A Complete Guide to June Birthstone

If you are born in June, then you are lucky enough to have more than one birthstone. With varieties of beautiful gemstones to choose, from pearls to moonstones. You will have the option of what to wear on a typical occasion or could be based on your mood that day. Read on to know more about June birthstone.

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The Birthstone for June


Under natural conditions, a pearl is produced in an oyster or abalone clam. This hard, round, and glistening object can be found inside the soft tissue of a mollusk. Due to insertion or irritant form a grain of sand, parasite, or some microscopic intruder that pearls are formed.

Natural pearls with fine quality are extremely rare which made it very expensive. But most of the pearls on the market came from the production of cultured pearls. Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian are the major types of cultured pearls that are less expensive than natural pearls. 

Whether it is natural or cultivated, all pearls are examined based on its surface, shape, luster, color, size, and thickness. This stone is a bit soft so most pearls are used as necklaces or earrings to avoid scratches. June birthstones are usually given as a gift on couples’ 3rd or 30th wedding anniversaries.


This June birthstone is the most popular form of feldspar. Moonstones have an adularescence effect wherein it gives a soft glow of light that rolls across the gem’s surface when viewing different angles. In astrology, this gem is known to be the Earth’s satellite.

What’s The Color of the June Birthstone?


Some of the most familiar colors of pearls are white, cream, black, gray, and silver. But there is a wide range of other colors of pearls such as yellow, pink, orange, blue, violet, and green. Pearls also have this shimmering rainbow effect called orient that is visible when the nacre is thick.


Most moonstones have green, yellow, brown, gray, and black colors. But the most expensive are the colorless, semitransparent, and transparent because it shows the bluish-white adularescence of the stone. It also has a cat’s eye and star effect that is why they usually cut it into a cabochon shape.

June Birthstone: Etymology, History, and Folklore


June Birthstone

There is three explanation of how the Middle English word perle came from. First is from the Latin word perna which means the shape of mollusk that looks like a lam’s leg. Second is from perla, meaning little bag, and third, the Latin root pear, meaning the shape of pears and pearls.

Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, and philosopher declared Sri Lanka as the most productive source of pearls. The pearl hunting was mentioned in an epic poem, Mahamaysa, which stated the history of Sri Lanka. It was a thriving industry in the Port of Oruwella, Golf of Sri Lanka, and only people of high ranks and status are allowed to wear them.

Around the islands of Cubagua and Margarita, off the coast of Venezuela, Spanish conquistadors found indigenous people wearing yellowish pearls. They adored it so much and gave the most famous Margarita pearls, called La Peregrina Pearl, to King Philip II, and was later given to his wife, Mary I.

The British Isles became popular as the source of freshwater pearls. According to myth, Venus Genetrix adored pearls, so Julies Caesar offered a breastplate made of pearls to the Roman goddess. And also to his lover, Servilia, which has a worth of 6 million sesterces. 

In 1997, the British river mussels became endangered to the country decided to stop pearl farming. That time, freshwater pearls were exclusively farmed in Kyoto Japan. It was the first country to start cultivating pearls in the early 20th century but stopped due to World War II. 

Japan recommended pearl farming to other counties like Australia and Burma. Also, Japan’s operation was spread throughout China to produce over 1,500 metric tons of pearl for a year. But in the year 2010, China took over Japan in the production of Ayoka Pearls, while Indonesia became the main source of South Sea Pearls. 


Selenite or moonstone came from the Greek word selene which means the moon. In Hindi, it is known as chandrakant or beloved of the Moon. The name moonstone means lustrous, moonlight, and sheen of adularescence.

For ancient Hindus, moonstones are sacred because Ganesh, the god of the moon, has an embedded moonstone on the forehead. They believed that the gem is composed of moonbeams and placing it in the mouth during a full can grant any wish. Today, India still honor the stone and would not sell or display it with a sacred color cloth.

The Greeks and Roman were also amazed by the beauty of moonstone. They, too, assumed that it was formed from moonlight and is connected to gods of the moon. It was used as jewelry, charms, and decoration in the early 100 CE. 

Moonstone June birthstone

In the 1920s, moonstones became popular in the United States. Men wore the stone as an embellishment in their tie pins, cufflinks, and clips. And in 1970, to honor the Moon landings, the state of Florida chose moonstone to be their gemstone.

Moonstones mine are found in countries like Armenia, Norway, Mexico, Poland, Madagascar, and the Austrian Alps. But Myanmar produced the finest moonstone up until it was completely mined out. You can still find high-quality moonstone in markets today like in Germany where it is preferred as June birthstone. 

It is believed that moonstones are connected to Earth and affect the human’s emotions. Ancient people adored the Moon and used the stone to represent their love, dreams, and intuition. From the legend, moonstone serves as a charm for people who wants to travel or to rekindle past relationships. 

The Spiritual Meaning of June Birthstone


The pearl gemstone represents women’s femininity to discover their inner beauty. It has a connection to purity, integrity, and loyalty, which is why most brides chose to wear pearls on their wedding day. And also, the simplicity of pearls can complement any style, color, or them of the dress.


Representing the Moon’s energy, moonstones promotes peace, calm, and balance. It is also known as a stone of love, fertility, and sensuality. The energy of moonstones came from the light of the moon which convert to protection and encouragement. 

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the June Birthstone


Pearl powder has been an essential element used in cosmetics and medicines thousands of years ago. There are records of proof from the Ming Dynasty in China that stone powder promotes healthy skin, release toxins, and remove damaged skins. While in India, June birthstone is used as an ingredient for love potions.

The scientist made several studies to prove the healing power of pearl and they found that it can increase lifespan through the production of antioxidants. It is also great for skin and bone regeneration as that form new skin and bone tissue. The calcium present in the pearl has a calming effect which helps the brain to relax.


The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the June Birthstone

Women are the ones who benefit the most from the power of moonstones. It improves their fertility, hormonal imbalance, menstrual cramps or labor pain. Also, moonstones help in regulating the body’s natural cycles.

For men, the stone can help them think straight and control their emotions. Moonstones are also used to treat several hairs, skin, and some organ conditions. Trouble sleeping and insomnia can also be cured using moonstones.

The Durability of the June Birthstone

Pearl Hardness

The pearl’s hardness ranked 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale which means that it is a soft stone that is very prone to scratches and can be easily scraped by hard materials.

Pearl Toughness

Although its toughness is quite good, through time, bleaching, and dehydration, pearls can be more fragile.

Pearl Stability

However, you can still wear pearl jewelry daily, you just have to be more cautious in exposing it to intense heat and chemicals.

Moonstone Hardness

Using the Mohs Hardness Scale, moonstones are rated 6 to 6.5 which is higher than pearls.

Moonstone Toughness

Although considered a strong stone, moonstones have poor toughness due to the qualities of feldspar.

Moonstone Stability

Most moonstones are only used for earrings, pendants, or brooches to avoid damages from heat, chemicals, or any harder stone.

Caring and Cleaning June Birthstone

How to Clean Pearl and Moonstone

Cleaning gemstones such as pearls and moonstones are very easy, soap and water is enough to make it like new. Avoid using steam or ultrasonic cleaners as it may damage the physical appearance of the stone, especially for pearls. It is advisable to remove all your jewelry before doing physical activity that may harm the stones.

How to Store Pearl and Moonstone

Professionals always advise having each stone their box or bag to prevent damages. You can also use acid-free paper envelopes and organize them using compartments. It is also important that you store your jewelry in cool and dry places.

The Cost of June Birthstone


There is an abundant supply of cultured pearls in the market that cost less than $300. The price varies depending on sizes and the type of pearl, like a South Sea pearl earrings with a 13 mm size can cost $130. But if you are into natural pearl then you must prepare a $1,000 to $100,000 per piece.


This type of stone is a lot cheaper than pearls. A small 7 carat stone perfect for rings can only cost $75, while you can get a pair of 3-carat earrings for only $60. But for fine quality moonstone, expect a price of $700 or less.

Other June Birthstones


The name of the stone came from the Russian Tsar, Alexander II, was discovered in emerald mines in 1834. It is a rare stone that is considered as Imperial Russia’s Tsardom official gemstone. Alexandrite’s color varies from emerald-green to raspberry-red when placed in incandescent lighting. 

The alexandrite’ power is control and discipline. It helps the owner to be focused on necessary things and strengthen their ability to learn. They also believed that it brings fortune, luck, and love.

Alexandrite is said to connect the physical to the spiritual world. It carries healing energies that improves one’s creativeness, thoughts, and instincts. Alexandrite is the official gemstone to celebrate 55 years of marriage.

Final Thoughts

For some, June is the month to have the perfect wedding. Maybe because the birthstones under this month are pearls and moonstones, which symbolizes marriage. Those gemstones represent the moon which imparts virtues and energies to owners. 

All birthstones have their unique qualities and need to be taken care of. If you want to make your jewelry last long and pass it to future generations then you have to clean and store them carefully. Gemstone has different healing powers that can help you with anything anytime.

Get a June birthstone of your own and share your experience! Good luck!

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