The Healing Crystals for Eye Strain

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Nowadays, tired, and strained eyes are quite common with the increased advancement of technology, TV viewing, working with computer monitors as well as artificial light. Fortunately, the best crystals for healing eye strain can counteract the negative effects of our day-to-day electronic use.

A feeling of pressure around the eyes, a burning sensation, mild pain, dryness, red skin, temporarily reduced vision, blurred sight is typical symptoms in this context. To avoid the long-term damage to our vision, we need to have enough breaks from electronic devices, a diet that is rich in vitamin A, drinking plenty of water, using efficient light sources, and shielding the monitor screens.

In addition, you can complement these methods by using crystal therapy.  Here are some of the best crystals for healing eye strain.

Crystals For Healing Eye Strain



All kinds of agate, especially when containing the inclusions of an eye signature will always be the first choice when dealing with any issues of the eyes. For the dry, burning eyes, the Agate with blue-grey natural colors.

However, if too much eye strain causes inflammation, then you should consider using the pink natural form agates. A section or tumbled agates should be placed on your eyes for a quarter of an hour every night for the best effects.

These stones can help ease the burning sensation or dry eyes. Also, you can try wearing these crystals as a pendant or a necklace for longer periods in order to benefit from their powerful vibrating energies.


crystals for healing eye strain

Being a part of the Beryl family of minerals, aquamarine is one of the best crystals for reducing eye strain. Thanks to its soothing hues that evoke the tranquility of the sea and skies, it is one of the best stones to look at to reduce the burning sensation and discomfort of overworking your eyes.

This powerful stone helps in relaxing the area surrounding your eyes while also improving muscle tone. Furthermore, it even has a positive influence on your nerves. Thus, it is best suited for eye problems due to strenuous work such as ametropia, nystagmus, and squinting.

Aquamarine as plain crystals or tumbled gemstones can be placed directly on your closed eyelids after a tiring work, particularly if there’s an already existing eye disease. Also, you can try rinsing your eyes with specially made Aquamarine water in order to provide fast relief.


crystals for healing eye strain

This purple stone is highly effective for the pressure-sensitive, blurred eyesight, and water eyes. It is also one of the best stones you can use to relieve several eye problems that are connected with eye strain or nervous problems such as tired eyes, squinting, and reduced sight.

You can simply place either tumbled amethyst stone or use a compress moistened with the Hildegard von Bingen’s amethyst water on your eyes.



Like aquamarine, emerald also belongs to the Beryl family of minerals. Thus, it is one of the best crystals for treating tired eyes as well as other eye diseases. This majestic green crystal is known for reducing eye strain.

Emerald helps relaxes the area surrounding the eyes, while stimulating the nerve function and has a positive influence on your eye musculature. Additionally, this green crystal also helps in alleviating toxins or poisoning while also reducing inflammation and blurry eyes. This is why emerald is particularly effective with eye problems that occur because of inflammation and tiredness.

You can simply place a tumbled emerald or raw crystal on your closed eyelids for several minutes to benefit from its powerful vibrational energies. In addition, you should wear an emerald pendant or necklace. Or you can also take small sips of 200 – 300ml emerald water throughout the day.



Dioptase is a powerful crystal that helps in soothing burning and painful reddish eyes. In fact, there are commercially available Dioptase eye drops for this very purpose. It helps relieve eye pain due to strain and overworking, helping relieve burning sensation and other discomforts of the eyes.

You can just place a crystal cluster on your closed eyelids to facilitate the healing of the eyes. Alternatively, you can take 3 – 5 drops of dioptase gem essence for 3 times a day. Other than that, Dioptase also has a positive effect on your liver, so it can be placed directly on your liver in cases of blurry and weakened eyes.


Tourmaline its various colors— watermelon, green, pink, and blue— helps particularly with eye tiredness, eye nerve problems as well as eye diseases caused by an injury.

Furthermore, the black variety of black tourmaline also known as Schorl is a powerful protective stone that shields you against radiation and electronic smog. This only means that you can protect your eyes even if you work long hours in front of a computer.

You can place the colorful varieties of tourmaline directly on your eyelids or take it as gem essence or water. For the black tourmaline variety, you can simply place the crystal near your working area so that it absorbs the negative energy and radiation coming from your electronic devices.

Final Thoughts

Eye strain is pretty much common nowadays, due to the advancing technology and workaholic lifestyle of people. However, enough rest from these electronic pollutions should be prioritized in order to prevent too much strain on the eyes that can eventually lead to eye problems. Also, consider supporting your eyes with the best healing crystal for eye strain mentioned above.

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