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Moldavite is one of the most fascinating and sought-after minerals in the world. The green, teardrop-shaped gemstone comes from a meteorite that crashed into Earth about 15 million years ago. Not only do Moldavites have an interesting story behind them, but they can be used to protect you against negative energy and even heal your body!

If you’re interested in learning more about moldavite or how it can benefit you, then keep reading. We will share everything about this mystical stone so that by the end of this post, you have all the desired information.



The amazing transformation crystal, called Moldavite or holy grail stone, is thought to have been created 14.8 million years ago from the crystal of a meteoroid. So many theories are behind Moldavite, and some say it was composed of heat from the asteroid impact.

Lately, it was found in the form of the arrowhead. In 1908, moldavite cutting tools and amulets were also found. It was found to be Emerald, but different researchers have different theories. It was found in millions if pieces near the Czech Republic and are etched into unusual shape and size.

What Is Moldavite?

The first time it was introduced by Josef Mayer was in a lecture in Prague university from Týn nad Vltavou in 1786. The name of the crystal was Chrysolites at that time. In 1836, some crystal pieces were found at the Moldau river (Vltava) by Zippe; from that time, it was named Moldavite.

Moldavite is in the form of tektite formed by the melting and cooling of Silica or rock. After that, it is ejected into the atmosphere after the meteoroid impact. The natural glass formed by the meteoroid impact in Germany is also called Moldavite. In Czech lore, it was served as a marriage contract gift to bring love to marital relationships. For an extended period, it has been used in jewelry, spiritual transformation, and religious items.

The Appearance Of Moldavite

The shape of the Moldavite gives resemblance to its molten origin. They are usually in a disk shape, oval, spheroid, dumbbell shape, rod-like, spiral, basically all are included in the splash pattern of liquid. Moldavites from Moravian stones are almost spherical, while Bohemian stones are usually rod-like and elongated.

The marvelous feature of Moldavite stone is that it is a beautifully carved, wrinkled, and sculpted pattern. It is just like an unpolished stone and inherited in raw. It resembles rough surface and forms erosions near the surface of the river.

The rarest of all, called “Sonorous” Moldavite, is just like a glass material, and if it is dropped on a glass or metal, they start ringing just like a coin.

Properties Of Moldavite

The chemical formula is SiO2(+Al2O3). According to researchers, its properties are the same as that of glass. Its chemical classification is like silica-rich glass. It has a yellowish-green and greenish-brown color, and it has a vitreous luster.

A lot of claims have been made by researchers regarding the Moldavite metaphysical properties. Its stunning appearance and rarity made it so special. If you stare continuously at the Moldavite crystal at the time of meditation, you will find it easy to connect yourself with the high powers of the universe. Another attractive property is that it can transcend time. Moldavite is a beneficial stone for that person who is engaged in the past life state.

Moldavite As A Gemstone

Most quality type Moldavite is cut into the polished stone and sold as a gem. It should be worn cautiously and has about the same hardness and density as the standard glass. Due to that reason, it is used in pins, pendants, and earrings that would not be enslaved to impact.

Varieties Of Moldavite

Moldavite is green glass; of course, it is naturally occurring volcanic glass. Moldavite comes in two different varieties.

1. Regular Grade

These pieces are often low in quality and closer to opaque. They give dark green color and often turn into black color. Usually, they have a “Pitted” texture.

2. Museum-Grade

These pieces are lighter, more translucent, and are green in color. Also, they have fern-like patterns and are more valuable than regular grade Moldavite.

Varieties Of Moldavite

Gems Similar To Moldavite

Moldavite comes in different shapes and qualities, but some gems are not the same as Moldavite. These are explained below

1. Chrysolite

This gem refers to peridot, quality gem olivine. In general, chrysolite is not directed to and known as Moldavite, but it is included in the list. Dr. Josef Mayer has mistakenly added chrysolite to the list of Moldavite. Comparing it with Moldavite, it is not in the form of glass. It is a mineral of silicate having the general formula (Mg, Fe)2SiO4. It is in olive green color, and the dark olive-green color in it makes it more expensive.

2. Ivory Coast Tektites

According to researchers, Moldavite is similar in composition and properties to tektites found on the Ivory Coast. These are found in denser forests, which makes them challenging to regain. They are dull in appearance but are quite valuable and rare. They tend to be eggs shaped and are available in black or gray color.

3. Australites

The researchers have no outward similarity to Moldavite, but they have the same composition. They occur in grey or black color and tend to be in bowl or disk shape. Once, it was found that Australites were a form of Obsidian, but it is referred to with Moldavite.

4. Obsidian

Obsidian is one of the popular gemstones and is a form of volcanic glass. When lava cools rapidly with the minimum amount of crystal growth, that minimum amount of crystal is Obsidian. It is usually black, translucent, and has a smooth and vitreous texture. In ancient times, it was used for cutting purposes because of its sharp edges. During the research of Obsidian being a type of Moldavite, it was found that the volcanic eruption on the moon formed Obsidian.

5. Fulgurite

Fulgurite is also a type of glass formed by lightning striking and is not composed of meteoric impact. It does not seem like Moldavite at all.

Identifying Characteristics

Like all tektites, Moldavites also vary in chemistry and offer a wide range of specific gravity and refractive indices. X-ray fluorescence and data inclusion are the best methods to identify these gems. These crystals often have a wavy and roiled appearance and also have numerous inclusions of gas bubbles. Finding amorphous silica glass is a strong indication that you have a Moldavite.

Spotting A Fake Moldavite

A frequently asked question from the crystal users, “How do I know whether my crystal is real or fake?”

Authentic crystals were found deep underwater, underground, and in darkness millions of years ago. They suck energies around them longer than we expect and come to the surface, and boost up our lives. However, many people cheat by providing fake copies of crystals, and those counterfeit crystals do not have the metaphysical healing properties that a genuine crystal has.

Any piece of crystal that does not include a bubble and looks like a clean and flawless crystal is possibly fake. These fake crystals are produced in large amounts, thus deceiving customers from the healing powers of the Moldavite crystal.

Fake Moldavite

Cost Of A Real Moldavite

Moldavite is expensive due to several reasons.

Fake Medicine

Due to the amorphous composition, real Moldavite does not process quickly on a completely smooth and glossy surface. Most of the Moldavite sold online nowadays is offered for use as a healing crystal or metaphysical use. Although some respond that wearing Moldavite gives medical effectiveness, there is no scientific proof that it provides a medical cure but acts as a dummy medicine.

Crystal Pairing And Energy

Moldavite carries healing properties, self-healing, and cleansing. Some stones are present, which helps with Moldavites in several ways. By using Herkimer Diamond while using Moldavite will enhance the third eye vision system. By using Rose Quartz with Moldavite assists in opening the heart and loves to flow in it.

This crystal releases energy, and you can feel the energy by touching it and gaining the warmth caused by Moldavite. The heat is so usual that it is called a Moldavite Flush. It is recommended to have a standard stone nearby while carrying a Moldavite and during walking. It helps the Moldavite from being too firm, and that strength will be less overwhelming for you.

Cleaning And Recharging A Moldavite

Moldavite crystal is relatively fragile and cannot be cleaned with salt. However, it can be re-energized with positive energy, and this process should be done once a month. This stone is fragile because of its powerful frequencies and vibrational effect. It absorbs negativity and should be cleansed with water frequently.

The Healing Effect Of Moldavite

Moldavite healing properties assist with a physical, emotional, and balanced level of problems. Its healing effect can help us with mental issues. Moldavite has a long and detailed history in theopathic uses.

1. Physical Moldavite Properties

It is beneficial as a part of diagnosis and supports the releasing and healing process. Its high vibrational energy helps open the blocked areas and allows the cells to move towards the original state of perseverance.

2. Emotional Healing Powers

Moldavite is known as the stone of the heart. Its resonance allows our soul to union with our mind and heart and brain to work together in partnership. It reaches the deeper in our self and brings us to the surface.

3. Chakra Balancing Properties

Moldavite, with its stunning green energy, is the first and leading stone to the heart. Moldavite energies can stimulate any or all of the chakra because of its high vibrational frequency. This often occurs concurrently, and sometimes it appears with great emotional release. It is also used to activate Kundalini Energy.

The Crown Chakra is designated at the top of the head and is our primary way to see the expanded universe. It controls our thinking that what we think and respond to the people. It is the source of knowledge, belief, and spiritual awakening. When the Crown chakra is balanced, we can see what they are and know about our place in the universe.

Moldavite Crystals And Angels

If you are born in the following periods, the crystal color and the name of the angel would be described below:

DateCrystal ColorName Of Angel
Jan 1- Jan 5GreenNemamiah
March 31- April 4Dark greenSitael
June 6- June 10GreenHakamiah
July 7- July 11Light greenIeiaeil
Sep 3- Sep 7GreenYehudiah
Sep 8- Sep 12Dark greenLehahiah
Dec 27- Dec 31Dark greenPoiel

Moldavite Birthstone

There are several ways to find a birthstone, and the Moldavite birthstone is mentioned above. These are viral lists that people are familiar with. The color of the wheel is also another option for finding the birthstone. Finally, many people use the stones of the Zodiac.

Summing Up

That was all about Moldavites. This special type of stone has been used to heal hearts for centuries, so it can be said that there are many benefits to having this power in your life! We hope you have enjoyed learning about moldavite today. Be sure to let us know what other topics we should cover next time by leaving us comments below!

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