Chrysocolla: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Chrysocolla –a stone that assists for heartfelt communication and embodies the energy of a loving goddess. The chrysocolla is actually a very compassionate goddess energy stone, which may inspire verbal kind of expression. It may empower both women and men to communicate in a loving and clear way. This may also open the throat chakra, as well as energize all the words that you speak, plus may help you in choosing the right words to speak to assist emotional healing of other people. This is a powerful stone that assists heartfelt and truthful loving communication, and was actually used historically by American Indian people in bringing calming and strengthening energy. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting and amazing facts about chrysocolla including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

Chrysocolla is a green and blue stone that is composed of a distinctive kind of copper ore. The color of it may come from the process of oxidation of copper ore. This process undertakes a cyan color plus an additional oxygen exposure, yet the stone may also contain amounts of some other minerals that create the crystal’s permeable appearance and soft texture –just like the Realgar stone. The stone is also very soft. In fact, it only has a 2.5 hardness result on the Mohs hardness scale.

Moreover, the mineral content of the chrysocolla has already been questioned for many years, and even up to this date, we are not really sure of the whole chemical composition of the stone. This might even be the case that various pieces, which look similar have wholly different conformations. That is one thing that makes the stone so mysterious and unique.

The stone is also found worldwide, including the southwestern United States, England, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Israel. The use of the stone in metaphysical and magical workings is comparatively recent since the stone didn’t have a huge place in the ancient lore. In the Ancient Rome, the name of the stone was introduced by a natural historian named Pliny, yet is used to describe the boric acid, instead of anything to do with this particular stone.

That being said, due to the bright color and unique appearance of this stone, it has rapidly become a popular stone for the invoking of the powers of the sea, water, as well as the divine feminine. Only because it is a more current addition to the crystology canon doesn’t mean that it is any less powerful.

We will discuss some chrysocolla benefits later in this article, so keep on reading!

Reasons to Use It

Considering the color of the stone, it is no surprise that the chrysocolla stone is linked with the water element. Just by looking at it may already evoke the bright blue color of a wonderful summer swimming pool or the Mediterranean Sea. For this very reason, this is an amazing and powerful stone that you may incorporate through workings, which have dealings with water.

The chrysocolla is also a stone of harmony, both on a specific and universal level. This might be used in removing negativities from a person or purifying a place. This is also a greatly gentle stone and the energy it has may work in a harmonious and gentle way. This may also help in easing anxiety, fear, and guilt –as well as bring hope.

The stone is also used in communication with the spiritual forces of the planet. This just means that any kind of medication, magic, or mindfulness that has something to do with the emotional situations and magic, which draws on the ocean’s power literally. Let us now proceed to the chrysocolla benefits!

Chrysocolla Essential Benefits

The chrysocolla has an extensive variety of powers that are related to the improvement of one’s self in a spiritual and emotional way. It can also approach the situation of self-improvement from various different angles.

The capacity to see the powers, which run into the universe is actually something that all of us can benefit from, and that’ll actually lead through a more appreciation and happiness for life in due course. At times, even though people might think that you are being a bit hippie-dippy by way of thinking about how each thing in the natural world has their own unique beauty and power.

For the women, or those who are trying to make contact with the universe’s feminine energies, the stone is so essential for tapping these. Furthermore, if you happen to feel like you are lacking in these energies, you may bring this stone’s power in your life in order to balance the cosmic energy in life. There is always a room in making a much better balance in between feminine and masculine energies.

The stone is also a great stone for the relief of emotional stress. Due to its watery quality, it has an amazing way of getting rid of emotional strain and stress. This might make you feel safer, more relaxed, and happier.

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