The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Clear Quartz

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The 5 Best Crystal Combinations For Clear Quartz

Do you want to learn more about the crystal combinations for clear quartz? Read on to find out.

It may look ordinary. But don’t be fooled by its clear appearance. The Clear Quartz has been used as a source of light to mankind ever since ancient times. It is highly valued by spiritual healers and leaders with its unique attributes playing a crucial role in mankind’s development.

The Clear Quartz is one of the most abundant and common gemstones in the world, comprising with the most diverse and largest family in the mineral kingdom. In its sparkling light, the Clear Quartz contains the entire color spectrum and beneficial vibrational energies.

Already called the “Master Healer”, Clear Quartz is also a highly versatile crystal that works really well with almost any crystal, thanks to its clear properties. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for clear quartz.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Clear Quartz and Their Benefits

Clear Quartz and Tiger’s Eye Combination Benefits

Already a powerful healing crystal used for centuries to enhance the energy of other gemstones. However, in its own right, clear quartz is a wonderful tool to harmonize and keep your mind balances, less distracted, and focused.

If you need to focus on a project, sharpen your intellect to retain and absorb more information more effectively or want to decrease mental chatter then clear quartz is the perfect crystal for you. However, if you feel like the clear quartz alone is not making any progress, then you can use it in combination with the power of the Tiger’s Eye.

Dubbed as the “Stone of the Mind”, this Tiger’s Eye is a crucial crystal for focus and clarity. IT has the unique ability to filter mental distractions like the quartz crystal while boosting attentiveness and determinations.

Like how the tiger never loses its focus during hunting, this crystal gives you the wisdom to stay focused on the current task. Then the clear quartz further intensifies this focus, allowing you to stay motivated and attentive throughout the day.

Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline Combination Benefits

Clear quartz and black tourmaline have always been the go-to crystals, since it is highly beneficial to any situation or environment, specifically in working environments. Placing clear quartz and black tourmaline in your office or workspace can help filter against negative influences and energies whole increasing vibrational energies.

Black tourmaline has the ability to absorb the negative energies and transforming it into positive energy, turning the low vibrational energies into higher vibrational energies. And as black tourmaline absorb these negative energies, the clear quartz can help shield you from these negativities from reaching your energy field.

Both stones can dispel static electricity and harmful radiation and technology waves, making them particularly beneficial if you tend to work around mobile devices and computers all day long.

Clear Quartz and Selenite Combination Benefits

Clear quartz is also known for its deep soul cleansing abilities, purifying and enhancing your emotional and spiritual state. If you ever need more peace and calmness in your life, then you can use its powerful amplifying abilities to double the power of Selenite crystal.

Selenite is a strong talisman for women, bringing harmony and radiance. It helps attract fertility, love, and fidelity while inducing calmness throughout motherhood and pregnancy. Selenite spreads warm, loving energy, in which crystal quartz further amplifying these energies.  

AS clear quartz help increase your awareness and clarity in thinking while also providing patience, perseverance, and energy, teaching you to love, laugh and live positively, Selenite, on the other hand, helps create the ideal space that cultivates a safety environment, uplifting feelings while protecting you from negative emotions.

Clear Quartz and Herkimer Diamond Combination Benefits

Clear quartz is one of the few crystals that work and stimulate all your chakra. With its clearness and clarity, this all-purpose stone can unblock and stimulate all your 7 chakras and their beneficial energies.

However, its best possible use is healing your crown chakra. By doing so, you will have mental and spiritual clarity in your life. It enhances your energies and focus, allowing you to master the abilities and characteristics of your crown chakra.

Now, if you partner it with Herkimer diamond, you will have more intense and beneficial crown chakra stimulation. A form of the quartz crystal, Herkimer diamond is another clear crystal that resonates deeply with your crown chakra as well as the 3rd charka. Thus, when used in combination with the clear quartz you not only improve your inner communication to the divine realm and higher self, but you also enhance your inner vision.

Thus, you will have a strong understanding of the divine purpose and offering you intuitive insights. Using both crystals, you will stimulate your clairvoyance and telepathic communication, while connecting the astral and physical realms to facilitate astral traveling.

Clear Quartz and Amethyst Combination Benefits

This combination is perfect for enhancing your intuition and connecting to your higher self. Clear quartz amplifies the energy of amethyst, helping you to access intuitive insights and connect to your spiritual guides. The combination of these two crystals is also great for calming the mind and helping you to relax.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best crystal combinations for clear quartz. However, since it is a highly versatile gemstone, you can combine the crystal quartz almost every healing crystals you can think of. As the master healer, clear quartz can amplify and intensify their healing attributes even further.  

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