The Healing Crystals for Coughs

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A cough is simply a sudden, noisy, expulsion of air. In most cases, we cough in order to free our throat of foreign bodies, mucus, or other sources of irritation which can be easily prevented with the best crystals for healing coughs.

A cough can be triggered by an inflammation of the throat, the bronchi, or the larynx, as well as by irritating smoke, gases, dust, or ingesting food into the airways or going down the wrong way. In addition, a cough can also be caused by emotional baggage such as tension or nervousness.

As long as coughing cleanses your airways by loosening mucus, it shouldn’t be suppressed at all. However, if there is an underlying illness or irritation, then you need to treat it, and this alone can help make coughing disappear.

However, sometimes, coughing can be so heavy or continuous that it tends to become frustrating. For instance, when coughing interrupts, a normal sleep. For such cases, coughing should be relieved right away.

There are several classic home remedies available. You can try which seems to be effective for you. In addition, you can try supporting your cough treatment with the following crystals.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing coughs.

Crystals For Healing Coughs


crystals for healing coughs

Evoking the purity of the clear blue water and sky, aquamarine is nothing but soothing, calming, and cleansing. Mainly associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine can help overcome the fear of speaking, on an emotional level.

However, for physical healing, aquamarine is a powerful stone for healing the throat, respiratory rack, and the lungs. It helps in healing frequent coughing and is actually a great stone for reducing irritants and cleansing your throat while preventing allergies.

Thanks to its cooling hues, it is also great at countering infections related to the throat. It helps relieve coughs mainly caused by colds, allergies, and emotional issues such as nervousness and stress. Particularly, this stone is helpful when there seem to be no involuntary cough-provoking irritations but coughing still continues as a way to clear the airways.

You can wear aquamarine as a necklace or pendant, having direct contact with your throat in order to benefit from its powerful vibrational energies. You can also place a polished aquamarine crystal on your throat as you meditate or lie in bed to stop frequent coughing.

Noble Opal + Chalcedony


Opal is mainly called the Eye Stone, thanks to its flashing rainbow hue with even the slightest movement. Truly it is a stone for the eyes since it is pleasing to the eyes. However, opal, especially the noble opal, is also a powerful tone that facilitates healing of the throat and prevents coughing.

Meanwhile, chalcedony with its opaque to translucent look helps amplify and works really well with the vibrational energies of noble opal for healing coughing.

Both stones offer rapid relief for all kinds of coughing, especially the so-called smoker’s cough or the cough that results from emotional baggage. This duo encourages expectoration, especially when this otherwise proved difficult, relaxing your chest and throat.

You can use both crystals as a necklace or pendant or you can just place them on your throat during meditation. Also, a combination of chalcedony and noble opal gem essence, taking 5 – 7 drops per hour can help cleanse your throat and relieve chronic coughing.


crystals for healing coughs

Fluorite is probably one of the highly sought and most collectible crystals in the world. It is often found in perfectly shaped cubes stacked together like a miniature futuristic city. Its soft and glassy look mainly resonates with the mind, thus often called the Genius Stone.

Emotionally, fluorite helps in clearing confusion, anxiety, and anxious thoughts that could be the reason for unexplained coughing. Physically, fluorite mainly helps with a dry and irritable cough that is because of external irritants such as smoke, dust, and gases. Not only that, but it also helps coughs related to flu and colds as well as other throat or respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and throat infection.

You can wear fluorite as a pendant or a necklace in order to benefit from its healing energies for longer, In addition, you can cleanse your throat by taking 5 – 7 drops of fluorite gem essence every hour or drinking 200 – 300ml of fluorite water throughout the day.

Moss Agate + Ocean Jasper

crystals for healing coughs

Moss agate with its unique patterns that look like lichen or moss is dubbed as the Stone of Growth. It features an anti-inflammatory property that helps treat infections like common colds and flu.

Meanwhile, ocean jasper, another unique stone with unique patterns of tiny rippling circles, evokes the energies of the water element and provides a calming and relaxing aura. You can use this to ease problems with the thyroid and throat, making it suitable for easing coughing.

With both stones, you can help relieve chronic coughing and helping both with coughs from colds and smoker’s cough, especially when your col seems to linger, or the healing process is just slow. You can wear both stones as a pendant or necklace near your throat in order to facilitate healing. Or you can cleanse your throat and abruptly stop coughing by drinking 200 – 300 ml of mixed gem water throughout the day.  

Rutilate Quartz

Rutilate quartz with its beautiful golden threads is another great stone that helps relieve coughing, in particular coughing connected with bronchitis. Not only that, but this stone also helps in relieving the tightness of the chest and help relieve breathing problems, relaxing both chest and bronchia.

You can use these crystals as a necklace or pendant. Also you can use these for longer periods. Or you can place a polished stone on your chest and throat as you meditate or lie down in order to facilitate healing and preventing coughing. Furthermore, you can take it orally, taking 5 – 7 drops of its essence every hour or drinking a 200 – 300ml of gem water taken in small sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Coughing is not so serious and is a natural way of clearing the throat of irritants or clogging in your airways. However, coughs caused by other ailments should be remedied immediately. There are simple home remedies you can try including drinking lots of water and avoiding irritants such as smoke and gases. Also, the above-mentioned crystals for healing coughs can prove helpful quickly stopping chronic or acute coughing and find relief.

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