Facts About Heliodor: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Heliodor, a popular stone amongst collectors, this bright stone is pretty much uncommon on the marketplace. As a matter of fact, collectors value heliodor as highly as aquamarine. Here are some facts about heliodor stone, its meanings, properties, and benefits. 

Meanings and Properties of Heliodor

A crystal of golden light, the heliodor name comes from the Greek terms “helios” and “doron”. Which literally translates as “gift from the sun”, radiating the power and warmth of sunshine.

This lovely crystal is the yellowish-green to a solid yellow variety of the Beryl family. And it is actually the most brilliant form of all beryls. Its color is caused by the presence of iron impurities. Vitreous, brittle and translucent to transparent stone, this stone rates a 7.5 – 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale.

Reasons Why You Should Use Heliodor

Boasting a golden sparkle, Heliodor has been called the gateway to light and the stone of the gods. Its warm yellow color is believed to enhance a wearer’s compassion and intuition as well as developing maturity, pushing you to your potential greatness. 

In the past, heliodor is considered to be magical stones and used as seer stones, helping create a connection between your willpower and the energy of your mind. It is also a hope stone, alleviating nervousness and irritability, providing relief from immense pressure and heavy burdens. 

Used be many as a talisman for the self-employed or for those struggling to balance career and caregiving. In the workplace, it boosts determination and drives success. 

Keep heliodor in your home or you can wear it as a gem in order to boost buoyant energy and happiness, especially during the winter or if your home has little natural light. 

Heliodor Benefits That You Need to Know

Learn more about the benefits of heliodor in health and healing, wealth and love and relationship below. 

Facts About Heliodor For Health and Healing

Heliodor vastly known to strengthen your immune system. Its golden light can be projected into objects that are contaminated by others during the flu and cold season in order to purify them.

The stone is also an excellent treatment for disorders of the pancreas, spleen, and liver. Believed to aid problems with your digestive system, particularly in the small intestine as well as issues such as bilious attacks, diarrhea, nausea and chronic constipation. 

This golden stone can also benefit the heart, help in the healing of skull damage or concussions and relieve seasonal affective disorder as well as exhaustion. Not only that, Heliodor a gemstone is known for warming cold toes and fingers and stiff limbs that might be caused by poor circulation or by cold weather. Heliodor also fortifies the eyes and aid in short-sightedness and long-sightedness.  

Facts About Heliodor For Wealth

This stone can help you regain what you’ve lost in terms of business prospects, money or job opportunities. Heliodor will ensure that you will always have money to spend, particularly if you really work hard for it. 

It is also an excellent stone that can bring good luck to self-employed individuals as well as those who are struggling with their finances. 

The energies of Heliodor can reward all your sacrifices and efforts with prosperity and abundance. It also enhances determination and drive, increasing your enthusiasm to work even harder when the odds are completely against you. Not only that, heliodor should be able to help persuade others to provide you support in your financial endeavors or give you financial backing. 

For Relationship and Love

Heliodor is known as the stone of hope. Thus, it can help strengthen your sense of faith and hope in all the possibilities. Regardless of what you are going through with your partner you shall never break your trust or lose faith. You can remove the fear in your heart and work hard to keep your relationship alive.  

With its illuminating ray of yellow color, heliodor also increases the joy and happiness of your love life and feel it with positive energy. It also removes all kinds of irritability that you feel for your loved ones, making you more understanding and patient. 

Heliodor also fills your relationship with energies of stability and optimism, fostering honesty and truthfulness. It also brings out your sympathetic and compassionate side when faces with delicate issues. 

Final Thoughts

With its bright, yellow shine, heliodor is indeed a stone of warmth, compassion, and healing. It gives you the confidence and assurance in all aspects of your life, whether it is on work, relationship and physical or emotional healing, heliodor is a must-have gem for your crystal collection. 

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