Facts About Apophyllite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Binding the power of early igneous lava creeks, the Apophyllite can bring a high vibration of light which is known to calm feelings of worry, anxiety, and fear. This gentle yet powerful stone is a must-have most especially for those who are collecting gems. Keep on reading and find other important particulars about this stone including its properties, meanings, and of course, the various Apophyllite benefits.

Apophyllite: Meanings and Properties

The name Apophyllite comes from two Greek words, “apo” that means off as well as “phylon” that means leaf.

This gemstone is typically violet, brown, pink, green, yellow, white, and clear in color.

When Apophyllite is exposed to heat, it tends to peel apart or flake off due to the lost water molecules.

This stone, on the other hand, can be found in many places including Mexico, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Brazil, and in the USA. But apart from these, you can also find Apophyllite deposits in Japan, Norway, Germany, Iceland, and Canada.

Some Apophyllite features a tint of orange and pink that will open your heart chakra and inspire you to discharge previous emotional wounds.

In addition to that, this stone has strong cleansing and clearing properties that may increase the energy of other stones that are closed to it.

Reasons Why You Should Use Apophyllite

One of the common reasons why you should give this stone a try is that it helps in improving your intuition. Similar to the energies of Amethyst, its energies will make your vision clearer and senses sharper.

This will aid you to be more sensitive to people, things, and happenings, in your life. With Apophyllite, usually your drives will be right and you’ll learn to trust them,

The stone, on the other hand, may help you in connecting with your guardian angels as well as spiritual guides. As a matter of fact, you’ll feel their existence in your life and you’ll see how they make your life improved in many different ways.

When you have a piece of Apophyllite in your room or house, it dispels negative energies in the area. The stone will surround everybody in that room with uplifting and at the same time powerful energies.

You will also be surrounded by high vibrations of peace, happiness, and most importantly, love.

Nevertheless, Apophyllite will encourage you to live life to the fullest and aid you to plan for your future confidently no matter what you experienced in the past or what you’re presently going through.

Apophyllite Benefits That You Need to Know

Now that you already have an idea about the stone’s meanings and properties, let’s take a look at the Apophyllite benefits for health and healing, for relationship and love, and for wealth.

For Health and Healing

Apophyllite Benefits

Apophyllite has powerful healing energies that help in regulating the functions of the body. But apart from that, this stone also helps in the treatment of breathing issues like asthma and lung-related health conditions.

This stone relieves the warning signs of allergies and other conditions and pains which affect your feet. You can also use this to soothe your tired eyes and improve your mental clarity and memory as well.

Apophyllite is highly beneficial for your skin as it aids in skin regeneration and skin healing.

For Wealth

When it comes to money and wealth concerns, this stone can be your lucky charm. As a matter of fact, Apophyllite may help you improve your earning potentials. What’s more, it helps you how to look for opportunities a lot quicker compared to others.

On the other hand, this stone may improve your capability to own all w things in life like abundance, prosperity, fortune, good luck, and health. However, if you wish to manifest your prosperity, it’s actually a great gemstone to have.

Moreover, Apophyllite represents a new venture which you may partake in. Most importantly, it symbolizes abundance as well as wealth which will come to you in big and small ways.

For Relationship and Love

Since it works with heart chakras, Apophyllite will offer your heart the energies it needs in order to make a wise and good decision particularly with regards to heart matters.

Further, it is known as the stone of courage which may greatly help you in correcting your mistakes and facing your fears. Apophyllite will also dismiss irrational fears which prevent from graciously growing in love.

This stone can open your heart to love and joy. The Apophyllite will also make you comprehend that you should take good care of yourself that you will spend a long time with the people you love.

Final Thoughts

Apophyllite has lots of advantages that you can enjoy instantly. The stone will heal your spirit body and mind. More importantly, it’ll strengthen your desire for a well-lived life. If you want to reap the above-mentioned Apophyllite benefits, make sure to invest in this stone as soon as possible.  

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