The Healing Crystals for Hyperactivity

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In today’s article, we will be talking about the best crystals for healing hyperactivity.

The increasingly cited ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and hyperkinetic syndrome are different terms for a phenomenon in young adults and kids. However, for this article, we will just use the term hyperactivity.

Hyperactivity is a complex condition that can include symptoms like:

  • Unrest of the body’s motor mechanisms
  • Impulsive actions
  • Concentration and focus disorders
  • Problems in social areas

We believed that there are 5 main factors that contribute to this hyperactivity:

  • Rapid overstimulation
  • Reduced experience, disparity, and inconsistency
  • Out-of-step development
  • Goal-oriented upbringing
  • Modern collective subconscious

While there are several ways to help prevent or stop hyperactivity (supportive parenting, motivation, playing, and bonding), crystal therapy can also prove to be useful in dealing with hyperactive children and young adults. 

Here are some of the best crystals for healing hyperactivity.

Crystals For Healing Hyperactivity


crystals for healing hyperactivity

Amazonite is one of the most effective crystals for treating hyperactivity. AS a triclinic feldspar with traces of lead, this green crystal helps in maintaining concentration and attention for longer periods.

Not only that, but amazonite also helps in balancing the soul and mind, feelings and thoughts, and the intuition and willpower. This potent crystal helps hyperactive children develop an inner calmness and to utilize the positive results of this very rapidly.

Through this, better self-control is achieved, and immediate impulses are no longer blindly worked off. Instead, they’re recognized but are expressed in a more normal way or even withheld. In addition, amazonite helps a child find a mental foothold and to counter the challenges of life with a degree of trust.



Apatite can help with hyperactivity that is much exaggerated or when a kid is very aggressive and irritable. Being a hexagonal phosphate, apatite can help channel superfluous energy into controlled paths in order to recognize boundaries and to accept them.

Not only that, this powerful crystal encourages openness and outgoing nature, therefore improving social adaptability. Apatite is also a highly recommended crystal when there’s a distinct connection between nutrition and hyperactive phenomena.

It can help regulate metabolism and thus help reduce the consequences of a diet that’s not adhered to.



With its calming light blue crystalline structure, aquamarine helps with the severe motor unrest, for instance when a child is constantly running on adrenaline, are easily distrait o have poor concentration.

AS a hexagonal, ring-shaped silicate that contains beryllium and aluminum, aquamarine can help regulate brain and nerve functions and encourages hormonal balance, particularly with respect to the thyroid and pituitary glands.

On an emotional level, aquamarine can help encourage emotional growth and development, perseverance, and further improvement of learning abilities.


crystals for healing hyperactivity

Chrysoberyl helps kids with extreme hyperactivity. This can be defined as kids who seem to be almost removed from their behavior and perception, displaying severe attention-seeking behavior and have severe social problems and learning difficulties at school.

This crystal is also a good choice when you have the feeling of being unable to reach kids even when talking to them. As a rhombic mineral, the chrysoberyl can help improve contact with reality as well as the conscious ability to maintain the attention and connection with your surroundings.

Thanks to its beryllium and aluminum content, this crystal also has a nerve-regulating effect like aquamarine. As a matter of fact, EEG examinations show that chrysoberyl can help balance the 2 halves of the brain.

It has the ability to break down stress frequencies and revitalize inactive brain areas or the missing ranges of brain rhythms. This results in improved concentration. Not only that, but it also helps regulate the extreme mood swings, lack of self-control, and irrational fears.

Furthermore, chrysoberyl can also help with impairment of the senses, reading and writing difficulties, loss of speech or memory, and if the child constantly runs out of steam when under stress.



Tourmaline can help with hyperactivity by encouraging the harmonious and holistic development of one’s self. The multi-colored tourmalines in which pink Rubellite, blue Indigolith, and green Meredith appear together are the best ones to use.

However, if you only have a single-colored tourmaline, then the blue form Indigolith is said to be the most effective. AS a trigonal ring silicate, the tourmaline can help you find inner quiet, peace, and firmness. Not only that, but it also helps reduce inner tensions and encourage self-trust and focus.

This crystal can stimulate awareness, helpfulness, empathy, and the realization of the consequences of one’s action. Thanks to its boron content, tourmaline also improves self-control. Meanwhile, the colored tourmalines with their lithium content also provide a calming effect on the nerves.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. These are some of the best crystals for healing hyperactivity in kids and young adults. For all the above crystals, wear as a pendant or necklace on the thymus gland and preferably place a crystal on the forehead for 10 minutes once or twice daily.

If your kid is uncomfortable with wearing it on the throat or chest, they can wear it as a bracelet on the right arm. In addition, you can prepare a gem essence, taking 3 – 5 drops 3 times a day. Or you can prepare a 100 – 200 ml gem water taken in small sips throughout the day. Take note, however, that chrysoberyl preparation should be taken in smaller doses.

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