Facts About Selenite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Introduction of Selenite

Selenite crystals are most commonly found in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Greece, Poland, Mexico and the United States. They’re usually sold in tubular shapes featuring a variety of different sitrations and patterns. It is these unique qualities that make it such an elegant crystal. Aside from its beauty, this stone is renowned for its healing powers and mystical properties.

What is Selenite?

What is Selenite

There’s no denying that the Selenite is among the most elegant and pretty crystals you will see. Pristinely white, it stands out from most other crystals and colored stones. Selenite, which is also known as gypsum, is almost translucent but also features some stunning saturations. For all intents and purposes, the stone can appear similar to a silky pearl.

Understanding the Selenite Stone Meanings and Uses

If you find yourself surrounded by negativity, bad thoughts, perceptions and ideas, Selenite can help cleanse your body and mind of this negative energy. By simply keeping this wonderful crystal in your presence its color alone will help to ground you.

The energy released helps to draw your attention and focus your mind on the present. Life has a way of sending us messages and wisdom many of these we simply miss as we are on the wrong path. Selenite can help you adjust to our world, its pattern of hints will guide you on your perfect path. Selenite crystals will help you recognize these important moments and harmonize your energies so you can align yourself smoothly and trust the messages that are being given to you.

People who struggle to surrender themselves to these messages can use Selenite in aligning their energies to help. To help you truly understand the benefits of Selenite we have put together a complete guide that will help you understand this wonderful crystal, how it will help stabilize and bring balance to your mind and body.

Selenite Stone Meanings and Uses

What are the Properties of Selenite?

Selenite has many properties, it can help offer you mental clarity and bring peace to your mind. We also know it to have protective properties to shield you from psychic interference. But the two key properties of Selenite are.

The Healing Properties

As we mentioned previously, we know Selenite for its protective properties and its ability to banish negative energies. It also has many healing properties that you can harness to help you heal your body. These healing energies can help treat a wide variety of health problems.

The Metaphysical Properties

Anyone suffering from mental anguish or confusion can release this by placing Selenite on top of their head. The crystal will immediately allow you to make sense of any situation. It boosts your problem-solving skills by increasing your flexibility and helps you make clear and intelligent decisions. Selenite is also a powerful tool to help your intuition, flexibility and emotional well-being. It provides you with powerful instincts the longer you use it, making it a perfect companion for anyone who practices meditation.

How Selenite Benefits You

Go back to the time of the ancient Greeks to understand that Selenite has long been used by practitioners of crystal healing. The name itself comes from the Greek word for moon. The ancient Greeks once created windows made from this crystal to allow them to harness light and brighten dark rooms. Some benefits of Selenite include.

Health and Healing Benefits

Selenite as a wide variety of healing and health benefits. We know it to help women who have issues becoming pregnant. Leaving the crystal close to your body every day will improve your fertility. You can also combine it with some crystal bixbite and this will boost your libido. It’s also believed to have given an extra layer of protection to unborn children and mothers to be throughout their pregnancy.

Selenite Health and Healing

Many of us we go to periods in our life where our energy levels are low as a result, we regularly feel lethargic and tired. Using selenite, you can increase the energy flow in your body but clearing some of your essential glands. Combining it with garnet can help remove these blockages by clearing dysfunctional energies and other impediments to healthy energy flow. It can also help remove toxins.

For Wealth

Anyone who’s looking to attract abundance, prosperity and wealth should look to one of the other properties of Selenite. While the crystal itself doesn’t work miracles, it helps people be happier and, as a result, be successful. Much of this down to the fact that Selenite can help you attract positive, like-minded people. Anyone who’s looking to build a team for a specific project can boost their probability of attracting right candidates by using Selenite.

The crystal will help you understand who you can trust, by recognizing the truth about others and enabling you to successfully negotiate important deals. One danger of wealth management is putting work and money above your mental and physical health. Selenite crystals can help you work smarter rather than harder by teaching you to use your energies correctly.

For Love and Relationship

Selenite could be the perfect crystal for anyone who is searching for a long-lasting and loving relationship. By removing many outdated old-fashioned notions, Selenite can help you find your perfect partner and genuine love.

Far too many of us have found ourselves stuck in the friend zone, in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate our opinions: Selenite can help bring balance and remove dramatic blockages in these energies preventing their love from blossoming.

Once these impediments have been removed, the man or woman of your dreams will see you for who you are and romantic thoughts will grow. On Saturday night is primarily beneficial to women it can work for men too. Offering a level of clarity in your romantic life, it provides you with a radiance so profound it can’t help but capture a prospective lover’s attention. Saturday night can also help you become important in the lives and thoughts of someone you want to get closer to.

Selenite love and relationship

If you’re afraid that using this crystal may seem a little manipulative, this is simply not the case. By aligning energies, all you’re doing is offering an open invitation to healthy perspective suitors to see your true self. Much of these blockages on an impediment to romance as they result from the confusion and hustle and bustle of everyday life. People simply don’t have the time to find their perfect match or even to date intelligently.

By bringing balance to your aura you will broaden your field of attraction and as a result bring the right type of romance into your life. It will also help you be more protective of your emotions, offering you a greater insight into how your heart and mind operate.

If you are in a relationship that is struggling, you’ve lost connection with each, Selenite can help cleanse the negativity and bring you closer together, restoring the feelings you once had. Selenite can help maintain loving relationships, making it easier for couples to see eye to eye and to iron out any minor differences. Offering clarity of mind, body and heart to both parties in any relationship. By harnessing, the energies of selenite relationships will no longer seem like a burden your life will feel infused with love. It will help you break down barriers and see beauty in places you never saw it before.

The Best Crystal Combinations With Selenite

As we hinted on previously, despite being power in its own right, Selenite will work even better when combined with specific stones. Some stones harness the same energies and elements and when combined can boost each other’s energies. Because of this, it’s important to understand what you want to achieve when using a stone. Once you understand the unique properties, combining two or more can help you enhance their purpose by providing additional energy to work with.

Crystal Combinations With Selenite

Selenite and Moonstone

Both Selenite and Moonstones draw their energy from the moon. Known to promote dreaming, activate intuition, and bring balance to female energy, they even name Selenite for the Greek goddess of the moon. By combining it with a moonstone, you have a direct connection to the divine and open energies to help connect with your full life force and spirit.

Selenite and Angelite

Angelite is a stone that helps provide guidance and receive loving energies from your higher plane. By combining it with Selenite, you can feel extra peace and serenity in your daily life. We believe Selenite to be the sage of the mineral world, full of cleansing and purifying energies. Combining these two stones, they can operate as a spirit guide to help you effectively communicate and connect with a purer more positive energy. Offering access to your higher chakras, combining Selenite and Angelite can help develop a higher psychic awareness.

Selenite and Herkimer Diamond

Combining these two stones will create a more powerful, amplifying and cleansing energy. Selenite and Herkimer Diamond are renowned for their powerful ability to remove negative and unblock energies. Specifically, when they are associated with your Crown chakra. By releasing these energies from your body that allow you access to your Auric field and the ability to tap into your higher chakra.

How to use Selenite?

Now that you have a greater understanding of Selenite and how this tool can become a powerful cog in your energy tool kit. Regardless of how often you use it, it doesn’t need to be recharged, always offering the same level of energy and power. It is important to learn two of the most effective way to use it.

Using Selenite Wand

Selenite wands imitate of the shape which energy flows, so using Selenite in a wand or stick form is vital for cleansing your aura. This can be effective for people who are oversensitive to others’ energies and emotions. When entering a negative space, using a Selenite wand can help keep your aura cleansed and remove any low or negative vibrations.

Selenite can also help those who are looking to deal with any pain or inflammation in their body. Balance the energy of their chakras and work on their psychic development. Gently massaging with a Selenite wand, you can ease inflammation or pain in your body. It can also relieve congestion and improve your oxygen circulation in your blood. Despite this, we do not recommend it as a replacement for existing medical treatment they should use it as an additional therapy to add another layers of benefit to your spirit mind and body.

Selenite tower lamp

Using Selenite Tower Lamp

If you’re looking for some help with healing or cleansing purchasing of a tower lamp made of Selenite can help cleanse your surrounding environment and your chakra. Perfect for personal spiritual or meditation, these lamps combine the properties of selenite with the light that is passing through them. This creates a warm, welcoming and cleansing glow. Choosing a crystal in its most natural form is the best way to create one of these unique lamps.

How to Cleanse and Charge Selenite?

One reason that selenite is so popular on top of its powerful capabilities it is one of the most low maintenance crystals on the market. You don’t have to worry about going to any overly complicated routine to cleanse it.

Cleanse using clear Water or Moonlight

By simply leaving it in some moonlight, it’s the negative energy that has absorbed will simply dissipate. If you’re in a hurry, just immersive your crystal in some pure fresh water on this will also help cleanse it both physically and energetically.

Earth can help recharge your Selenite

Other people say Selenite can be cleansed by burying it in earth, leave it overnight, and it will rejuvenate their crystals by the morning. Others swear that simply asking the universe to cleanse your crystal can be equally effective.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who is looking for help with health, wealth or relationship issues, purchasing a high quality and reliable Selenite crystal will help bring clarity of thought. Linked to the crown chakra, these powerful stones will help you become more connected with your universe and as a result become more enlightened. Selenite can help you understand all the people and things that influence your spirit and your life.

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