Petrified Wood: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Petrified wood –also called the fossilized wood may help in enhancing your patience, ancestral healing, and grounding. This may assist you in reading the Akashic Records. These are also essential to use for the past life or the ancestral healing, aiding you to associate through the past via following the stone’s rings. These also have strong grounding properties that may help you in making a good link through the earth and base chakra up to the Mother Gaia. The stones were also being valued before since they’re believed to have the knowledge coming from a tree, which they’re created from. In this article, we will discuss more interesting and amazing facts about petrified wood including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

Petrified wood originates from a Greek term –petro –this means stone or rock, which literally means wood that is turned into a stone. The name was given to the petrified or fossilized remnants of the terrestrial vegetation. The stone is actually the outcome of a certain tree becoming a stone, via the permineralization process.

All of the organic or biological materials that come from the tree have already been substituted with the silicate minerals, commonly quartz. This is while maintaining the original wood structure. Dissimilar to some other types of fossils, which are impressions or compressions, the petrified wood is in fact, a 3D depiction of the real organic material.

The process of petrification occurs underground when the wood begins to get concealed by sediments. This is preserved at the outset, because of the lack of oxygen. The water that’s rich in mineral, which is flowing into the sediments may deposit some minerals in the cells of the tree. As the cellulose and lignin of the tree begin to decay, a crystal mold starts to form as well.

The wood may take about 100 years to fossilize. Further, the organic substances must be fossilized first before if decomposes completely. The elements like iron, copper, and manganese in the water or mud during the petrification process provide the petrified wood its different colors. The quartz crystals are usually colorless, yet when they have contaminants, they also take on various colors, like green, red, yellow, brown, black, pink, orange, or blue.

The notable locations of the petrified wood include the United Kingdom, Namibia, Libya, India, Greece, Ecuador, Germany, Egypt, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Brazil, Belgium, China, Australia, and Argentina.

We will discuss some of the best petrified wood benefits later in this article, so keep on reading!

Reasons to Use It

Associate with the petrified wood if you wish to establish deep roots. Even though you are filled with panic, anxiety or fear, you’ll be stable and grounded due to its calming energies. Moreover, the earth energies that are present in it may also still the nerves, as well as ease the fears. This may also fill you with feelings of comfort, stability, and security.

The petrified wood is also an ideal stone when you’re meditating as it may guide you in knowing what is really important and what isn’t. This may encourage you to stop obsessing on things that you can’t control. This may also remind you of accepting things the way they are and not waste your time on the small stuff.

When the stone links to the third eye and root chakras, you’ll be able to experience an increase in the sense of determination and awareness. This might be essential for you in having a petrified wood when you aren’t certain how you can cope up with aparticularly difficult situation. There are actually more to petrified wood that meets the eye. Check the petrified wood benefits below and see for yourself!

Petrified Wood Essential Benefits

Here are some of the best petrified wood benefits that you need to know:

For Health and Healing

In terms of physical healing, the petrified wood may be essential to the skeletal system, especially when you pair it with the spirit quartz. It may also help in improving skin conditions, as well as bring back the luster and shine to the hair. This is also thought to assist with Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

For Wealth

This stone is a stone of transformation. It may help you in becoming the person that you want to be, and it may support you in attaining your goals and dreams in life, more especially in terms of finances and money. This may also strengthen your backbone, in both metaphysical and physical level. It’ll also help in promoting self-will and discipline.

For Love and Relationship

This may also remind you that love’s about taking risks and being brave. When you feel like you are holding back because your fears of getting hurt, this stone’s energies may give you the push in going in the right direction. This may also infuse your relationship with positive, playful, and fun energies.

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