The Best 9 Crystals For Root Chakra

If you’re lacking emotional stability or struggling to let things go, then your root chakra may be having a problem. But the good news is that you can heal them using the crystals for root chakra.

The root chakra which is also known as the Base chakra and Muladhara in Sanskrit is the center for security, self-preservation, and grounding.

The first chakra in the chakral system is located at the base of your spine, just on the perineum. It flows in red color and is where your primal energy connected with survival and instinct is seated.

Strength of health, will, and independence are all part of the root chakra’s purpose. It deeply connects you to the earth and stimulating your adrenal and reproductive glands offering masculine energy. It is also where the resting Kundalini is situated.

 An imbalance or blocked root chakra will make you feel anxious and tired. Also, you may find that you are constantly furious or frustrated, which stops you from progressing towards your goals. An unbalanced root chakra may also affect your sex drive.

Fortunately, you can cleanse, activate and heal your root chakra with the unique vibrations of healing crystals. These 9 crystals for root chakra, in particular, resonates perfectly with the frequency of the base chakra and encourage proper alignment with its natural state.

9 Crystals For Healing The Root Chakra

1. Red Jasper

Called as the Supreme Nurturer, the Red Jasper with its bright red color is the perfect stone that resonates and stimulates the root chakra. It nurtures and stirs life back to your chi while also boosting your motivation, making it one of the best crystals when making new plans.

Also known as the Stone of endurance and Vibrancy, the red jasper helps you in dealing with life’s challenges and obstacles. It teaches you to move forward without fear and giving you the energy to do so.

Since the base chakra is the foundation of spiritual energies, it is crucial that you keep it balanced. Fortunately, the red jasper carries within a spiritually grounding energy that will ensure you stay connected with your true power. This should help you in your spiritual practices and meditation. Not only that, but this red stone is also highly effective in awakening your Kundalini.

2. Bloodstone

The bloodstone crystal with its green base and red flecks is a powerful healer and cleanser that deeply resonates not only with your root chakra but also with the solar plexus, sacral, and heart chakra.

Known as the Stone of Courage and Bravery, the bloodstones combination of red and green represents a mix of strength and fearlessness and growth, providing a barrier against all kinds of negativities and protection against threats.

Legend says that the bloodstone was formed during the crucifixion of Christ when his blood fell to the ground and transformed into stones. It is a phenomenal healing crystal, stimulating resilience and helping you recognize the benefits of enduring through a difficult obstacle and situations.

Not only that, but this earth root chakra stone also helps you stay fully in the moment. You can meditate with the bloodstone in order to stimulate and activate your root chakra and provides you ways on how to withdraw from draining and threatening situations.

3. Black Tourmaline

crystals for root chakra

Although it comes in pitch black color, the black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for root chakra thanks to its highly protective and grounding attributes. The black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for removing and transmuting negative energies and promoting a more positive attitude, providing good luck and happiness.

The stone also acts as a personal bodyguard that surrounds you in a metaphysical field, stopping negativity from other people’s nasty thoughts from affecting you. It is also a powerful crystal that helps protect yours against ill health, accidents, and misfortunes.

Not only that, but the black tourmaline is also a powerful crystal that helps remove negative energies from the environment as well as electromagnetic devices while protecting you against psychic attacks and energy vampires.

4. Hematite

Like the black tourmaline, the hematite is another great root chakra stone that helps transforms negativity into positivity. It draws energy from your aura and filters it via the root chakra, neutralizing any harmful effects.

This process should help reduce your anxiety and keeps you deeply grounded in reality. Hematite also creates distance between you and dramatic situations helping you feel more secure. Not only that, but its shiny attributes also help deflect negative energies and back to the sender.

Over-indulgences, overspending, and cravings al stem from an unbalanced root chakra. Hematite can help you overcome such bad habits by boosting your willpower, courage and survival instincts.

Furthermore, hematite is also called the Stone for the Mind. Thanks to its grounding energy, it allows you to develop logical thinking and help assist you with decision making, especially in finances and business.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian with its orange or red color is another powerful balancing crystal for the 1st chakra. Whenever you feel demotivated, the carnelian can help boost self-confidence, willpower and offer you courage in order to make good and positive life choices.

The root chakra also plays a critical role in creativity, and the carnelian can be quite useful in providing you inspiration and passion. Being the Stone of Endurance, Carnelian also helps you stay grounded and patient in times of difficulties and challenges.

Also known as the stone of Leadership, this healing crystal boosts leadership qualities and attributes in you, making you more successful in your life and work goals.

6. Poppy Jasper

poppy jasper

A beautiful crystal unlike other, the poppy jasper took its name from the poppy-like patterns embedded in the stone. With its mottled red color, the poppy jasper features an energy that promotes serenity and peace, calming an overactive root chakra.

Whenever you are facing unpleasant situations or toxic people, the poppy jasper’s energetic vibrations can help you regain your self-confidence and strength while boosting courage in order to reinstate boundaries.

Not only that, but its joyful and warm energy also helps inspire enthusiasm and compassion in your life. This root chakra stone also helps nurture your root chakra while keeping you grounded when overwhelmed.

7. Garnet

Known as the Stone of Health, garnet stone offers regenerative energy that helps in recovery on the metaphysical and physical level. With a variety of colors available— from deep red and pink to brown, orange and clear green— garnet resonates with the root chakra as well as other chakras dependent on the color.

By drawing in restorative energy when you have low energy, garnet can help energize your root chakra without overstimulating. It is also great to sue when you have a hangover.

In addition to supporting good health, garnet also helps your emotions. In case you are in a hopeless situation, garnet helps promote strength and courage and allowing you to move forward again.

Not only that, but garnet also helps stimulate the controlled rise of your Kundalini. It will guide you to explore your own sexuality and even remove any blockages in doing so. Garnet is also known as the Stone of Lasting Love, allowing you to deepen commitment as well as intimacy.

8. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz with its dark to light smoky grey and brown color has a strong link with the earth. This makes it a powerful crystal that can be used for transmuting negativities into positivity as well as keeping you grounded.

Not only that, but the gentle energy of the crystal also helps in removing emotional blockages that are caused by an unbalanced root chakra. This results in the reduction of mistrust, anger and other negative energies.

Smoky Quartz also teaches you in letting go of things that do not help you in any way and allow you to accept yourself. With its highly versatile healing energy, the Smoky Quart helps re-align your base chakra so that you can let go of any attachments to material things as well as unimportant matters, allowing you to be consciously present.

9. Jet

Jet, with its black color, is a mineral formed from fossilized wood. It is great for both balancing and cleansing the base chakra. The powerful structure of the mineral helps draw off negativities and absorb it like a sponge.

Jet is also a powerful stone for protection, guarding you against poor health and violence. Although light, jet dispels heavy energies and keeps you deeply grounded to the earth, allowing you to have a more balanced perspective.

Jet is also quite effective for protecting your finances and business while ensuring your wealth remains stable.

Crystal Healing Tips For Root Chakra

Healing crystals are a great way to balance, cleanse or awaken your base chakra. Here are some of the best ways you can use them:

· Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to work with the energetic attributes of healing crystals. You can place the crystals n your base chakra or even place a grid surrounding you before meditating. You can even hold them as you meditate.

If you wish to create a powerful effect, you can place the root chakra crystal on your root chakra and place 4 quartz points that point at the chakra. This should help focus the crystal energy and provide a better healing experience.

· Crystal Balls

You can also use crystal balls in order to activate your root chakra. Hold the ball in both hands. Roll it quickly between your palms for at least 30 seconds. After that, place the ball over your root chakra and close your eyes. Imagine the crystal ball’s energy pulsing. Slowly roll it over your root chakra for a minute. Repeat the process two more times.

· Crystal Jewelry

If you want to keep the beneficial energy of your crystal in your auric field all through the day, then wearing them as jewelry is one of the best ways. The crystals mentioned above are available in various pieces of jewelry including rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

· Place Them In Your Pocket Or Purse

If you do not have pieces of jewelry, you can just carry the stones in your pocket or purse. They make a perfect companion that you can easily touch when you need to connect with them and benefit from their powerful energies.

· Surround Yourself

Another great way to be influenced by the vibrational energies of root chakra healing crystals is to place them around your work or home. You can place black tourmaline at your front door or hematite near your windows and doorways. These stones should help purify the energy that comes inside your home.

Meanwhile, a carnelian placed in your studio or workroom can help boost and uplift your creativity. A bloodstone placed on your desk can help lessen your stress.


If your root chakra is unbalanced, blocked or overactive, you will feel insecure and ungrounded. Feeling of lethargy, anger and fear may be experienced. However, with the powerful crystals for root chakra mentioned above, you can help align, cleanse and stimulate your base chakra, allowing you to be more confident, stable and courageous.

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