The Healing Crystals for Homesickness

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  4 min read

Are you currently down and feeling homesick? This article shows you some of the best crystals for healing homesickness.

Homesickness is a strong yearning for loved ones at home. It is an uncomfortable and often oppressive feeling that occurs together with the strong desire to see some familiar faces and surroundings, connected with whatever you feel to be home.

When you suffer from homesickness, you might experience feelings similar to grief— an emotion that you feel when you lost what you’re familiar with. You feel a sense of heartbreak, lack of interest in present surroundings, loss of appetite, feelings of loneliness, and many other accompanying phenomena.

Since homesickness is mainly psychological and emotional in character, extreme cases can even assume a psychosomatic character and lead to real illnesses.

Homesickness has a double effect. You miss your familiar surroundings while at the same time, you find it difficult to adapt to your current, unfamiliar surroundings.

It can sometimes be helpful to have around you something familiar. Something which carries information or the familiarity about your home, but that can also allow you to try and adapt to your new surroundings.

Healing crystals fit the bill for both requirements. Minerals that occur naturally in the soil of where you consider to be home and with which you feel deeply connected to in some way can constitute a kind of home spirit for you.

By using crystals, you can create a form of energy field by placing them in the corners of your living space, arranging them around your bed, or just carrying or wearing them around with you. By doing so, you can create a form of spiritual atmosphere similar to being at home, even if it is purely in your mind.

This way, you can carry your home in your heart and lessen the feeling of loss and alienation. Here are some of the best crystals for healing homesickness.

Crystals For Healing Homesickness


crystals for healing homesickness

Chrysoprase is one of the most effective crystals for healing homesickness. Basically, this crystal has the effect of helping you develop feelings of inner security and peace. Thus you can feel the sentiments of actually becoming part of your home, regardless of where you are.

The stone is particularly useful for kids who have been separated from their parents. For instance at a school retreat or a holiday camp. You can wear it as a pendant or a necklace or just carry it with you in your pocket. This way, your auric field can benefit from its positive energies when you’re feeling down.


Amber is another great stone with a similar effect to chrysoprase, particularly if it’s a piece that you already wear or has been carried by someone you know for a long time. This is because amber is great at storing information.

This helps capture the home vibrations that you miss so badly. In addition, amber has a typically carefree and cheerful property that makes it a perfect personal anti-homesickness crystal.

Agate + Amethyst + Dumortierite + Serpentine

crystals for healing homesickness

Agate can also help end homesickness by bringing inner peace, protection, and security to its user. Meanwhile, amethyst helps in overcoming the worries and anxiety associated with homesickness.

Dumortierite, on the other hand, helps with all kinds of stress and the feelings of loneliness, thanks to its take-it-easy and calming properties. Lastly, serpentine, like agate, helps in contributing to inner peace.

Petrified Wood

crystals for healing homesickness

This is a form of crystal that helps you take root in new surroundings. This will allow you to adapt to your new home, which is the second aspect of homesickness. The minerals occur as a small piece of fossilized tree of which there are many kinds.

It’s best to choose the tumbled stone or raw or a polished and cut section which heels helpful and comfortable to you.

Noble Opal + Fire Opal + Mookaite + Pink Chalcedony

Noble opals enhance your curiosity over your new surroundings. Fire opal increases your enthusiasm to get to know people and things in your new home. Mookaite opens yourself to new experiences, while Pink chalcedony can induce cordial encounters.

These 4 crystals along with any other form of opal can help in opening your spirit and mind to your new surroundings and providing you a positive approach to your new surroundings.

Final Thoughts

While living, working, or studying in a different place has its upsides— experiencing different cultures and exploring new places— a tinge of homesickness will often hit you right away. This is totally understandable.

If you can’t help but feel sad or can’t seem to adapt well with your new surroundings, the above-mentioned crystals should be able to comfort you. They can help ground you, easing the pain and loneliness you’re feeling while evoking positive energies to uplift your mind and spirit.

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