The Healing Crystals for Pain

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Dealing with pain? Today, we’re going to talk about pain and the best crystals for healing pain of all kinds.

Inflammation, injuries, and damaged nerves can cause physical pain. The purpose of pain is twofold:

First off, to direct the mind’s attention towards the affected area of the body and avoid further damage. Secondly, It initiates the measures that lead to improvement and healing.

Thus, simply taking painkillers is akin to removing the internal warnings or brake lights of the body. However, if you understand the signal and solve the problem on a causal level— with the help of a qualified doctor or an alternative practitioner as needed— pain-relieving measures can be a definite help.

Nevertheless, it’s best to imply remedies that have no adverse side effects, for instance, crystal therapy.

Other than that, there’s another immediate treatment that does not involve the use of crystals, but which relieves pain caused by external injuries such as scratches, cuts, strains, abrasions, dislocations, blows, and more. This method involves the re-enaction of the whole incident of the injury’s cause and is a consciousness-raising process that directs your attention and life energy towards the affected area.

This way, it helps improve the healing process. To do this, you need to repeat the injury exactly as it to places and where it took place as quickly as possible after the incident. Of course, you need to perform it without hurting yourself once again and sometimes requires repeating the action a couple of times.

With this method, the pain will suddenly increase, after which it decreases and even vanishes, of which this is the point to stop.

Depending on the circumstances under which pain occurs, and where it is felt, there’s a selection of crystals for use largely in connection with particular pains.

Crystals For Healing Pain

Rock Crystals

The rock crystals can help relieve pain in an instant. Simple take 2 rock crystals the length of your finger and place them pointing towards the aching spot, but so that their tips are pointing diametrically opposite each other.

With this application, there will be an initial and spontaneous increase in the pain, which then diminishes and gradually stops. Pain is the accumulation of energy, and this method supplies even more energy until the blockage is dissipated which explains why the pain becomes worse before fading away.

This method is most efficient with pains because of tension, injuries, muscle cramps, nerves, and more. For cases of stomach pains, however, you need to avoid treatment with rock crystals since the initial increase in pain can be too extreme.

The double-pointed rock crystals, particularly the bright Herkimer diamonds can also be used and should be arranged in a triangle around the tender spot to offer a pain-relieving effect.

Kunzite + Sugilite

Kunzite is a potent stone that particularly helps with easing nerve pains, whether from an injured or pinched nerve or caused by neuralgia. The typical signs are dragging and radiating pains, as in the cases of sciatica.

Sugilite, on the other hand, eases the severe nerve pains. However, its effect is somewhat slower than kunzite but is stronger. The typical indications for the application of sugilite are acute, throbbing pains, and severe twinges.

Malachite + Zircon

The crystal helps in easing pains and crams in the inner organs, particularly in the female reproductive system. This is why you can also apply malachite in cases of pains during menstruation as well as during the birth process.

Zircon is another potent stone that helps with cramps and diffuse pain in larger areas, particularly for pains of the inner organs. Otherwise, twinges and cramp-like pains are typical indications for the application of zircon.


The stone of gentle healing is best for pains that occur because of external injuries such as abrasions, cuts, dislocations, blows, sprains, and wounds. Its vibrational energy can provide the necessary relief from discomfort and searing pain while also facilitating quick healing.

The typical indications of pain when rhodonite should be used are sharp, burning, gnawing, and stabbing pains.

Black Tourmaline + Obsidian

Black tourmaline, along with obsidian can help in relieving the acute, sharp, and pressure pans, particularly with the easily detectable tension pains.

You simply need to place a little tumbled obsidian (particularly the Apache’s Tear form) directly to the tender spot and placing 4 black tourmaline rods that are pointing outwards and around it. The obsidian will help dissolve the pain while the black tourmaline can draw away the excess energy.


Pyrite is an exceptional stone that can relieve all kinds of pains in principle, except some certain kinds of headaches. This crystal is particularly effective in cases of severe pain such as joint pains or lumbago.

Pyrite can be placed directly on the aching area and fixed with a tape. However, for safety reasons, you should place pyrite inside a cotton bag before it is placed on the skin or avoid fixing it on the skin for long periods since the iron sulfide in the crystal can react with perspiration and can cause skin irritation for the sensitive skins.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have t wait for the pain to subside or take painkillers to get relief from all kinds of pain. The crystals for healing pain are powerful tools in relieving pains and discomfort, regardless of the cause.

For all of the above crystals, except the rock crystal, you can simply place the crystals or tape them on the affected area. They can be in the form of raw crystals (pyrites, zircon, kunzite), sections or slices (rhodonite, malachite), or tumbled stones (malachite, kunzite, sugilite, rhodonite)

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