The Power of Obsidian

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The Power of Obsidian

Obsidian is a stone that is very good for catharsis – the purgation and purification of emotions most especially fear and pity. This stone can heal negative emotions that you’re holding on to effectively, even traumas preventing you from living your life to the fullest. It will also help you in handling your emotions. Whether you’re a crystal lover or simply want to learn more about the power of obsidian, then check out this article.

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The Power of Obsidian: Catharsis

Chakra Correspondence

Associated with the base chakra, the definition of this stone is known for healing attributes that work deeply and quickly to let go of negative energies.

Moreover, obsidian will help in the clearing, balancing, and energizing the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Rainbow obsidian, on the other hand, can be placed on the heart chakra to help in stabilizing the physical heart.

Physiological Correspondence

Obsidian is a stone that is good for your health. It is a powerful stone that facilitates digestion and other digestive issues. It also detoxifies, dissolving tension and blockages like hardened arteries.

Moreover, it reduces an enlarged prostate and the pain of joint problems. It even improves the circulation system even in serious conditions like hardening of the artery in the legs because of smoking.


Depending on the type or color, obsidian has an earthly to medium vibration. But one thing is for sure, in general obsidian holds uplifting and strong vibrations.

Legendary Power of Obsidian

Legendary Power of Obsidian

Obsidian has long been viewed as a magical portal through space and time. According to Theophrastus, the ancient Greeks stared into the scrying mirrors that are made from obsidian. What’s more, obsidian crystal balls have been utilized for thousands of years.

In addition to that, this stone is a shamanic tool for getting rid of debris and blockages from the past. Obsidian blocks harmful intentions and psychic attacks by giving a protection for the aura. For this purpose, you need to pair your obsidian with apache tears.

On the other hand, rainbow obsidian will cut through the energetic cords binding two souls inappropriately. With the assistance of this stone, you will be able to free yourself to love anew.

Healing Power of Obsidian

Obsidians will work more rapidly especially when utilized under the guidance of professional crystal healers.

Nevertheless, this stone can bring on a healing challenge and aggravate an emotional catharsis. Moreover, it will disclose the reasons behind diseases.

Snowflake Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, and Blue Obsidian tend to work at a gentler pace compared to Black Obsidian.

Harsh in disclosing character traits that need transmutation, Obsidian will encourage deep soul healing. It will clear outdated thought forms and mental constructs, highlighting with complete clearness what must change.

To help with the fast release of core problems and absorb all the released negative energies, place this stone in your healing room.

When it comes to the physical level, Obsidian will draw off negative energy assisting the structures of the body to energetically realign, detoxify, and soften. It will also aid previous-life healing in which deep traumas and unpleasant facts need to be changed and faced.

Transformational Power of Obsidian

Black obsidian

One of the best things about Obsidian is that it can help if you’ve lost your power by re-empowering yourself and addressing the problem. It will allow you to look in the mirror of your inner being going more profoundly into the intuitive, facing what needs to be faced. It will integrate your shadow and transform the negativity of the lifetime to free your soul.

Moreover, with the black variety of obsidian, you will be able to reframe and explore the ancestral line. As a matter of fact, obsidian is a stone of profound integrity that will surely bring you back to your spiritual direction.

For Spider Web Obsidian, it can help you to distinguish the patterns holding you in the past. The stone will show how you manipulated not only yourself but other people as well. Furthermore, it will pull no punches but it is actually gentler than the other varieties of obsidians. With its guidance, you will be able to bring your innermost design to the surface. Also, you can consciously make a web of light that can support your desires. Last but not least, it will reveal the beauty you’re holding in the rest of your soul.

How to Harness the Powers of Obsidian

One way to harness the great powers of obsidian is to place the stone at your feet. When doing this, make sure that you visualize cords passing from every foot going over the earth star chakra, twisting profoundly into the Earth, affixing you in chaos.

You can also meditate with this stone most especially the black variety. The powers of this stone are in such wealth that you’ll find yourself in a process of finding the truth when you begin meditating with black obsidian.


Obsidian is not just an attractive stone but it can also help you in releasing all the negative emotions you’re holding to. This stone will help you understand that even though there are despair and darkness in your life today, always remember that there are hope and light waiting to be unleashed and discovered.

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