Facts About Selenite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits


Have you seen selenite before? Selenite is actually a stone that exemplifies a high energy vibration, which works in assisting you to carry light from a higher realms in the body, in order to create a personal change. The transparent or white crystals possess a sturdy vibration, which may help in opening the crown and soul star chakras. This may assist you in contacting the so-called divine mind, as well as in accessing the alleged angelic realm. These are potent high vibration stones that you can use, which also provide mind clarity, by way of purging the aura of any negative energy accumulation, both in the etheric and physical body. In this article, we will discuss some more vital facts about selenite including its benefits.

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Meanings and Properties of Selenite

Selenite lamp

The denotation of the term selenite actually comes from a Greek term, which means moon. This is actually linked through the way, which there’s a color reflection inside the first crystals being observed at –this was the moon’s color.

The lovely white non-transparent selenite crystals, and the partially transparent stones come commonly from the country of Mexico.  Further, these are famous since they might be shaped in various uses for curing.

Furthermore, the amazing flat bits of the optical selenite may easily be brought, and a lot of these stones are turned into rounded and long flat wands. A lesser common color, yet lovely green selenite that is so rare, and commonly comes from the country of Australia. These occur as groups of gems and they’re so fragile.

These are fine green crystals, which appear like needle that has some brown and white color towards its base. One more very astounding formation, which is starting to become more adored is the fishtail or the angel wing formation of the selenite.

Apart from the elegance and the beauty, the selenite is known to possess a lot of healing and mystical properties too. The selenite crystals are most frequently found in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Greece, Russia, Poland, Mexico, and the USA.

Reasons to Use Selenite

When you get to see selenite for the first time, the white color that it has will grab your attention in an instant. This particular color is so perfect for a stone, which stands for the clarity of the mind. You’ll also need the selenite crystal when there are so many things going on in your head and its already starting to affect your own sense of quiet and peace. So much like the obsidian, it is a great stone to possess to assist you in quieting the mind, as well as in giving you a mental clarity.

Moreover, selenite is also a stone that you can have with you in protecting you from whatever form of psychic attack. People always have their own way of filling your head with bad ideas, perceptions and thoughts.

Having selenite in you may help in cleansing the mind of all the negativity, more especially if you pair it with the hemimorphite. The very feel and color of this stone has an astoundingly grounding quality, which assists in drawing your own attention and focus into here and now. In case that you find out that you’re easily abstracted or find it hard to concentrate on only one thing at a given time, this stone and its energies might be the remedy.

The presence and sharpness of mind as discussed, this stone may also clear away fuzziness, which surround the psychic insights, or the visions that are received during the meditation.

Selenite Essential Benefits

Here are some of the most astonishing selenite benefits that you should know:

For Health and Healing

The selenite isn’t just a protective stone, which may help in keeping the negative energies away. It may also heal the body with its healing energies, more especially when you use it with some orange stones. For example, it may be utilized in treating health problems that are associated to the skeletal system, just like arthritis. It may also be used in treating certain tumors and cancers.

For Wealth

Selenite stone

Just like most stones and crystals, selenite is a good stone to possess for the attraction of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Even though it can do a lot of wonders for the body, you still need to do the work. There is no amount of lucky charms might make you successful, happy, and rich. The selenite may just work in your own favor if you also give your best in making things happen.

For Love and Relationship

The selenite is also known as the stone of love. All things you want to happen in your romantic life may be made possible by way of tapping into energies, which this stone can give off. Furthermore, if you have been searching for love but have not had any much luck, selenite crystals may help you.


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