The Healing Crystals for Synovitis

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Let’s talk about synovitis, what causes it, the proven treatments as well as the best crystals for healing synovitis.

Synovitis is a painful inflammatory state which occurs within the membranes that surround the sinew of a joint. It is particularly prevalent in long sinews such as those in the forearm and is usually caused by acute or chronic overuse of a limb. For instance, overstretching or wrenching of the sinew. However, it can also be caused by an infection or the consequence of rheumatic conditions.

In order to identify its cause, it is also important to look into any possible emotional burdens that may cause sinew problems. For instance, any sense of feeling unfulfilled— totally or partially— can be the reason for such inflammation, particularly if there arises any sense of your deepest wishes becoming drowned in the daily grind of life.

Recognizing such a situation and accepting that there’s a sense of being unfulfilled and then turning it into a feeling of fulfillment has usually caused what might seem like miracle cures of synovitis.

Symptoms of synovitis are that the smooth function and movement of the sinew is impeded, and creaking sounds can be heard. Synovitis, however, can be caused by an infection that creates accumulations of both pus and fluid, which are associated with the most painful and severe outbreaks of the condition.

Consequently, whatever the circumstances, synovitis should always be examined by a qualified doctor so that complications and any lasting effects can be avoided.

The affected area should be kept motionless and cooled with a plaster cast or splint during treatment. In traditional medicine, the dry variety is mostly treated with cortisone while the infectious variety can be treated by surgery or antibiotics.

Alternative medicine, however, involves the application of cantharides plaster that drains the skin area, comfrey ointment, enzyme supplements, or homeopathic remedies and ointments.

Additionally, posture and its effect upon the spinal column should also be considered, along with any blockages of the neighboring joints. The latter part has been shown to play a crucial role in the condition, especially in the cases of chronic, therapy-resistant synovitis.

Fortunately, there are potent crystals with an anti-inflammatory effect that can help relieve the pain of synovitis and speed up its healing process. Here are some of the best crystals for healing synovitis.

Crystals For Healing Synovitis



Agates, particularly the natural pink variety that contains an inflammation signature within their structure (pink strands or bands) are particularly suited for treating synovitis. Not only that, but agates can also help with the realization of personal ideas and wishes and also protect personal free space.

crystals for healing synovitis


The amazonite is a suitable crystal treatment for the so-termed dry synovitis that is caused by severe stress and is therapy-resistant. This crystal can be applied when associated pains decrease or increase without any apparent reason. Amazonite also supports your deepest and suppressed yearnings.


crystals for healing synovitis

Amber is a potent crystal for dry synovitis or the consequences of rheumatic diseases. It can help in relieving pain and should be replaced several times with a cooler and fresher piece if the first one becomes too hot.

Not only that, but this crystal also helps in enhancing a positive mood, stimulating confidence for the future, eliminating worries, and helps your wat quietly for the correct time for the fulfillment of any heartfelt wishes.

Chrysocolla + Heliotrope


Chrysocolla is a powerful stone that deals with all kinds of synovitis. Thanks to its copper and silica contents, it can relieve inflammation and infections and encourages regeneration of the affected tissues. Plus, it also stimulates the improvement of quality of life.

Heliotrope, on the other hand, is particularly helpful with the type of infection of synovitis that is accompanied by a raised temperature. Emotionally, it can stimulate your ability to feel free from any external influences that are constantly distracting.

Ocean Jasper

crystals for healing synovitis

Like heliotrope, ocean jasper is also helpful with the infectious, long-lasting synovitis. Its vibrational energy can help strengthen your immune system and relieves inflammation quickly. Not only that, but it can also lower high temperatures and encourage the normal draining of fluid accumulations.

Ocean jasper is also a crystal that encourages solutions to conflicts, so it also helps when professional necessities and obligations appear to be in conflict with your original life goals.

Emerald + Green Tourmaline

crystals for healing synovitis

The green energies of both emerald and green tourmaline can overpower that very stubborn and chronic cases of synovitis, regardless of the cause. Both stones offer a rapid, pain-relieving effect while impeding inflammation.

Green tourmaline, in particular, has a positive effect on the regeneration of the affected tissue. On an emotional level, emerald can help you find new directions if your inner desires seem to have been lost. Green tourmaline, on the other hand, can reopen the miraculous and wonderful side of existence and life when it seems to consist of nothing but struggles and effort. This way, it makes it easier for you to do things and allow them to happen.

Final Thoughts

For all the above crystals, you can simply place a tumbled stone or a section.slice on the inflamed area or as close as possible to the affected area. If necessary, you can hold it in place with a sticking plaster or a bandage. Alternatively, you can wear the chosen crystal as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant throughout the day.

As a supplement, you can take 3 – 9 drops of your preferred gem essence every hour or prepare 100 – 300ml of preferred gem water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

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