication. Placing this crystal on your throat chakra is even known to help release your old vows. Turquoise is is also known as the symbol of wisdom, leadership, protection, courage, and luck. It offers self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, restoring your vitality, enhancing your moods, relieving accumulated stress and balancing your emotions.

Not only that, but its subtle energy is also known to help boost your communication between the spiritual and physical world. It releases energy that helps you explore the past and taking action to find the truth of your life while aligning and harmonizing your throat chakra.

3. Lapis Lazuli

The bright blue color of the Lapis Lazuli helps relieve issues in the throat area including suppressed anger and frustration. It energizes, activates and balances your 5th chakra and encouraging self-awareness.

Called the Stone of Truth, Lapis Lazuli helps promote honesty in writing or speaking, making it quite useful for executives and journalists. It also enhances creativity and allowing yourself to express your true feelings to your partners and friends. Thus, it is excellent for improving both existing and new relationships.

Lapis Lazuli is also a symbol of power, honor, vision, and spirit. This blue gemstone helps stimulate good judgment, creating new ideas and improving your problem-solving capability.

Not only that, but the stone also helps boost intellectual understanding, ability, seeking knowledge and truth. It is also used to help enhance your memory as well as improving learning. Not only does it help your throat charka, but lapis lazuli also helps activate the 3rd eye chakra, allowing you to balance and sort your important matters in life.

4. Blue Kyanite

Derived from the Greek terms “Kyanos” which means deep blue, the blue kyanite is the most popular variation in the Kyanite family. This all-round brilliant crystal aligns all the 7 chakras, specifically stimulating the throat chakra in order to encourage self-expression. This stone is particularly useful when dealing with negotiations or disagreements.

This one of the crystals for throat chakra does not hold negativity, so it doesn’t need regular cleaning. Whether you need verbal confidence for acting, need a strong voice for public speaking or just need better clarity for writing then Kyanite can help you there.

With high vibrational energies, blue kyanite can create new paths, centers, and open mind and enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities. It also helps bring a calming effect on all levels while clearing blockages in your throat chakra and your meridians.

Not only that, but this stone also inspires loyalty, allowing you to restore and repair problematic relationships by providing positive communication. It helps you bridge the gap between creativity and ideas and help you express yourself.

5. Angelite

Crystals For Throat Chakra

As its name implies, Angelite is a powerful angelic stone that assists you in speaking the truth with love and compassion. Its powerful blue and white energies help you express light and love. It also aids in facilitating general awareness and balancing your thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Spiritually speaking, Angelite helps unblock your energetic pathways in order to enhanced communication with your angels and guides. Not only that, but this stone is also believed to heighten your telepathy skills, clairvoyance as well as astral traveling.

The stone also connects and guides you to your higher self. It creates feelings of peace and tranquillity while aiding for better communication and self-expression.

6. Azurite

Known as the Stone of Heaven, the Azurite with its vibrant blue color is primarily used for stimulating the 3rd eye chakra. However, it is also useful for healing the throat chakra. The azurite is useful when verbalizing past life experience or helping long-standing communication issues.

Azurite comes from the term “azure” which means sky blue. Since ancient times, azurite is used by early Egyptians as a potent psychic stone. It is also revered by the Romans and Greeks for its healing powers.

This stone is not used in jewelry that much, due to its soft composition which can fade in sunlight and turns black when exposed to heat. Still, it is a wonderful crystal to take with you for keeping your head clear and express yourself. Also, it is useful to use during stressful situations such as exams, job interviews, and conferences.

This blue stone is also known to transfer knowledge and wisdom and is able to clear stress, tension, and confusion. Not only that, but it also helps restore balance in your throat chakra. It even allows you to take over your emotions and reactions.

7. Blue Lace Agate

Dubbed as the Stone of Articulation, blue lace agate with its beautiful pale blue color harnesses the power of your throat chakra. It helps neutralize spoken anger and frustration, counteracting feelings of being judged and encouraging the free expression of feelings and thoughts.

Just like most stones for the throat chakra, this blue stone offers soft soothing energy and is believed to be the best one for healing and overactive r underactive throat chakra. Spiritually speaking, the blue lace agate is deeply connected to angelic energies, allowing the outflow of positivity as well as the expression of the highest spiritual truths.

8. Sodalite

Crystals For Throat Chakra

A powerful harmonizing stone, sodalite with its blue color and white flecks not only resonates with the throat chakra but also with the third eye chakra. Its name comes from the Latin term “Sodaltas” which means comrades.

Therefore, this stone is most useful in promoting friendship, especially in business. Not only that, but the stone is also known as the Writer’s Stone or Poet’s Stone. It’s because it can help in expressing your thought more clearly and enhancing your creativity. Thus, sodalite is a favorite stone for performers and artists who need a boost of confidence, communication, and creativity.

With its powerful throat chakra stimulating attributes, the sodalite is useful for public speaking, stimulating communication, and untamed creativity. It is also best for people who are prone to anxiety and panic attacks, who are always impulsive as well as extremely sensitive. Thanks to its calming and soothing energy, it helps stabilize the mind and correct aggression towards other people while reducing tension.

Sodalite is also known to bring balance to your emotions, especially to hormones. It helps reduce fears while giving you that boost of self-esteem and courage to speak yourself, your beliefs and emotions.

9. Blue Apatite

The Stone for Personal Power, blue apatite with its dark blue colors is another brilliant stone to activate and heal your overactive or unbalanced throat chakra. It also resonates well with the highest spiritual guides, making it a great stone to add to your healing collecting.

The blue apatite offers several benefits. For one, it has a dual effect of dispelling negativity while stimulating your personal truth. So it is a good choice for your mental wellbeing. Not only that, but this blue crystal also helps you get your point across. This will also promote social ease and openness while extending awareness.

The stone is also used to stimulate brain functions and intellect in order to expand your knowledge and acting on your goals, so it is also known as the Stone of Manifestation. Itallows you to overcome low activity ad overreaction while boosting your energy. It helps improve your problem-solving skills and improving your overall mental wellbeing.

Crystal Healing Tips For Throat Chakra

These nine crystals for throat chakra are all useful in balancing and activating your throat chakra. There are several ways you can use them. But, the following tips ensure that you get only the best benefits from these crystals.

  • Consider wearing these crystals as pieces of jewelry. More specifically, it is best used as a pendant and necklaces that sits closely on your throat, allowing you to activate its attributes.
  • Place a blue crystal for your throat chakra on your office or home can encourage honest communication and self-expression.
  • You can also use these crystals during meditation. Place them on your throat chakra or hold it in your hands as your practice. Make sure to focus on releasing anger and frustrations while speaking your truth.
  • You can place a blue crystal under your pillow or near your bed in order to induce creativity and self-expression.
  • Crystal elixirs, as well as essences, are another great way to harness the crystal’s wonderful energies of your throat chakra.


If you get that lump in the throat feeling or can’t say what you want to say or even tend to be overcritical, then the nine crystals mentioned above can help your throat chakra.

Each has its own characteristics and attributes. However, all of them can bring balance and healing to your 5th chakra. They will also help align your spiritual truths. This will allow you to have an honest expression and communication of your creative self.

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