The Healing Crystals for Immune System Health

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This article discusses the basics of immune system health and the best crystals for healing immune system health!

Bouts of illnesses and infections that seem to happen at short intervals indicate a weakened immune system. So, it makes sense that you need to strengthen your immune system in order to avoid infections and similar kinds of illnesses wherever possible.

Naturally, a detoxification program is needed to strengthen the immune system. This is because the tissue becomes clogged up with toxic and waste substances that speed up the spread of the disease and making it harder for your immune system to respond properly.

A good nutritional base of organic food and regular cleansing programs such as fasting, or the use of spring herbs are highly effective methods.

Additionally, you can try rinsing the teeth and mouth with cold-pressed organic sunflower oil for 10 – 20 minutes daily and then spitting it out in order to provide protection. The food debris and toxic waste are concentrated by the oil, which helps cleanse the gums, mouth, teeth, and airways.

Other than these holistic approaches, it is crucial that you also increase your overall basic resistance. Only a properly trained immune system can maintain its ability to react to attacks. Proven daily traditional remedies should be done. These include:

  • Physical activity in fresh air
  • Sleeping with an open window
  • Taking alternate cold and hot baths
  • Supplementing with vitamin C
  • Getting enough rest and sleep

For those who don’t have physically demanding work, it’s crucial to allow the body to perspire in the fresh air. This can take the form of walking, bike rides, hiking, chopping wood, more strenuous forms of gardening and so much more.

Of course, lower levels of the overall stress and emotional tension can also help. There’s a direct connection with your emotional condition and the immune system. Any crisis in life such as pains of the past, fear, grief, problems, and conflicts should be resolved.

Crystals can help with both physical and emotional causes of immune health problems and help strengthen your resistance. Not only that, some crystals can even assist the regeneration of your immune system after a severe illness.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing immune system health.

Crystals For Healing Immune System Health


crystals for healing immune system health

Chrysocolla is a potent stone that can strengthen the immune system by cleansing your body tissues and your lymphatic system. This crystal can be applied preventively, especially if you are very prone to infections.

You can also use this stone in order to speed up the healing process during infection. Not only that, but chrysocolla also helps in obtaining greater stability on an emotional level in cases of stress and anxiety.



The epidote crystal helps in rebuilding the immune defense system after a severe illness, promoting the normalization of body functioning. Particularly, this crystal can be applied if you are still feeling very weak some time after your illness.

Like chrysocolla, epidote is particularly useful for anyone seemingly prone to infections. On an emotional level, this crystal can help in cases of chronic stress and in dealing with painful experiences. It helps in the overcoming of grief, frustration, self-pity and thus improving your emotional constitution.


crystals for healing immune system health

Also known as the bloodstone, this blood-red stone is particularly helpful at the starting stages of an illness or when you are suffering from inflammation. In both cases, it can help support the immune system by neutralizing the cause of the infection, limiting the disease.

Emotionally, the bloodstone is a powerful protector of the mind and soul and helps you ward off any negative and unwanted influences.

Ocean Jasper

crystals for healing immune system health

This unique stone with ripple-like patterns is one of the best crystals that you can use for strengthening the immune system. Being a chalcedony, the ocean jasper has potent detoxifying properties that help in cleansing the tissues and lymph. As a result, the immune system’s ability to react to infection is improved significantly.

You can apply the stone preventively when there’s a high risk of getting infected as well as during all the phases of infection from bacteria or viruses. Ocean jasper is particularly helpful with the debilitating or stubborn illnesses where it brings in new energy and new impetus to the healing process.

Final Thoughts

For all the above-mentioned crystals, we highly recommend that you wear them as a pendant or necklace. It is also possible to take them as gem essence (3 – 5 drops, two times, and day) or as gem water.

Taking care of the immune system is crucial in order to fight illnesses and diseases. Crystal therapy can help with strengthening your body’s defenses, but don’t forget to employ other traditional ways such as enough rest, physical activity, and eating nutritious foods.

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