Facts About Root (Muladhara) Chakra: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

The very first chakra, the root chakra is filled with Earth energy and is associated with the feeling of safety and grounding. Read on to learn more about this chakra.

Root Chakra Meaning

It is sometimes called the Muladhara chakra due to its feminine energy. The root chakra oversees the proper functioning of our lower body including the bladder, lower spine, kidneys and lower back.

Psychologically speaking, the root chakra rules the survival instinct of humans and the sense of confidence allowing you to decide whether you step back or fight.

The root chakra is also associated with the physical body and its deep connection to the earth. It also gives importance to the basics of survival such as shelter, food, sense of belonging and comfort and safety.

Root Chakra Color

root chakra

Traditionally, the root chakra is connected with the color yellow or gold. Some energy healers even connect the root chakra with colors brown, black and grey as well.

However, the general color used to represent the root chakra is rich vermillion red. This is also the color used on its symbol.

In the spectrum of colors, the color red represents vitality and strength and is the color believed to stimulate an individual’s instinctual tendencies. Being the densest of all seven chakras, the color red makes a suitable match since it is also the densest color.

The color red is also the lowest within the visible spectrum, however, it is the most exciting color. It pulls the retina forward so that all your energy and attention is focused outward. Since it commands attention, the color red points out the danger so that you can act instantly.

In addition, the color red is also the color of the life force— the blood and the first color that a human comes in contact the moment they are born. The color red also represents the energy and deep connection with the Earth.

Physically speaking, the color red is associated with your adrenal glands which stimulate your fight or flight response or the instinctive survival response.

Mentally speaking, the color red is associated with being outgoing, masculine and dynamic. However, it can also be forceful and dominant. It commands ambitions, making people practical and ambitious.

It also offers you clear thinking and great concentrations, allowing you to set goals and prioritize them while providing support to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Emotionally speaking, the red color is the energy of anger. Positively, you learn how to deal with your anger and making it to something good. In addition, red is also the color of passion and love as well as the determination and excitement in life.

Spiritually speaking, the red color inspires passion and energy, change and movement. It is an action color that moves, guides and rouses, filling you with courage and daring.

Root Chakra Symbol

The symbol or the root chakra looks like a lotus flower with 4petals. It is a circle with 4 petals as well as a downward-pointing triangle. This triangle represents the spirit connecting with all matter and grounding you to the Earth.

It is seen as the center of life force. It is the seat where the Kundalini stays coiled and dormant until it is woken up and the energies are distributed to various parts of the body.

Root Chakra Location

The 1st chakra is located at the base of your spine, complementing the first 3 vertebrae the pelvic plexus and your perineum.

The root chakra is represented as a cone of energy starting at the base of your spine and going down and slightly bending up.

Root Chakra Imbalances

Root Chakra Imbalances

A root chakra imbalance can have several causes. This may include physical neglect, trauma at birth, poor physical bonding with parents and abandonment.

An imbalance can also be caused by malnourishment or difficulties in life. It is sometimes caused by a major illness or surgery as well as by physical abuse or a violent relationship.

Other times, root chakra imbalance is brought about by enema abuse or inherited trauma.

Overactive Root Chakra

When the root chakra is overactive, you get easily annoyed with others and tend to be impatient with situations. You become materialistic and lashes out too quickly.

If it is overactive, you will develop an excessive attachment which can cause problems in your behavior and body. You will become too obsessed with material possession that you’re unable to let them go or change.

You will get stuck doing the same routines following the same patterns and doing the same job.

Emotionally, an overactive root chakra causes you to be negative and cause illusion, greed and eating disorders. You will be insecure and most of your energy will be spent on living in survival mode.

It is difficult for you to stay safe in this world and think that you are always at risk. You will become fearful and keep to yourself. Your fear can also turn into greed or paranoia. You will have a dependent personality, an identity crisis, and a weak ego structure.

An overactive chakra makes you more prone to confusion, worry, uneasiness, fearfulness, and suspicion. There is also a tendency of becoming disinterested, masochistic, uncommitted and withdraw as well as having the feeling of restlessness, undisciplined and absent-minded.

Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Root Chakra

A blocked or an overactive root chakra not only disrupts the energy flow throughout your body but also stimulates the feeling of restlessness that you’re constantly looking for something that you can’t identify what.

It is hard for you to settle down, including where you work or live or whom you spent the rest of your life. You will also lack concentration and focus and have a lot of co-dependency. Otherwise, you will feel abandoned and alone.

Some of the physical symptoms of a blocked or an overactive root chakra include fatigue, anemia, bladder problems, and constipation. The most non-physical symptoms may include constant anger, short temper impatience belligerence, materialistic and greediness.

Healing The Root Chakra

Here are some effective ways on how you can heal an overactive, unbalanced or blocked root chakra.

1.Connect With The Earth

Being deeply connected to the Earth, the first thing you can do to heal your root chakra is to connect with earthly energies.

You can do that by going outside and walking barefoot on the grass. It is also a perfect time to use your hands digging into the earth and planting seeds and plants.

If you do not have a garden, you can walk to the nearest park. Stroll around and pay close attention to every step that you take. You can also take a vacation and go hike forests and mountains to feel closer to the earth.

Inside your home, make sure to add plants in every room in order to feel the earthly energies wherever you go.

2. Overcome Insecurity

Reinforce the belief that you are doing just fine in this world and that you can get what you need from it whenever or wherever you need it.

Remove any feelings of insecurity and encourage self-reliance. Be perceptive and confident about yourself and your resourcefulness so you can easily heal your blocked or overactive root chakra.

3. Do Physical Activity

The root chakra governs your physical presence and the feeling of being alive. So, any kind of physical activity, regardless of how small or big, can help support the healing of your root chakra.

A simple moving of your arms and hands or feet and legs can be helpful. Even more so if you do regular exercise. Not only will you feel the vital force and having a balanced root chakra but you also keep your body healthier and stronger.

4. Benefit From Aromatherapy

One of the best ways used by healers to balanced and unblocked the root chakra is using aromatherapy.

Consider using the flower-scented and earthy essential oils in order to stimulate your root chakra, balancing and grounding you in the process. These may include sandalwood, myrrh rosemary, ylang-ylang, patchouli and more.

5. Dance

With a connection to doing physical activity, probably one of the most enjoyable physical activity you can do to open your root chakra is by dancing.

Play your favorite music and just move your body. You don’t have to be a dancer to do this. Just feel the music and let your body get lost in the music. If you can, dance and sing along. Not only will you open up the root chakra, but you will also cleanse your throat chakra at the same time.

6. Use Root Chakra Crystals

root chakra

Whether you wear them as pieces of jewelry or surround yourself with them, crystals for the root chakra will offer you their vibrational energies that heal and soothe your root chakra.

The best root chakra crystals come in the color red, but the color black, brown and gray also offers beneficial vibrations to help soothe your unbalanced root chakra.

The most popular root chakra crystal is the garnet. With its blood-like color, garnet can fill you up with courage and energy. Not only will it boost your energy level but also to help you in times of difficulties and challenges.

Red carnelian is another great root chakra stone. Its vibrational energies help you achieve your goals and succeed in your professional life. Meanwhile, the bloodstone is best worn as an amulet in order to provide you with metaphysical benefits like removing anger and protecting you from deception and lies. Not only that, but bloodstone is also helpful in connecting your heart and root chakra while stimulating your kundalini energy.

Meanwhile, the red jasper is a powerful nurturing stone, offering you support during times of stress and illness. It also provides you the strength to deal with obstacles and problems.

Non-red-colored crystals for root chakra include the black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite, and black obsidian.

Both black tourmaline and black obsidian are powerful grounding and protective stones, while smoky quartz amplifies the power of other crystal while offering protection against negativities. Hematite, on the other hand, strengthens the body and promote your survival instincts.

7. Eat

In order to heal your root chakra and boost its main function, you will need to eat healing foods for root chakra. You need to add more red-colored foods to your diet including rainbow chard, beets, beans, red meat, eggs soy, tofu, and parsnips.


The root chakra is responsible for making you feel safe, stay centered and grounded and be scared or afraid less. Active and balanced root chakra is crucial since it keeps you physically fit and strong, and that you become connected and stable.

You will be inspired and motivated and always have peace of mind. Even when something unexpected happens to you, you will not crumble or fall apart. You will have a strong faith and believe that everything will eventually work in the end.

With a balanced root chakra, you feel cherished, nurtured and valued. You will be stable and deeply connected with others and to your environment at a deeper and more intense level.

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