Menalite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Menalite –a stone that is also known as the Goddess Stone. Why? Because they have a fairly essential spiritual energy, which specifically help women. This stone might assist you in making contact with the spirit guides in times of meditation, since the stones create a strong link to the ancient female judgment and insight that might be essential to you. They are also amazing healing crystals that you can use in meditation for the past life regression, as well as to connect with the spirit guides who might help you in releasing fear, including the fear of death. Further, they are also beneficial in grounding you. They assist in creating a stable earth connection, and may come in some amazing shapes, which are somewhat shamanic in nature. In this article, we will discuss some more amazing facts about menalite including its benefits. Read on to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

You may also spell the name of this stone as Menilite. This white stone is thought to have been named for a certain place where it was originally found –Menilmontant in the country of France. They’ve been found in Morocco as well, where so many white stones are originally from. As well as in the United States of America, Australia, Morocco, Spain, Africa, and Algeria.

The stones, which are found in the United States are also called the calcite fairy stones, and have already been in use for so many years. The stones, which come from the US are thought to have been made when the glaciers have been receded. The mineral composition of these is calcium-based, and they possess a hard but chalky feel in them.

Most of the menalite stones are colored white, yet some are darker, especially the ones that are found in the United States, because of different mineral inclusions in them. That’s why they might be colored off white, light brown, or gray and this may depend on the location or where the stones where found.

Most of the stones are round with somewhat clear regular even surface. The appearance that they have is fairly rare, and even though a lot look the same, each of them are actually unique. The mere fact that they were first found in France is already interesting. They may serve as a reminder of the ancient fertility goddess, which was found in an ancient archaeological site in France.

They are lovable to look at as they look almost like they’re carved to represent certain ancient goddesses. We will discuss some amazing menalite benefits later in this article. Keep on reading to learn more about these!

Reasons to Use It

These amazingly beautiful stones are great to use in meditation and possesses a fairly spiritual energy. they might be advantageous to use when you’re doing past life regression, since they might assist you in travelling to a certain area in the higher dominions where the akashic records are found.

They might also assist you in connecting with certain spirit guides and are also thought to assist with a link to the spirit animals, which are there to assist your own spiritual journey. They also possess an amazing heart based energy and are very much essential to assist you if you’re doing past life relapse work, which make you dreadful. They might also be beneficial in assisting you in conquering your fear of death, when you might need to deal with the memories from the past, which make you feel afraid.

These amazing white crystals are great grounding stones as well, since they anchor your energy, making a certain connection through the earth chakra all throughout the Mother Gaia. Let us now proceed to the menalite amazing benefits!

Menalite Essential Benefits

You may use the menalite in calming fevers and relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety attacks. This might be essential in supporting the treatment of arthritic pains. This may also be used in dissolving the calcifications. It may also treat cellular growths and conditions, as well as assist in the carbohydrates assimilation.

This is also a great stone for quitting addictions or easing their effects. It may also help those who are undergoing some radiation and chemotherapy. They are also essential in balancing the calcium levels in the body. This is aside from healing bruises and wounds, and reducing any inflammation.

The menalite may also bring prosperity and good luck. It might give you the energies of abundance and good fortune, especially when you work diligently and in a way that you are down to earth. It may also keep you safe and secure, and you’ll have a great flow of productive and creative energies.

The stone may also be essential in soothing the emotions and improve your own emotional well-being. This may encourage you in feeling less afraid, and might make you feel even calmer in times when you may feel small or scared. This will give you the feelings of calm and peace, even though you’re going through some challenges in your relationship.

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