The Healing Crystals for Impotence

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The term impotence covers men with apparent impairment of sexual activity. Typically, it is the general lack of ability to practice sex due to the insufficient or lack of erection of the penis. Sometimes, it also means the inability to ejaculate, climaxing too soon or premature ejaculation, and failure to achieve orgasm. Read on to know the best crystals for healing impotence.

The cause of impotence can be emotional or physical.

From the physical point of view, sexual problems of this nature can happen because of accidental or congenital damage to the testicles and penis as well as from problems with the blood vessels (arterial blockages), the nerves (damage or disease of the spinal column), the metabolism (diabetes mellitus), or hormonal balance.

In addition, general states of weakness, adverse side effects of some medication, alcohol, and drugs, and chronic poisoning (arsenic, lead, or hydrocarbons) can also contribute to lowering potency. In all these cases, treatment on the causal level is required.

More often, however, the problems can have an emotional cause. The competitive pressure, the dread of a resulting sense of failure, fear of high expectations in sexual performance, or the negative attitude toward your partner may all play a part.

Additionally, the anti-sex upbringing with the associated feelings of guilt, normal stress and bad moods, possibilities of unwanted pregnancy, and fear of sexually transmitted disease can all contribute to impotence.

In these cases, only an open dialogue between partners can help, discussing one’s fears, wishes, and difficulties, in order to secure the mutual support, provided through trust and openness.

Therapeutic help can also be necessary. And crystals can also help you overcome some of the minor problems.  Here are some of the best crystals for healing impotence.

Crystals For Healing Impotence

Fire Opal

Fire opal

With its fiery vibrational energies, the fire opal can help with impotence and the failure to achieve pleasure and orgasm. Its potent energies can encourage erotic feelings and sexual attraction while removing the inhabitation s acting out of lust.

Quite simply, with fire opal by the bedside, it can help make sex fun again, so that it becomes impulsive and spontaneous. In addition, this crystal also helps in eliminating the negative energies that may be inhibiting good sex such as feelings of guilt, bad moods, and unwanted thoughts.

Fire opal can be worn as a pendant, necklace, or beads of bracelet for longer periods. Then place an unpolished fire opal stone or tumbled stone on your pubic bone. Do this regularly but for a short period of time. The best time to do this is early evening from 7 – 9 PM.


crystals for healing impotence

Since ancient times, ruby is considered to be the premier stone for desires and passion. On a sexual basis, ruby with its bright red hue helps with the types of impotence that arise from emotional causes and the general feelings of weakness.

Its active vibrational energy encourages excitement and pleasure, stimulating fun and active sex life while bringing a renewed passion into what seems to have become boring and dull.

In addition, ruby also makes it easier to forget any imagined pressure from the sexual competition, removing the fear arising from over expectations or the possible failure. Thus, it makes one joyful and comfortable about having sex.

Ruby can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant during the day. Like fire opal, you can place a Ruby crystal regularly, but in short periods, on your pubic bone.


crystals for healing impotence

This crystal can help encourage lust, sexual arousal, and sensuality. It particularly encourages the fulfillment of sexual fantasies and wishes.

Emotionally, thulite can helps in overcoming any deep-rooted blockages caused by negative experiences, feelings of guilt, an upbringing that was off-putting towards sex, bad moods and fear, and the pressure from sexual competition.

Its soothing vibrational energies can achieve a relaxed and natural attitude towards sex and makes it possible for you to give yourself fully you our partner, allowing men to just let go for once.

You can wear thulite as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet for any length of time. Alternatively, you can simply place a permanent circle of thulite, either tumbled or raw, all around the bed so you can benefit from its vibrational energies as you make love with your partner.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. The following crystals will be able to help overcome the minor problems of impotence. However, the bigger and more serious cases should be treated at a causal level with the help of a qualified doctor.

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