The 12 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Confidence

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  10 min read

Do you want to boost your confidence? If yes, then check out these 12 crystals for confidence that you can use.

True confidence comes from deep within. It is knowing your value without conceit, arrogance or any self-delusion.

More importantly, confidence is that crucial ingredient you need to reach your objectives and goals and ultimately fulfilling your truest potentials.

Low confidence, on the other hand, holds you back from your potential, stopping you from reaching your goal, making you vulnerable and result in self-doubting.

If you are currently feeling a sense of worthlessness, suffering from low self-esteem or lacking self-belied, then these best and most powerful crystals for confidence can restore your inner belief in yourself and self-worth and helping you feel valued while developing a strong sense of courage and self-assurance.

The 12 Crystals For Confidence

1.Spirit Quartz

One of the most beautiful crystals that can encourage you to feel confident about yourself, the spirit quartz with its lilac color helps remove any self-imposed limitations that you have given yourself, allowing you to achieve more than what you thought is possible.

Being a cluster crystal, the spirit quartz radiates positive vibrational energies in all directions making it a useful piece to place in a group or office environment, where fear negative comments and self-doubt can rock your self-confidence.

In addition, this powerful stone also helps encourage team building as well as the harmony between families and colleagues. This stone truly has some uplifting powers and is deeply connected with the crown chakra, providing you deep access to the universal consciousness. This makes the stone a wonderful tool in boosting your inner knowledge and awareness.

2. Citrine

Citrine with its vibrant orange color exudes joyful energy to anyone who sees it. This provides you with increased energy and helps you stay positive throughout the day. Energy levels and low confidence are closely linked, so if you boost your energy, then you will automatically improve your confidence.

In addition, taking the positive and bright power of the sun help in releasing and removing negative energy that is accumulated from other people’s negative thoughts and comments.

Being closely associated with the Solar Plexus, this stone helps in improving low confidence, releasing deep-seated fears, boosting optimism and bring back the spark in your life.

3. Orange Calcite

crystals for confidence

Like the warm, sunshine power of citrine, orange calcite also offers beautiful arm energy that promotes a sense of playfulness, fun and strong confidence. With its orange vibrancy, this stone is an excellent energy mover and amplifier.

Not only that, but this stone is also great at soothing the sacral chakra where stagnant sexual or creative energy can cause blockages. By clearing these blockages, you also boost your talents, motivation and overall confidence. It is also a great stone to help deal with old habits, or overcoming shyness and nervousness.

If you need to break old patterns, brainstorm ideas overcome financial challenges, expand your business or break any awkwardness in social situations, then orange calcite can help bring you the confidence you need to do so.

4. Carnelian

One of the most favorite crystals to raise your self-worth and confidence level, carnelian activates the first 3 chakras in order to encourage passion, motivation, and progress in what you are doing.

It is also a great healing stone for courage and creativity, allowing you to overcome issues of self-doubt and confidence issues. Being the stone of Creativity and Endurance, the carnelian gives you the stamina to overcome obstacles without being deprived of self-love and self-worth.

The stone is also useful when you are attending interviews, having a meeting or other stressful situations. Not only that, but the stone also helps encourage self-belief when you wish to do some creative tasks.

5. Sunstone

Sunstone, as its name implies, offers the vibrational and optimistic energy of the sun and is a master for instilling self-confidence. This crystal resonates with the sunnier aspects of light, hope, and happiness while activating your sacral and solar plexus chakra.

Thus, the stone helps in transforming the lack of confidence and self-worth into new, higher levels of enthusiasm, strength, and hopes for new possibilities. In addition, the gentle luminosity of this crystal also highlights your abilities and talents in their full glory.

Not only that, but you can also this powerful stone in nurturing your leadership qualities, reversing feelings of failure and embarrassment as well as boosting your self-empowerment to the next level.

6. Rose Quartz

You might be wondering why the Stone of Unconditional Love makes it to this list of the best and most powerful crystal for confidence. Although rose quartz is not a traditional confidence crystal, rose quartz helps provide a sense of self-love, self-worth and emotional care.

If you are having low levels of self-love and seeing yourself unworthy of love, then you are lacking the self-confidence. With its lovely pink color, the rose quartz activates the heart chakra that allows you to accept yourself.

It allows you to see the value that you can bring to others, which is important if you are attracting love. By boosting your self-worth and learning how to love yourself more, then you are boosting your confidence, particularly if you think that you are unworthy of love.

7. Tiger’s Eye

The powerful Tiger’s Eye is dubbed as the Stone of the Mind and is yet another excellent crystal in boosting self-confidence. The crystal provides you superior mental focus on the positive things and the ability to reason through with your decisions, giving you the utmost confidence in your own judgment.

Not only that, but the crystal also features metaphysical properties which are sometimes described as the nurturing bodyguard with perception and insight. So, if you ever find yourself in a tough decision, this stone should help you make the right choice and provide confidence.

In addition, the tiger’s eye is exuding powerful sun and earth energies that help remove the fear that hinders your growth and progress as well as pushing you towards your goal with the courage, pride, and confidence that you needed to achieve it.

8. Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

With its vibrant color of the sky and ocean, the blue chalcedony is a powerful crystal that opens up the throat chakra and allowing you to communicate your ideas with courage and confidence.

The blue chalcedony is a powerful crystal you can wear or carry with you if you wish to speak authoritatively or boldly, especially on important meetings, conferences or events. This is also the reason why this stone makes a great calming and confidence-inducing tool for leaders, and speakers who need to speak with poise in front of a large crowd.

9. Red Jasper

A brilliant red crystal, the red jasper is an excellent tool if you wish to remove your feelings of self-worthlessness. The stone activates the Root chakra, encouraging self-honesty, boosting confidence and highlighting your unique attributes and skills.

The crystal also helps in reinstating boundaries when emotional issues, as well as domestic violence, have eroded them, providing you with courage and strength to move forward with its fiery energy.

Although it has strong energy, the vibrational power of the red jasper is quite gentle, allowing you to take things slowly is that is what you want. Being the Supreme Nurturer, this stone also guides you in releasing negative energies and feelings while keeping you humble and grounded.

10. Moonstone

Dubbed as the stone of new beginnings, the gentle moonstone harnesses the soothing energy of the moon to ease out feeling so of self-doubt and lack of confidence, replacing it with self-love.

If you are suffering from phobias and fears, the moonstone is a great crystal to wear as a piece of jewelry as it helps in calming and easing emotional fears, allowing you to recover from a loss or trauma and giving you the courage and confidence to move forward.

For the emotionally unbalanced, this stone can also help neutralize such imbalance and is a helpful stone to wear or carry in times of crises, especially when your self-confidence is running low and you feel like you are lacking purpose.

Combines with the powerful sunstone, the moonstone an offer provide emotional while injecting the positivity attributes of the sunstone so you can go on with your life.

11. Amazonite

crystals for confidence

Amazonite, as its name implies, is a powerful crystal exuding courageous energies. This crystal acts as a plug that prevents your self-confidence from leaking away while also soothing worries and fears that can hinder your confidence.

Also known as the Stone of Success and Optimism, this stone is an excellent generator of trust and optimism in your abilities. As mentioned before, the Amazonite also provides courageous vibrational energies, allowing you to build confidence and without fear of other’s criticism.

With its turquoise green color, this stone help opens up the heart and throat chakra. This allows you to see your worth and open yourself to self-love. Plus, it allows you to communicate your ideas more confidently and effectively.

12. Septarian


Also known as the Dragon Stone the Septarian crystal is a mixture of limestone, aragonite, and calcite with a fiery energy that boosts self-examination and independence.

Taken from the Latin term saeptum, meaning enclosure or wall, the septarian crystal encourages you to overcome your lack of self-confidence and procrastination, so that you can work toward your goals and eventually achieve them.

Not only that, but the stone also has some nurturing qualities that provide you the confidence when speaking in public while eliminating nervousness and fear. So, if you are suffering from anxiety when having to speak in front of a big crowd, then the septarian is a wonderful stone to keep in your pocket.

How to Use Crystals for Confidence

  • Wearing crystals for confidence as jewelry is a great way to boost your confidence since it stays in touch with your body all day long. If you even need confidence when speaking in public or stabilizing emotional poise, then a confidence crystal necklace that hand over your throat allows you to achieve this. A bracelet and ring can also allow you to benefit from the wonderful energies of these crystals.
  • Another way to use crystals to increase your confidence is to use them during meditation. When meditating, you are clearing negative thoughts that impact your confidence and self-belief. You can either surround yourself with confidence-boosting crystal or hold one when meditating.
  • You can also drink an elixir made with confidence-increasing crystal throughout the day to overcome negative energies.
  • Daily affirmation also helps. Holding a crystal for confidence and placing it to the associated chakra can make your affirmations to be even more powerful.
  • Crystals grids can also be made to improve your confidence. You need to set your intention first and create geometric shapes with the crystals you resonate with to give more power to your intentions.


If you have low confidence, your daily life can be frustrating and a struggle. Self-doubts will sabotage your dreams and goals and making everything from career decisions to social events difficult.

Fortunately, with the 12 crystals for confidence listed above can help in balancing and energizing your chakras so you can give your low self-confidence a boost, allowing you to reach your full potential.

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