White and Clear Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

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White and clear crystals are ruled by the loving Moon and are often connected to psychic energy and sleep. However, they are also used to attracting good fortune as well as a protective talisman after dark.

But the most common use of these crystals is to amplify the powerful vibrational energies of other stones. Clear and white colors also symbolize purity and innocence carrying light and good energies to fight the darkness.

And if you need some cleansing energies, then white and clear crystal can help you there. They help in restoring peace and calmness into your life as well as helping with spiritual work.

Read on if you want to find out more about the clear and white crystals.

Why Use White And Clear Crystals

White and clear crystals symbolize beginnings and endings. They also represent the feminine gender, thus symbolizing regeneration and birth. They act as superb guides to the world and beyond understanding, illuminating the path with their clear and white lights so that you never lose your way.

Also, white and clear crystals represent contradictions and opposites, exhibiting the color of freedom and hope. Clear and white crystals have the ability to retrieve and save information, allowing you to place your intentions accurately and clearly.

These crystals also help enhance your ability to manifest your intentions and desires. They help facilitate dreams and understand the messages once you wake up. Not only that, white and clear crystals help you regain your long-forgotten promise while sharpening your mind and making you more aware of what’s happening to your surrounding.

In addition, they shall help promote learning and wisdom, allowing you to reach a higher realm of your self. They help activate the different levels f your consciousness in order to make intercommunication possible.

With their radiating clear and white light, these crystals can help support the higher chakras and help stimulate your psychic visions. These crystals can also help revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

White and Clear Crystals For Healing and Health Benefits

These crystals are highly beneficial to the organs of your upper body. They are mainly used to purify the bloodstream and strengthening the immune system. Not only that, but these crystals are also helpful in the absorption of nutrients and vitamins, particularly vitamin B.

The white and clear crystals also resonate deeply with the pituitary and pineal glands, which helps stimulate and regulate hormones. Any imbalances to these glands can be haled by these crystals.

Furthermore, white crystals can also help get rid of severe infections and preventing them from occurring again. They are also used to protect and heal the body from sunburns as well as the extreme effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

White and clear crystals can release the tension of the physical body while restoring your balance and metabolism. Not only that, but these crystals can also provide relief to stiff muscles and helps with diseases that affect the hips, legs, and abdomen, providing pain relief.

Moreover, clear and white crystals greatly benefit the reproductive system, especially the female reproductive system. These crystals can help in easing cramps and pain associated with pregnancy and menstruation. Also, they help in fortifying the nerve endings and strengthen your back while also regulating body fluids which greatly benefit your heart.

Thanks to their clear and white crystalline structure, these stones can also help in clearing your vision too while also alleviating tired eyes if you’ve been staring at the screen for too long. Most clear and white stones also help in strengthening your immune system.

White and Clear Crystals For Wealth Benefits

White and clear crystals will stimulate and inspire you to reach out to people whenever you need help. These crystals can help ease your fears and remind you that there’s nothing wrong with asking or help and swallowing your pride.

These crystals can help calm your mind and help in understanding what you want and what drives you. This should help you overcome several failed attempts towards success.

Not only that, white and clear crystal encourages you to become more organized and have better self-confidence and a stronger sense of self-discipline. They should give you mental clarity especially when working on a huge project and even provide you the best approach on an opportunity.

White and clear crystals also bring back your sense of balance, giving you the mental sharpness to make the correct decisions. They are also the crystals of good luck, providing you huge opportunities to attract wealth or be successful in life.

Perhaps their biggest attribute towards wealth and success is that they promote positive thoughts. These clear and white crystals help in removing the fear of failure and embarrassments, allowing you to overcome the challenges while enhancing your concentration levels so you can have a better and clearer insight about your career, work, or finances.

White and Clear Crystals For Love and Relationships Benefits

White and clear crystals will offer you innocence and purity, giving you emotional and mental clarity, allowing you to look at the world with less judgmental eyes. Holding or wearing these crystals can help get rid of negative thoughts or emotions.

While it removes the negativities, it brings light and positivity into your life so you can neutralize your overwhelming emotions and thoughts. This way you can operate more rationally as you deal with emotional issues.

Dubbed as the crystals of harmony and attunement, white and clear crystals can bring calmness and peace into your relationship and removing the disruptive influences while releasing your fears and depression and replacing them with optimism and hope.

Not only that, these clear and white crystals also remove inhibitors when it comes to relationships and love that prevent you from being truly loving and intimate with your partner. Furthermore, these crystals can help you manage your emotional responsibilities, and getting rid of negative energies that make you feel a martyr or a victim.

With their whiteness and clearness, these crystals can help remind you to think before speaking, so that you never say negative words when you are feeling overly emotional. They help you be more careful about your words and be cooperative for a better relationship and commitment.

5 Best White and Clear Crystals That You Can Use

1. Clear Quartz

White and Clear Crystals

Probably the most famous and most powerful clear crystals out there, the clear quartz is dubbed as the Master Healer. This is because it is the most versatile and useful of all gemstones for metaphysical work.

It has this unique property of being completely programmable. Meaning, you can infuse clear quartz with your intention and amplify it, working on your behalf to manifest in the world. Not only that but this stone calp help in amplifying the powerful vibrational energies of almost every crystal known to mankind.

2. Herkimer Diamond

White and Clear Crystals

The Herkimer Diamond is a special form of the clear quartz found in Herkimer New York, taking the shape of a diamond, thus the name. Herkimer diamond is one of the most powerful clear crystals out there, with its amplifying abilities up to 2 -3 times more powerful than the clear quartz.

You can use this crystal for enhancing visions and dreams, thus ideal for meditations, making body layouts and crystal grids.

3. Diamond


The hardest material on Earth, Diamond is one of the most sought-after clear crystals, although only a few had it due to its pretty expensive price tag. Diamonds encourage you to step up and unleash your true power to be an amazing force for the world to see.

The crystal also helps you in accepting and fulfilling your spiritual purpose. With its clear and strong crystalline structure, it encourages you to see and radiate light within yourself while pushing you to stay strong against obstacles.

4. Howlite


Howlite with its creamy white hue encourages you to live while letting go of physical and materialistic attachments that are causing you stress. It encourages you to enjoy your life without worrying about what others are doing or thinking.

This, in turn, can promote true rest and peace, and providing you with tranquility with yourself, with others and with your environment.

5. Selenite

White and Clear Crystals

Just like the clear quartz, selenite is one of the best white crystals for purification and cleansing. This bright white stone is mainly used for clearing your aura from stuck or negative energy.

Not only that, but it is also useful in shielding you against dark entities. Also, it is a great amplifying crystal that boosts as well as clearing the vibrational energies of other crystals.

Using White and Clear Crystals For Best Results

You can place white and clear crystals in your living room or just about any room to invite harmony and peace in the family or between you and your spouse. With their white and clear crystalline structure, they should also bring freshness, cleanliness, and light into your space. They should also help energize a space by removing any trace f harmful and stagnant energies.

In addition, you can place white and clear crystals under your pillow or next to your bed if you want to have a relaxing and deep sleep. Doing so can actually help you get lucid dreams.

Furthermore, you can place a white or clear crystal anywhere to think that needs its cleansing and loving energies. Just make sure that you charge and clear your crystals before using them.

White crystals also look lovely when worn as pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, necklace pendants, or earrings. Just make sure that you wear one close to your pulse point in order to benefit from it.

Final Thoughts

White and clear crystals carry the powerful energies of purification that can help clear the blockages on your path. They can prepare you emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally when you are on the path to new beginnings.

Wear or use white and clear crystals if you ever need to declutter your life and remove negativities and overcome obstacles. They make an excellent companion whenever you need mental clarity and purifying your actions and ideas.

These crystals should help dispel negativity while also encouraging positive feelings, strengthening your sense of self, and improving your perceptions.

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