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As the 7th sign of the zodiac, Libra represents partnership, fairness, and the deep desire for all things to be agreeable. Paired with the Libra birthstone, Libra personalities and key traits are better enhanced and allowing you to take advantage of your own energy. Read on to find out more about the Libra Birthstone.

What is the Libra Birthstone?


Opal is the main birthstone for those who are
born under the Libra zodiac sign.

For Librans, this stone is mainly the co-worker on the path when it comes to accomplishing synchronization in life. Opal will make them positive at all times and will give them inspiration. The stone also helps in stimulating growth in order to accomplish great results.

Opal, on the other hand, will save Librans from nightmares resulting in a good night’s sleep. Moreover, this stone will protect those who are born under this zodiac sign from any accident as well as negative circumstances related to relationship problems.

Opal may develop instincts and help to determine people who shouldn’t belong to your circle of friends. In addition, opals are said to bring good luck to the wearer.

Lapis Lazuli

libra birthstone

This gemstone helps center the air element around you and helping you get a deeper reflection, achieve serenity and have unfathomable access to your intuition.

Since Libras don’t really like confrontations, the Lapis Lazuli should help guarantee the genuine feelings of serenity and the peace of mind. In addition, this stone also helps in expressing your opinions better and in a diplomatic and civilized way.


Libras can use Labradorite to cleanse their energies and solidifying their own vitality. This stone is known to help release nervousness and anxieties, replacing them with bliss and positive expectations.

Tiger’s Eye and Citrine

It is another great birthstone for Libra people. This crystal offers you stamina since Libras tend to be overly accommodating and helpful to people and likes to put other’s needs before their own. The Tiger’s Eye stone can help align both internal and external energies, keeping you balanced throughout the day.

To help make Libras be less sensitive, Citrine helps them accept challenges and criticisms. The Libra birthstone also guides them in various tricky situations, pointing the way to a positive direction.


Meanwhile, Aquamarine is a valuable Libra birthstone that promotes your tolerance of other people. This stone works with your zodiac sign to make you open-minded and be receptive since Libra people tend to be quite judgmental. In addition, Aquamarine helps
guide Libra people in achieving a higher state of meditation and intuition.


Rose Quartz is the Libra birthstone for ascendant signs. Libra, being the symbol of relationships, you’re someone who desires a long-time partner. And Rose Quartz supports and encourages all kinds of relationships. It mainly shows you how to love yourself first rather than giving your all to others.

Clear Quartz, on the other hand, helps disperses the disruptive trait of uncertainty and indecisiveness of Libra people. It helps in reducing any confusion and allows people to be in the present moment.

Smoky Quartz, named as the discrimination stone, is believed to help Libra people to be selective about people and things, encouraging you to cast away any toxic people from your life.


This stone helps bring receptiveness and peace to new experiences. The stone also helps mend broken relationships and making room for positive and peaceful negotiations. Amethyst, on the other hand, is another Libra moon sign gemstone that helps in decision making. It combines common sense with spiritual insights, providing you the needed energy to manifest these in the physical world.


This Libra birthstone is known to alleviate stress and enhance the potency of medicines. Not only that, but this gemstone is also known in protecting you from all the negativities of your daily life, removing anxieties, fears, and depression while boosting courage and happiness.


This Libra birthstone is said to possess mystical and magical powers. Bloodstone, on the other hand, has a distinct look and it is very beautiful.

The stone is believed that get rids of toxins in the blood making it beneficial to those who have leukemia.

Bloodstones also work within the root or base chakra, heart chakra, and navel or sacral chakra.


Chiastolite has can transform negative energies into positive once. It also promotes both harmony and peace.

Ancient people, on the other hand, believed that it is a highly protective stone especially when they see the cross in the stone.


This Libra birthstone possesses a beautiful green color that carries a number of healing energies. In fact, it is also a great stone for healing emotional issues as well as deep long physical issues.


It is a quite uncommon Libra birthstone that aids in producing calming and restful energies that are beneficial to learning.

Eucryptite has good energies that can be utilized to grid a certain place in which people want to bestow attention to learning particular information.

The stone is also said to refract microwave radiation making it a great protective stone. In fact, the energy of this birthstone will resonate in the higher chakra.

What’s more, it will stimulate deeply caressed heart-based energies and help in soothing peaceable feelings in order to suit one’s inner being.

Pink Tourmaline


This Libra birthstone carries vibrations of love and is beneficial to those who have stress, anxiety, or depression since it contains a high amount of lithium.

Its energies are quite powerful in times of earth changes to aid you to deal with the vibrations that are quite unusual.

The stone will also help if you want to let go of the feeling of sorrow and misery.

Libra Birthstone Key Traits

The sign conceived between September 23 and October 22, Libra is said to be highly sentimental, liberal, tasteful and very diplomatic people. Libra people highly desire to exist with other people in agreement, making them peaceful, loving, but also quite hesitant and moody.

The major trait of a Libra is their innate desire for longing partnerships. They like to look for significant and long-term connections. Libras are willing to wait and have lengthy patience to wait for the right person to come along— they don’t settle for anything less.

Libra people feature solid personalities, but they ideally work better as a dynamic pair. Being the one who holds the scale, Libra strives to achieve justice and fairness.

Libras are also the trendsetter and innovators among the zodiac sign. They have positive qualities that include balance, leadership, initiative and a sense of justice. They are not hesitant to speak up when they have something on their minds.

Other Key Traits of Libra Birthstone

Libras are forgivers. They do not like wasting time holding on to some useless grudge. When someone screws up or done something wrong, Libras forgive them easily and readily offers a second chance. Not only that, but they are also smart enough to learn from their own mistakes.

It is also a self-fixated cardinal sign and Libra is a grandiose air sign. They can also be co-dependent. They like to be pampered, taken care of and financially supported. This leads to some of their troublesome traits including the feeling of entitlement, indulgence, indecisiveness, lethargy and being extravagant.

Although Libras tend to have some disappointing personalities, their diplomacy and thoughtfulness make them irresistible and charming. They always look for connections and balance. They are agreeable and non-confrontational, speaking when they just need to.

Being an air element sign, Libras can achieve a higher state of mind. However, this also makes them quite hesitant. But this is only because they tend to look closely at both the negative and positive aspects and weighing all other factors before making a decision.

Venus is the planet governing Libra, making these people great lovers but also quite materialistic. Their lives should be filled with art, music and beautiful spots.

Libras are intellectual and smart beings. They are the most cunning in the zodiac and are known to be critical thinkers, analyzing everything and taking everything into consideration.

Libra Birthstone Color and Its Meanings

The Libra sign has more than one gemstone to represent it, thus it also comes with several colors.

This is why, you should notice that Libras are always drawn to areas, clothing, crystals, and furniture which exhibit a variety of colors. Each color corresponds to various areas in their lives, both spiritually and psychologically.

The most suitable color for Libra people is blue since it symbolizes peace, harmony, and balance in all aspects of life. Airy pink and light blue, on the other hand, helps open up the heart of Libras and soften their presence. These pale shades help soothe and create an amiable presence while highlighting the Libra’s loving and charming nature.

Still, white and black are also suitable colors for the Libra sign that brings about a strong sense of justice and diplomacy.

Libra Birthstone in Rings, Necklaces, and Jewelry


All Libra birthstones look stunning and magnificent when set in various pieces of jewelry including
bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. When worn daily, Libra people will be closer to the energies of their birthstones and be guided

There are numerous stones which you can choose from, however, you need to pick something that not only looks pretty but also resonates with your key traits.

Tumbled Libra Birthstones

Tumbled Libra stones are as pretty as they are powerful. One of the most popular tumbled Libra birthstones is the Tiger’s Eye that resonates with your solar plexus chakra. It encourages you to face life’s challenges and help increase your personal power as well.

The stone combines the energy of the sun and earth, allowing you to shine brightly while being rooted to the ground. For the traveler Libra, the Tiger’s Eye stone is also known as a strongly protective stone.

Aquamarine in tumbled form is also a strong stone of courage and protection. It resonates with the throat chakra, encouraging spiritual communications.  This stone also encourages you to express yourself and become more tolerant of other’s judgments and criticism.

Many Libras also use this stone to promote reasoning and logic. Carrying it with you can help you prepare against all kinds of emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally challenging scenarios.

Meanwhile, a tumbled Labradorite can help enhance your psychic abilities and boost your intuition. It mainly works with the 3rd eye chakra, making you balance and removing illusions so that your genuine intentions are revealed.

This tumbled Libra stone also helps protect you from all kinds of bad energies as well as sealing your aura to prevent energy leak. The stone is great for healing old wounds and memories, giving you a chance to transform and change.

Tumbled Citrine proves to be a useful crystal that helps Libras overcome the hardest challenges in life. Its bright and warm energy helps cleanse and promote a more positive environment. Known to be a strong purifier, tumbled citrine helps transmute negative energies while increasing your self-discipline, willpower and attracting success and wealth.


A complex zodiac sign, Libra has a picture-perfect appearance that hides many fears. Libras are scared of the ugliness of human nature and become extremely agitated when confronted with selfishness, injustice, and arguments.

They hate being alone and craves for attention and commitment. Libras also hate judgments, disapproval, and criticism. In short, Libras can be challenging individuals.

However, the right Libra birthstone can help balance everything out. These stones should help Libras attune to their higher self and energies and smooth over the imperfections in their personalities.

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