The Healing Crystals for Itching

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Itching is a slight burning sensation or the prickling feeling on the skin or mucus membranes. It nearly always induces an involuntary or sometimes even compelling desire to scratch the affected area. The good news is that the best crystals for healing itching can help relieve these itchy desires and facilitate healing of the area.

Itches can be caused chemically (for instance, insect bites or stings), mechanically, or physically (radiation, burning), skin diseases, inflammation, hormonal disturbances, and diseases of the metabolism or blood.

On the causal level, treatment is more important than on a symptomatic level. However, there’s a risk of scratched skin which can lead to inflammation. In addition, severe itching can make you crazy, so it only makes sense to relieve the itchy sensation directly and immediately.

Fortunately, there are several crystals out there that can help. Here are some of the best crystals for healing itching.

Crystals For Healing Itching


crystals for healing itching

Amethyst with its soothing vibrational energies is one of the most effective crystals in relieving itching. It is particularly useful for the kinds of itching caused by skin infections and diseases. This purple crystal can help ease the itchiness and burning sensation of skin diseases and infections while stimulating faster healing the affected area.

You can simply place a cold amethyst crystal on the affected part in order to get instant relief from itchiness. With larger areas of itching, you can prepare a Hildegard von Bingen’s Amethyst Water and use it to cleanse the affected area.

Meanwhile, for the extreme cases of itching or skin issues, you can also take 5 – 7 drops of amethyst gem essence as necessary in order to cleanse the body from the inside out.   



Amber is another potent crystal in relieving itching, particularly those that are caused by a physical (radiation or burns) or by mechanical (injuries). This crystal can offer cooling energy that brings relief to physically caused itchings such as burns and radiation or the burning sensation that comes with itchy injuries.

In addition, amber can also provide relief from itching caused by hormonal disturbances and diseases of the metabolism and the blood. To use amber, you simply need to place a tumbled or a raw stone directly on the itching area.

For long term relief from itchiness, you can also wear amber as a necklace or pendant with direct contact to the body. In extreme cases of itching, you can also take 5- 7 drops of prepared amber essence as necessary.


crystals for healing itching

Chrysoprase is a well-known detoxifier in the healing crystal community. This potent stone has the ability to relieve the itchiness that is caused by insect bites and stings. It helps in easing inflammation, preventing the urge to scratch the affected area.

Not only that, but its detoxifying attributes can also help in neutralizing the toxins from the insect’s bite or sting, which in turn, can also help in relieving the itchiness and other symptoms.

To use chrysoprase, you can simply place or affix a tumbled chrysoprase stone or just a polished section directly on the affected area. Also, you can prepare a chrysoprase gem essence and dab it directly on the affected area for fast relief.

Ocean Jasper + Landscape Jasper

ocean jasper

The combination of ocean jasper and landscape jasper is suitable for healing itching caused by skin allergies.

The landscape jasper helps in dealing with allergies and all its symptoms as it cleanses the tissues that have been polluted by toxin and waste substances. Ocean jasper, on the other hand, especially the ones with the green and white inclusions, helps in regulating the immune system in order to stop allergies and its symptoms. Not only that, it strengthens the immune system in order to help prevent future bouts of allergies and itchy symptoms.

You can wear both stones as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet for long-lasting relief from itchiness. In addition, you can simply place both crystals on the itchy part for a few minutes in order to get instant relief from itchiness and burning sensation caused by severe scratching. Alternatively, you can also prepare a gem essence and take a few drops each whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

Itching can be an irritating and annoying sensation that makes you scratch the affected area just to relive the feeling.

Fortunately, most itching is treatable and does not suggest a serious problem. However, scratching too much can lead to inflammation and possible wounds. Using the above-mentioned crystals can give you the much-needed relief from this unwanted sensation.

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