The Power of Chrysocolla

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Chrysocolla is a tranquil crystal. That is why, it is generally associated with tranquility, unconditional love, and peace. With its green and blue color, it is not surprising that is linked to the element of water. In fact, by simply looking at this crystal you’ll think of an attractive swimming pool. It even resembles the vivid blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from its beautiful appearance, the power of chrysocolla cannot be underestimated.

In today’s post, we will talk about the legendary, healing, and transformational powers of chrysocolla. Further, we will show you how to harness them.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Power of Tranquility: Chrysocolla

  • Chakra Correspondence

Chrysocolla is a potent crystal you can use in activating and cleansing your chakras allowing you to unite with the divine.

For instance, you can use this crystal with the throat chakra where it aids with good and wise communication.

The heart chakra can also help you how to live from the truth of your heart chakra. Chrysocolla, on the other hand, can be utilized to activate and open the Second Heart Chakra or Thymus.

You can even use it with the third eye chakra to improve meditation bringing more knowledge or visions of the sublime to conscious awareness.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Physiologically, Chrysocolla can help with blood and blood circulation, brain, pancreas, digestive system, metabolic system, and reproductive system. What’s more, it can aid with ailments of the throat, thyroid gland, muscle, and bones.

  • Vibration

Depending on the type, Chrysocolla has a vibration ranging from earthy to high. Also, you can utilize its vibration to better understand your emotions as well as needs.

Legendary Power of Chrysocolla

Legendary Power of Chrysocolla

A lot of early names for crystals were generic and when writers like Pliny and Theophrastus mention chrysokolla, they may be referring to Chrysocolla or Malachite.

Because of its ancient name utilize in a complicated goldwork, Chrysocolla means “gold blue”. An Egyptian medicinal and scientific text, the Leyden Papyrus, even includes one recipe for gold solder.

The base of chrysokolla was heated using a reducing agent in order to produce a copper that bonded to the gold in situ.

Whether it is Chrysocolla or Malachite the base stone is unclear since the two stones were found in the copper mines of Egyptians.

Furthermore, the Alfonso lapidary refers to a joiner of gold which sliced everything together irrespective of how small the amount is. In the actual fact, the joiner of gold was also used in cleaning out ulcers, reattaching retinas, and healing scabies of the eyes. These properties are actually related to the Chrysocolla.

Whether we’re talking about the joining of gold or extraction of copper, it is an allegory for the soul’s transmutation through spiritual alchemy. Then the process will resonate with the chrysocolla since the crystal is capable of transmuting any type of negative energy.

Healing Power of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is traditionally utilized as a potent relaxant as well as a detoxifier that can relieve cramps. This will also guarantee peaceful sleep and prevent nightmares especially when placed under your pillows.

Chrysocolla, on the other hand, is also believed to help the throat and eyes and stimulate metabolism. It even reduced inflammations like gout, infection, as well as goiter.

When you combined this stone with Smoky Quartz, Chrysocolla will help in clearing fungal infections. Moreover, many crystal workers are using to stimulate the function of the liver and mobilized the heavy metal objects out of your body.

Considered a potent energizer for the psyche and body, chrysocolla will transform lethargy at any level.

The drusy chrysocolla will calm both emotional and physical traumas. When placed on your lower chakras, gem silica or crystalline chrysocolla might help in healing sexual traumas from a past or current life. This is beneficial if the incident involves a cult or magical ritual.

Transformational Power of Chrysocolla


Another good thing about chrysocolla is that it will help you to move out of egocentricity, this will then align your behaviors with personal ideas.

When placed on the throat, the stone will help you live in accord with the truth. What’s more, you will be able to fluently and calmly speak your belief. For those who are opposing you, it will encourage forgiveness and compassion and ease judgment.

If you’re the type of person who always depends on other people, chrysocolla will introduce a sense of trust in yourself. As a matter of fact, this will encourage independence since it will support your soul gently.

Crystalline Chrysocolla comes with higher vibrations compared to the base crystals. It will also increase the rate was energies are stabilized and raised.

How to Harness the Powers of Chrysocolla

As promised, we will show you how you can harness the powers of chrysocolla. To infuse your being with tranquility as well as peace, you can place a piece of chrysocolla in your warm bathwater.

If you are having a hard time communicating with your emotions, consider combining Chrysocolla with other crystals such as Pink Quartz. This will stimulate your personal capability to clearly feel your feelings.


Since it doesn’t have as many books of legends as some crystals like bloodstone, quartz, and diamond, Chrysocolla is a great stone to work with. Whether you are seeking for peace or tranquil, this crystal can surely help you.

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