The Power of Granite

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The Power of Granite

Granite has been highly valued by many different cultures because of its power of paramagnetic resonance. But other than that, Granite can offer more benefits. Granite is utilized in the Northeast part for self-cultivation. Whereas in the Southwest part it is useful for relationships and partners. If you want to learn more about the power of granite, then you’re in the right place.

In today’s post, we will reveal its legendary power, healing power, and transformational power. We will also discuss how you can harness the powers of garnet with ease.

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The Power of Granite: Paramagnetic Resonance

Chakra Correspondence

This amazing stone works on the sacral chakra, root chakra, soma chakra, earth star chakra, and past life chakra as granites are capable of grounding either unsure or unstable emotions.

Physiological Correspondence

Granite holds properties that are helpful in the assimilation of mineral and calcium, bones, and other electrical systems of the body.


Another great thing about granite is that it possesses an earthy vibration that can also help you in many ways.

Legendary Power of Granite

Legendary Power of Granite

To cure the white spots of the eyes, the old Egyptians tend to use powdered Granite despite the fact that it is irritant.

Granites have designed to infuse strength as well as durability, however, they may have been applying the energetic principles of “like heals like”.

The high Feldspar and Quartz content of granite gives off light-catching crystal fragments on its surface. However, the magic of this stone lies profound.

Stone circles that are made of Granite tend to have a higher radiation field compared to the surrounding areas. On the other hand, a strong current is flowing through the rocks with measurable outcomes.

Egyptian Aswan Granite that has the highest paramagnetic resonance was said to harness the power of RA, the sun god, and harmonize the magnetic current of the surrounding landscape.

In Georgia’s modern-day state, the granite “Guidestones” has been aligned astronomically to draw in the Age of reason.

Granite, on the other hand, will the sound pass over it. The lithophone a sound rock, looks like magical to those who witness a lump of rock the becomes a resonant bell when struck. This bell is still utilized as one ceremonial instrument in temples particularly in the Far East.

In the United Kingdom and other places, lithophones placed in a wild place were utilized for the shamanic earth healing ritual.

A lot of cultures viewed as membranes between the realm. The cracks in the rocks will allow shamans and spirits to navigate the different worlds. You can also make a grid granite if you want to create sacred places where you can practice a magical transformational ritual.

Healing Power of Granite


When it comes to healing powers, granite can offer you a lot. In the actual fact, this stone has been long utilized to cure infertility, rickets, and rheumatism. The stabilizing effects of Granite on the human energy field will help in realigning the subtle body with the physical, stimulating response and encouraging electrical activities in the cells.

As a great sound healer, this stone will convey Qi via its resonant vibration. In addition to that grids that are made from granite can counterbalance the ill effect of the dangerous Earth energy line. This will also reenergize the magnetic matrix of the earth.

Granite has been also utilized to strengthen the hair as well as the illnesses associated with the head and face.

Transformational Power of Granite

Robert Bauval, an Egyptologist has described the human being as the “star material become conscious since the subtle body consists of elements and minerals from outer space.

The old Egyptians were aware of the ability of Granite to transmute the human energy field to higher resonances and encouraged humanity to look the star for its origins.

Moreover, they are also using the stone to draw the powers of the gods to Earth and helps the Pharaoh on his shamanic trip to the stars.

How to Harness the Powers of Granite

When harnessing the powers of this stone, place a piece of granite on your floor at every corner of your bed. By doing this, you will be able to increase the flow of energy throughout your body.


With all the information provided above, we cannot deny the fact that granite is a powerful and beneficial stone. It will allow you to see the bigger picture, help banish skepticism, and get rid of negative energy easily.

Granite, on the other hand, is a great tool for sound healing. In healing grids or crystal body layouts, this stone will help in stabilizing the energy field. It is because it will realign the subtle body with the physical one.

This stone also plays an important role when it comes to increasing abundance and protection. Last but not least, it is a wonderful stone for balancing a relationship.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article. Do you have granite in your collection? If yes, then you should start using it today.

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